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Surprisingly good Pizza

We ate pizza (vegetarian) here twice. Definitely worth a visit. No diarrhea.
Marina is at the same time a bakery, café and restaurant. It looks more like a bakery because of all the cookies.
You can watch football here.


My colleague, who has been based in Errachidia for more than a year, said that this is the only reasonable restaurant in Errachidia. I have been there 2-3 times. Nothing spectacular, but it does the job. Good value for money.
You can also get something vegetarian (for example: légumes sautées), if you happen to find a waiter who speaks the same language as you. My experience is that not many people in Errachidia speak French or English, except in hotels. And I don't speak neither Darija nor Tamazight.

Next to a big sand dune, wind sheltered

Awesome view. Perfect for stargazing or a romantic candle light dinner :-)
This location is at the onset of the Erg of Ouzina at the bottom of a big sand dune. At this location you are out of sight from the hotel further down towards the track and you cannot be seen from the track. You can either park your vehicle in the sand or on a more rocky ground. Enough space for an armada of vehicles.

wild camping overlooking the valley of Boumalne Dadès

A spot between Boumalne Dadès and Bou Tharar. You have to drive a gravel road that has one gnarly, exposed section where the car will tilt a bit. The view is fabulous! No one around. There are two similar spots further towards Boumalne Dadès with space for several cars.

Cafe Restaurant du Sud

Nice café at the beginning of the centre. We just had tea. Unfortunately we were too late for Tajine.

Touda Ecolodge

Nicely located Ecolodge. On the terrace you have a nice view over the valley. It is also a good starting point for a hike to the nearby lake.
There is a small shop where you can buy locally produced products: jam, honey, juices, carpets. They have nice rooms where you can stay for the night. Breakfast is great! The common room is also very cosy.

Cathedral des Roches : V.I.P. view

Good opportunity to stay over night with a great view of the Cathédrale des Roches and the surrounding mountains. A maximum of two medium sized vehicles will fit on the flat surface. No shade, no water.
Easy access to the trail leading up to the peak (for the lazy hikers who just want to hike the last bit). The road leading there is a bumpy gravel road. On openstreetmap the road is mapped.

Wild camp in valley via riverbed

To get to this place you have to drive around 4 km through a riverbed on a gravel road. I guess that during the snow melt season this location might not be accessible.
The valley is very nice. Mountaintops (one of them is the Jbel Azourki) all around you. There are some houses in the valley.

Near river, next to bridge

There are several possibilities to camp before, under or after the bridge. However this one seemed to be the best option. It is right next to the road. But not many cars pass by during the night. The area is quite spacious. I would guess that up to four mid-sized vehicles will fit there.
There is water in the river almost all year round. However, the riverbank is very steep and not easily accessible.

Sidi Mghait

There is a parking near the beach of Sidi Mghait where you can stay for the night. It is arguably not the most beautiful place, but it does the job. We didn't stay there ourselves. But we spoke with a local who said that it is possible. It would have cost 20 Dirhams. We saw a tent on the parking.
We actually wanted to stay on the beach near "Chez Mounir". Unfortunately this is not possible because the police will send you away. The beach is regularly controlled by the police and next to "Chez Mounir" there is also a small hut with a policeman. The parking is therefore the best option in this area. Confirmed by "Mounir" himself :-)

Chez Mounir

"Chez Mounir" is both a restaurant and an eco-lodge. The location is exceptional. You can easily spend a day at the beach at this place (there are small pavillions
/shelters that you can rent for 100 dirhams a day) or eat at the restaurant even if you don't stay there for the night. The atmosphere is very relaxed. The place is somewhat remote. Women can go swimming in bikinis without a problem.


The coast line between Kénitra (maybe starting already in Salé) and Larache is known as an area for boats leaving towards Europe for drug smuggling (hashish) and migration. Therefore you will find a lot of control posts along the coast. Especially the 20km of the coastline just north of Kénitra - the beautiful beach that you can see on satellite images. It might also happen that the police will send you away, if you try staying for the night. But you can still try.

parking castle Trautenfels

This is the parking of castle Trautenfels. You can stay here for a night. Nothing around besides a few trees and the castle.

People who park here are usually visitors of the castle or hikers. Hikers who will climb peak Grimming will come and park their cars between 05:00h - 08:00h.

There is an established campground nearby at the Putterersee near Aigen.

wild camping directly on the beach

The place is directly at the beach. Further towards the water the sand becomes very soft and it will be difficult to go further even for good off-road vehicles. On the way to this spot there are some rock steps and the sand in the sharp turn 100m before this location is soft. If you don't have a capable 4*4 you can park on top of the cliff/dune before the track will become a bit more demanding and not only bumpy (second last turn). You will still have an awesome view and it is also very close to the beach. However, I saw a Daccia Dokker at the location close to the beach...
200m further south, down the beach were huts/shacks. However, I did not see anyone. During the day, local people come to this beach. Most come on foot or in donkey carts. However, I also saw 3-4 cars and 1 quad bike. I pulled one car out of the sand with the winch of my Landcruiser HZJ76 because it went too far (not the Daccia Dokker).
There is cell phone reception.

