azarbajan Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Boulder Beach Campground (NPS)

Don’t know if permanent but was closed while nearby

Lake Mead RV Village

Pea gravel level site a pull through with full hookup, decent showers with laundry facilities.

heart of the mohave - needles

Place is as described; A little windy off, not too far of the road, one mile from the interstate, I just got here so I’ll see how it goes, plus I have pretty good cell reception so I’m thinking I’ll stay.

Amboy Rd. pullover

A pullover site off rd., good for a night. Able to turn around with my 21 foot trailer.

Mittry Lake BLM

This would be a nice spot except for all the Mosquitoes


Historic mining site plenty of trails and and dispersed camping throughout area. Cell signal is sporadic at times, but dogs have plenty of room for exercise. Occasional gunshots heard at various hours so watch your animals because mine gets scared.

Park Link Dr

Arizona Open range area will sometimes get you some guests (moo), but otherwise mostly quiet with roads or trains in the distance. Cell coverage towards Picacho Peak gives me 2-3 bars with line-of-sight. Flat terrain made it easier to enter compared to other site down the road where I dragged my rear leaving road.

San Carlos wild Camp

Free camping near beach, but be careful overnight there’s thieves stealing shoes, gas, tools, electronics and opening windows while you sleep for money or electronics within reach. I parked in a group and it didn’t matter until I got a dog, but they tried getting gas’s.

Totonaka RV Park

San Carlos RV Park has over 100 spaces, but November-March many escape Canadian Winter making it a local party park. Spaces are tight with utilities questionable; water pressure low but showers good, electricity surges so bring your protection

San Carlos wild Camp

2 days ago 3 campers including myself, now 5 new campers with one of the originals leaving. Windy a few days ago but now calm, sunny and warmer.

Totonaka RV Park

Typical older RV Park rough road, poor utility placement and narrow sites, but people are friendly

Playa Ligui

Just arrived a nice stretched long stretch of beach it’s the afternoon in the window slightly up probably best to get out early if you want to get on the water, driving on the dirt path is hard packed but if you go towards the water you’ll suddenly encounter deep sand that might be hard to drive through.

Loreto Shores

So far decent place for the night, but way overpriced 525 p/ night. Got to LS late around 5pm. my planned stop was Puerto Escondido but I don’t drive at night, so till tomorrow.
Have full RV services including laundry and freshwater pools, but for 525/ night it’s a luxury for me I don’t enjoy alone.

RV Park San Lucas Cove

An Out of the way RV park, right next to the water, no electricity but most that I talk to are friendly snowbirds. The bonus for me was one of the residence had taken in a litter of stray feral puppies and I ended up with one of them to keep me company on the road.

Beach camping

There’s a nice strip of beach, a little rocky with some deep sand so look first. Local fisherman pull boats in and out daily with 2 Wheel Drive only, but heavy trucks & trailer should have 4x4. Good for a few days of camping, fishing, kayaking or swimming with no problems.


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