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Date Place Comment
December 16th, 2017 Portofino wave

Very consistent righthander with very good shape and power. Possible to camp on the beach too.

November 29th, 2017 Yala, picnic area

Although this place was marked as closed, we did go here and had a super quiet night and subsequent day. Perhaps the last person was just unlucky to get send away. We thought this place is too convenient to stay marked as closed, so we opened it again. Just keep in mind there might be the small chance you'll be send to the village. The tap was dry when we were here, so don't count on potable water (for your 'shower', there's always the river :))

November 28th, 2017 PN Calilegua Campsite

Shower is working! Trails nice and easy... If you can stand the flies and the small biters (deet helps), you'll be rewarded with a amazing concert at sunset.

November 26th, 2017 Pay with card

Unlike all the stations we've passed on this route, they do accept cards. Debit and credit. Fast wifi also (password: clientes)

November 24th, 2017 Hotel Restaurant Westfalia

Good and cheap place to sleep and to have a drink, but the food is terrible... (I don't like to put a negative reaction, but it was the first time in two years south america that I literally pushed my plate away).

November 21st, 2017 West of Yguazu

We also encountered corrupt police somewhere on this route (not this place though but further west). They wanted to fine us for wearing flipflops when driving, saying they would take us to the police station for the fine (which would have been fine for us because 1: we didn't believe there is a law about flipflops and driving tuin a country where every motorrider rides without helmet and 2: we did not have the feeling they were really going to take us to the police station anyway, but were just after a bribe.) Don't pay, just have a friendly chat and when they realize they'll not get their bribe they'll let you go. Luckily these guys were not agresive as happened to the travellers in the original post. Other police that stopped us before on this route were just extremely grumpy.

November 21st, 2017 Caaguazu Oasis/Ultra gasstation Free Camp

Quiet at night and amazing bakery with soooo many different empanadas! Free hot water and ice inside the shop.

November 18th, 2017 YPF Gas station - many campers

There is really no need to pay for a camping or go through the trouble of finding a good wild camp in the area.The parking of this gas station is almost like a forest with a road winding through it where you park. So, you're in the green, full of birds, and no noise. Options enough to choose a spot away from the trucks.

November 16th, 2017 Street in safe neighborhood

We spent a peaceful night here indeed! The marked place is where Fabio lives. He is building his own camper to go travelling and put his street in Ioverlander. If he's around he will come by for a chat!

November 11th, 2017 praia vermelha do norte

The road runs right next to this beach. But if you follow the path to the right from the main parking, you get to a second parking which is sheltered from the road and very peaceful indeed. Waves have more power than nearby Itamambuca (we camped there one night - beautiful and tranquil - but were send away the second. No such problems here though!)

November 5th, 2017 Welder

Great work done here! Not cheap (900 reais for welding several breaks in the back of our pickup + reinforcing the whole thing) but really good work. This man knows what he's doing :) Can weld any type of metal, also really thin parts. Shop is called INOX, welder is called Tony (nice guy). You can contact him at 998573698. If he doesn't have time, there are a few other welding shops around. We could sleep in the lot behind the shop and do some extra maintenance using Tony's tools when he was working on the back of the pickup.

November 5th, 2017 Quintal de mãe

We went here today and were not disappointed - great home cooked food and a really nice atmosphere. Its not like being at someone's house; you are at someone's house. Costs were around 70 reais for two people (main + dessert). This week she was only open on Sunday, so just come Sunday or check before (facebook contact) for the Wednesday.

November 3rd, 2017 Centro Automotivo Paraty

We went to a workshop on the main road, right after the roundabout on the right. Not sure if its the same, but also good work done, fast and cheap. We thought we needed a new wheel bearing, but instead they adjusted it. 30 reais, less than an hour work. We also went to a welder, around the corner, see separate entry.

