gregsseed Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Horse camp

Good road, no sun, water. Near Orr Creek drainage in Gifford Pinchot

Lonesome Cherry tree

Great view poor sun in march access across the dam road is decent summer should be good.

Orr Creek

Sno Park, level site, open, great sun, warming shelter, pit toilet, large lot, multiple fire rings, surrounded by timber, gravel road in some washboard and potholes. light use

Tuquala Lake

Stayed here June 2016, great sun, bad road, had to ford Scatter Creek not too bad maybe a foot deep, no cell. GORGEOUS (deer in camp) spot, fairly level. Last Gas is the Shell in salmon la sac, Ronald General store has block ice but only they do.

Sulphur Creek

Good spot, nice view, no cell, fairly level, great sun! Camped with family in 2016.


Kachess dry 2, wide good access, fire ring, 2 bar cell signal. Good road in one mile on gravel.


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