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Marcus Aurelius’ camp - great views & flat

On top of a hill overlooking the lakes and Palava mountains. Calm, amazing 360 views (you can see Brno’s city lights from here). To get here take the small road right behind Musek wine shop and climb up. The spot can accommodate many rigs but the road to get here might be too narrow for really big rigs.

Chevrettes wild & dog friendly

Great levelish spot right next to a beautiful and dog friendly beach. The spot nearby is the property of the restaurant and far less charming. The access is forbidden to caravans and camping cars but you can try your luck although we've seen a car most likely from the police going around twice and checking licence plates and the road to here is really narrow. There are lots of official parking places on the way to here in the last 3km from St Malo that seemed to be offered for free for camping cars and vans/cars by the city so it seemed like a really travelers' friendly city.

Trelevern quiet parking lot with kids games

In the middle of town but secluded as there is a small one way street going to this lot surrounded by back gardens so no one sees you from here and there is no traffic at all neither height limits so rigs of any size can make it.

Near Ecuisiére beach

Level spot for 2 rigs under the shade of trees near path. Quiet between 10pm and 8am and should be allowed to stay here in all seasons. There is a turnout 100m further by the beach where people we met spent the night with great views on the sea and the sunset. They are regulars here and said despite the signs forbidding it, there are no problems overnighting here so I'd go there instead if given the choice.

NP San Lorenzo

We spent a quiet night here next to Howler monkeys, white faced capuchin monkeys and many colored birds. There is a portable toilet open but no water so BYO. Someone who works here came in the morning said we weren't supposed to sleep here although the people from the NAN who let us through the checkpoint 10km ahead on the road to here told us we could stay at the muelle but the path there wasn't as good as the road to the fort from where you can get a tiny bit of signal/ internet (Claro & digicel) so we parked in front of the fort. There is plenty of space and gravel for kids to fool around

water hose from machetazo

There is an official water dispenser to refill jerrycans/ garafones here but it didn't work today so the security agent showed me this hose being drinkable water. Official vending machine is 10m away from here on the left to the entrance to the supermarket and costs 2USD for 5 gallons.

immunology MINSA - rabbies vaccination center

Our son got bitten by a monkey and after being sent from clinic to hospital to centro de salud we finally had him given rabbies shots here. It is free and fast and the Dr said we could have come here in first instance instead of losing our entire day yesterday looking for the vaccine around town. The Doctor is called Paula Costa and the building is "Desposito de Biologicos". There are also centers in Santa Catalina and around the country.

Raquel's Ark

Raquel who runs an animal recue program at her home welcomes overnighters. She offers access to toilets, laundry service and
a hot bath :), WIFI and you can either pitch your tent in her garden or on her roof or park your rig in front of her house. There is no fixed price but it rather is based on donations whilst visiting her place.

Quetzal tree n.2

Groups come here every morning between 5:30/7am to spot quetzales. They typically eat fruits from trees and stay put for 20 minutes until they move to another branch/ tree. We saw 3 of them this morning. Hotels charge you a fortune (70USD for 2 adults and 2 kids) to come here so come on your own and join any group in the search for the rare birds. If someone asks you to pay to enter either negetiote the entrance price or say you came with the group. No one asked us anything the 2 mornings we came here. There are few places where to boondock around here, mostly gravel parking lots including one for big rigs such as unimogs 0.5km down the road from here. BThere is a brilliant hike to a waterfall 1.5km south of here on the left which goes for 2km through an amazing forrest with slippery ladders (most of which are missing stairs) and a hanging bridge. A bit demanding specially if it rained but we managed with kids of 2&4yo.

Public Beach Playa Hermosa

We spent a night here and weren't impressed. When the tide is high the currents can be really dangerous so nobody was swimming and there were many huge (longer than a car) logs of wood crashing to the shore with every couple of waves. If you haven't adopted a pup in Baja California on your panam trip, you can make it up by coming here and adopting a thousand ants in your rig by parking anywhere, they'll find you...

parking on the beach

Spent a night here and it was OK. Some lady who rents chairs on the beach asked for something but I declined saying this is public space so I am not paying to overnight here just because she hand made a sign "parqueo" that she left on public space. Picked up our rig at 11am the next day after visiting the park and she didn't ask for anything. The NP is good for seeing sloths and other animals if going with a guide (or just follow any group from some distance) but it is not outstanding. We could only pay with cash the entrance to the park (no cards accepted) and we paid a guide 30 USD for a group of 4 adults and 4 kids.

Parque Recreativo Los Manantiales

Closed on Mondays but they let our kiddos steam off at the slides and swings area.

Facing Emergencia Promedica

We spent one night here and it is a bit darker and quieter than at the park and there is a soda open 24/7 with restrooms for 300C just across the road. Downside is they get the occasional clients in the middle of the night on their way back from parties/ bars who seem to race their cars across town and are in jolly mood but they rarely stayed more than 10 minutes. It felt safe and there are many other streets spots like these where to boondock in town and all amenities are within walking distance.