October 27th, 2017 Morrinho project - famous model favela

Cool place to visit! If you ask in advance, Raniere will pick you up from this spot and take you to the Morrinho Project. This started as a childrens play with painted bricks 20 years ago and is world famous now. Really nice to see, and the favela Paneira here is actually a very nice and quiet place to walk through. Contact Raniere on +5521981912145 or +5521968469527 (we whatsapped in the morning and went the same afternoon) or look on facebook for morrinho projeto. 50 reais pp. Recommended!

We walked to this point from Lapa, taking the stairs and going through Santa Teresa. Nice (and safe) walk which took us about an hour. Inside the favela, at the beginning, is a restaurant with suuuuuupernice views and plates starting from 10 reais (we were really sad we had lunch just before we got here...) and theres also a hostel with the best views ever if you are looking for a place to stay.

October 27th, 2017 Mureta

The place to be for an ice cold beer at sunset. Nice after work atmosphere during the week and beautiful views over the city lights from the bay. Absolutely DO try the empadas do camaron. A little bit expensive for their small size, but soooo good. Oh, and just an easy and safe walk if you parked at pao do acucar (also at night).

October 25th, 2017 Surf assosiation

Grassy place tucked in between the road and the beach. Very quiet during the week, super busy during the weekend when the surf is on. Small supermarket right opposite the road.

October 20th, 2017 Arraial Do Cabo Point NO OVERNIGHT CAMPING

Things have changed here: you have to buy a parking ticket from the boot on the road to the peninsula (10 reais) as you leave town & parking overnight not allowed. We came in 5pm and did not know about this and camped without problems. Next afternoon both the guys checking the ticket and people from the municipality told us it is not allowed. So no second night... But very beautiful and well worth to visit during the day. 4x4 not needed, only at the very very end where the road stops. Just go as far as you are comfortable. The beach is nice but busy, the cliffs on the far end of the point are amazing. Scramble down the rocks (a bit crazy but doable) and look directly upon turtles and soo many fish in cristal clear water. Great fishing spot too.

October 20th, 2017 wild camp front of beach NO OVERNIGHT CAMPING


October 18th, 2017 Yamato Sushi Bar

Okay, this place is a bit above our budget, but seriously: so good and so worth it. I'd eat here again tomorrow and happily live on plain rice the rest of the week :) Do take the menu though (60 if you pay cash, 70 with credit card). Ordering separate rolls or sashimis and everything else which is included will be much more expensive and the meat dish a la carte my boyfriend had was much less nice.

October 18th, 2017 Geriba beach - surf

Best waves we've had in Brazil coming from the north! Had a 5ft south swell on 11s and was pretty good! Probably also nice on smaller swells, as long as they come from the south. Wind is not a problem. Several peaks, all sandy bottom. Parking at the streets next to the beach are paid during the day, but close to the lagoon its free. (we just camped in the streets here.)

October 17th, 2017 Playa Seriba Grande

Very nice place! Some beachgoers in the weekend, but very quiet during the week and at night. Can be windy, but that just depends on the day... Coming from the north, it's the first place since Itacare where we found some decent surf (and no, that did not depend on the swell forecast... sadly...). Safe and free

October 10th, 2017 Parking of Eco parque FREE

Big parking lot of an even bigger eco/water park. We could park all the way at the end of the bus carpark (we stayed two days and did not go to the waterpark-no problem). Convenient place to walk into town or to the beach. No facilities, but there are trees providing some shade. During the day the parking lot is guarded, but not at night. That said, it felt safe - we forgot to take the keys out of the door, and they were still there the next morning. Town is touristy, but nice vibe and great food! FREE

October 7th, 2017 beach

We spent three quiet nights here and busier days here and at tiririca, one playa to the north. Felt very safe and the beaches are nice, grassy and shadey. Both Ibeira and Tiririca have free showers at the beach, toilets at restaurants but they only open around midmorning. Waves are a bit messy and short, but there's enough power in them to have some fun. Parking is free!

October 4th, 2017 Piste pour Barra Grande

The br030 to Ubaitaba is also in very bad condition. Super bumby and slow going. Might be faster to take the long route.

October 3rd, 2017 Poço Encantado

Price is now 25 reais pp. You go in with a guide for 15 min. Our guide told us the beam of light only falls into the cave until the beginning of September. Most light falls in in June and July. But as said above, also very beautiful without the beam. No swimming. Therefore you should head to Poco Azul.

October 2nd, 2017 Riverside

Beautiful spot next to the river with lots of swimming holes. The water here is much warmer than the other streams we swum in in Chapada Diamantina! Take the left or right trail directly after the bridge on the east side and you can park on some sort of plateau. Coming from the west, the left trail has more space. Close to the road and not out of sight, but more bird sounds than car sounds 😄. Motor/tent campers could camp under the bridge and be completely out of sight.

October 2nd, 2017 Start for hike to Vale do Pati

From here you can start a 17 km hike to a viewpoint over the Vale do Pati and continue into the valley. We took three days, wildcamping at the mirador for two nights. We explored the valley for one day, while we left our tent etc. up at the mirador. In the valley, the climb to the gruta requires some stamina and the path along the rio Funis going westwards from the big funis waterfall is not for the faint harted (you could also take other trails available on The walk from la Bomba to the mirador is easy, with a lot of flat terrain. If you decide to camp at the mirador, mind that there is no water. The last stream from which you can take water is just before you start the second climb, about 8 km before the mirador. will show you the height profile. Take the water upstream from the path and it is fine to drink, just a bit yellowish. Alternatively, there is plenty of water available in the valley and also opportunities to base yourselves at one of the pousades (beds and meals available). Other practicalities: 1) We did everything without a guide; the trails are easy to navigate with 2) We left our car at novo horizonte 3,5 km up the road but could have saved ourselves the trouble of walking this part because we saw two parkings at la Bomba. 3) the road in from Palmeira is a bit bumpy and slow-going but fine for all vehicles. 4) you could also start this walk in Guine. That way it is much shorter to the mirador (just a day hike would be possible then). Last of all, go for this hike and take some time for it. The views over the valley are amazing, and lots to explore in the valley!

October 1st, 2017 Camping Novo Horizonte

Price is now 20 reais pp. But beautiful, as said before. The kitchen is well equipped and has a good oven. The owner wanted 50 reais to leave our car parked here when we walked to Pati, then we could stay away as long as we wanted. We only wanted to go three days and negotiated this parking fee down to 30 (2 nights). The road to get here from Palmeira is a dirt road and bumpy in places, but nothing to worry about as long as you go slow. No high clearance needed.

September 24th, 2017 Rough road

We were looking for a way south after visiting the dunes, but had some difficulties. first guided us to a road around 60-70 km west on the BR402 - be warned, this road does not exist, unless you have a motorbike and are in for some adventure.

Here at the mark, there is a road going to Urbano Santos. It's 67 km of mainly rough washboard, some sand and one shallow water crossing. We didn't need our 4x4 but high clearance is a must. From Urbano Santos the MA226 going through sao benedito is paved and in very good condition. Also further on to Teresina, taking the MA034 throuhh Buriti, everything is paved (some stretches are badly potholed thouhg).

September 23rd, 2017 Road to Santo Amaro

As said, reachable by any vehicle. After this, there is a 4 km strech of sandy roads and a river crossing to get to the village. We managed with our smallish 4x4 pickup truck camper. At its deepest point the river was just above knee deep (locals can show you where to cross). Getting in was easy enough following the 'big' road to the river, but for getting out we got confused which way to choose and and ended up stuck in the sand for 2 hours. You cannot drive in the dunes with your own car, but you can either walk just a short way in from the village - this won't cost you anything and it gets beautiful really quickly - or take a day tour with a pickup. We arranged this in the village and paid 80 reales pp in a shared truck with 4 others. Lunch was an additional 30 reales so we brought our own. Really worth it! The landscape is amazing. Don't forget your swimming stuff. We were end of september and some of the lakes were starting to get dry, but still plenty ones with water. It's probably also possible to arrange your tour here at this point if you can't drive to the village.


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