Evacuation route next to Arenal NP's entrance

Flatish road next to Arenal NP's entrance which was quiet besides the jungle's sounds. The police came to check on us and a "pura vida" sent them on their way. Not much traffic on the main road during the night so overall quiet night.

Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park

Nice park, our kiddos loved the canopy walk and it is free for kids under 10yo and 26USD for adults. We spotted a sloth thanks to tour ahead of us whose guide showed us. Might be better to go with a guide either way you only see a jungle...

Pali's parking lot's faucet

There is a faucet you can access on the left when facing Pali's entrance behind a small white and grey building near the alley of delivery trucks. A german lady living here said the water from taps is drinkable in this part of town so we refilled our 70L tanks and cross fingers that we don't all get sick ;) free

Playa Pelada

drove there to find a group of young locals drunk who started fighting by the lot next to where we parked, there was overall a strange vibe and this is the kind of place where the whole town knows within the second some foreigners arrived with a van full of stuff. We left for Playa Guiones which has a much nicer vibe with families, dogs and relaxed people on the beach.

Playa flamingo

Really nice beach, not great for swimming with kids but there is a lot of shade so they played under the many trees. Quiet at night, we stayed in the middle of the beach and it felt safe with the local police passing few times. Bins everywhere which helps keeping this place clean. We found no open WIFI network

San Ramón Cascada

Really lovely place, quiet with beautiful views on the lake and Volcano behind. There is a big palapa with power sockets and light bulbs to enjoy dinner outside and the guard lets you use the bathrooms of the rooms they rent out. Lots of wind so not hot during the night and free provided you hike up to the waterfall thr next day (100C per adult). The hike can be demanding in the end and there is only little water at this time of the year but enough to lay in the pool. The road to get there is paved except for the last 5 minutes but doable by any rig.


Decent selection but no WIFI and the guard helped us park given we are 2.7 meters high

entrada al volcan masaya

We spent the night here after going to the crater. Probably more noisy in PM hours and from 6ish AM than in a city but access to toilets and some breeze made it up

Nice Park with beautiful Dinosaurs

Good for small kids although not much to do and no more WIFI

Flatish spot next to lake with shade 4x4 or HC needed

This spot would be ideal if you had high clearance or a 4x4. Any rig can make its way to here but the last 5 meters to get to this specific spot require either high clearance or 4x4 based on the state of the path to here

nice parqueo by the beach

we spent a night here, felt safe with the 24/7 guard of the restaurant next door who let us charge our camera's battery at their place and use their WC. That being said the parking itself has lots of trash and the beach is OK but don't expect too much of it.

no name

5Q per kg left our clothes the evening and got them back at 11am the next day

Bad Road (Being Upgraded 2021)

As described below, paved road until here. It took us 4h to do Raxruhal - Lanquin and although the last 12km to Lanquin is a dirt road, it's doable by any rig.

Asamblea se dios

You can refill your garrafon here for 15Q per 20L. You can come by car but streets are narrow so I walked from the main square. Bang on the front gate so someone comes for you.

on the street banrural

Spent one night here, many curious people but it was all good. It's in front of the police (one of them didn't look very official and he asked for a "propina" for looking after our rig but I told him if we'd be willing to pay for sleeping we wouldn't be here but at a campground, he didn't insist) who manage the local public toilets (1 quetzal per person) right behind Banrural which also have showers (didn't try it). Collectivo to Semuc C (wait for them in front of 24/7 farmacia) cost us 15Q per adult and 10Q per child (2&4yo) on the way to Semuc and 20Q per adult on the way back but kids didn't pay.

Across from cafe Raíces

Good spot provided there is no event at the "Salon Social". There was the anniversary of a local school yesterday night with hundreds of students and loud music til midnight and then noise from the guys dismantling the stage for 2 more hours banging stuff. Really hot by day at this time of the year (37°C) but really nice by night from 2/3am (23°C) and there is a nice breeze from the lake so you can sleep with your windows open. NB. this is a spot where people come to pee by night but the restaurant "Raices" let us use their restrooms multiple times at no cost. Police patrolling and never paid attention to us, locals said it is safe here and it felt like it. (1h20 from Tilkal with good road conditions except for few kms where they were reconstructing the road). ROAD INFO SOUTHBOUND: It took us 1h30 to reach balneario near raxruha and another 4h to reach Lanquin to visit Semuc Champey from here via Coban. It's all paved besides the last 12km which is a dirt road but doable by any 2WD rig provided you aren't too heavy as it gets real steep in some parts.

Parking lot by Tikal's entrance

we arrived at 7pm and although the guard would let us go to Jaguar Inn, we'd need to come back at 6am here to buy tickets losing 40/50 minutes the next morning. We asked if we could stay overnight in the lot on the left to the entrance and the guard of the restaurant said OK and he is looking after the place during the night so it was safe, super quick to get tickets being the first in line and free


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