Side road, quite and safe district of Rabat

In the evening there are no cars parked here.during the day it can be quite full.

4*4 Garage Marciano Toyota

I got my T-Belt and my water pumped replaced at this mechanic. He didn't have the water pump and had to get it from Casa. On the phone he said that he has it in stock. His communication was not good and it took three days to do the work. Also, he came 45 minutes later than agreed for picking up the car. He was somewhere doing something and I waited in front of the garage. As I have been living in Morocco for more than 6 months I wasn't really surprised about this kind of "time management". It's just the way it is. Drink a coffee, chill down, call your friends, life is good. The result of his work was good. He and his mechanics know their stuff. I would go there again.

Delicacies from the region of Errachidia

On the souk there is a shop where you can buy delicacies from the region: dates, tea from desert plants, honey from desert plants, spices and beauty products. I recommend the dates from Erfoud and the honey from the "Deghmous" (Euphoria resinifera) plant. Both are a little more expensive but also very difficult to find.

In the rock circle

We stayed inside the circle for the night. Not much wind. It is shaded by the rocks all around you. At 06:00h someone woke us up to tell us that they were about to shoot some scenes for a movie. Right after some 2nd World War-like vehicles drove inside the circle :-) Still a good place to stay for the night. Awesome stargazing possible. The other GPS location on iOverlander is behind the structure.

Sheltered, next to the track

A "bay" next to the track. wind sheltered. no shade. no water. nice view. No one around.

Wind sheltered spot

There a few spots here where you can find a little shelter from the wind. A farm house is a little above the ridge. The land is very barren. No water, no shade. Not an ideal spot to be honest. Around 500m downhill, near some houses, there is a wide "river bank" where you could stay as well.

Lac d'Isli

A very nice place next to the lake. It's more than worth driving the additional 10km from the first lake to this one. We stayed for the night. We also went for a swim in the lake. In the morning we saw a herder with his sheep. At around 10:00h a few cars with Moroccan tourists came to the lake. And we saw a scorpion.

wild camping above the cliff

Place above the cliff with ocean view. It is very sandy. You need a good 4*4 to get here. If you don't have a 4*4, you can stay about 300m south of this location. You will find a kind of parking there. Locals park their cars there to get to the beach.

Beach at river mouth

You could theoretically drive all the way to the waterline - depending on how much you want it and how capable your vehicle is. But you will also find a spot to camp beforehand. You can either stay on the road right next to the river or you can take the little track leading onto the beach. The latter one gets very sandy. During the day there are a few people fishing in the river. The beach is very beautiful. Unfortunately there was a lot of garbage lying around when we were there. Still a very nice spot.

Pine forest

A few hundred metres after the tower there is a large, flat surface on your right hand side. We parked about 50m away from the road between the trees. We didn't see or hear anyone here. However, it is clear that people and animals regularly pass by. There were footprints and faeces of small ruminants everywhere.

Near stream

The surface is flat and right next to the track. Enough space for several vehicles. When we stayed there it was a bit windy.
To the south there are some rocks and a stone house which is inhabited during summer. Bring water. The stream might be dry and the water does not look good.

next to stream with mountain view

We went there but couldn't really find a flat surface. We continued further up past the tower and found a nice spot.

ocean view deluxe

If spots like these ones would get a rating, I would give it 10/10. Just above the cliff. Around 100m above the ocean. You can see the entire bay and bits of Imsouane. A small path leads down to the water.
You can get here without a 4*4, if you have enough clearance. You cannot make a U-turn on the track.
Now, during the COVID19 pandemic, there are not many people around. However, because this spot is so nice, I guess it will not be empty during normal times. Enjoy!

wild camping with ocean view

The site is above the cliff. Quasi on the back of the hill. There is a track leading to this spot from Imsouane. You can reach it with a 4*4. If your car does not have enough clearance or torque, it could be difficult. There are a lot of rocks on the track.

Anywhere north of this location you cannot be spotted from Imsouane anymore. You can stop anywhere. There are many places with flat surfaces and ocean view. No trees, only shrubs.

4*4 Garage Marciano Toyota

Good mechanic for 4*4 cars, especially for Toyotas. They also have some 4*4 equipment for sale (snatch block, lights, brakes, clutch, winch ropes, etc.).

Tyres, parts, repairs, service

Station Service OiLibya Relais Olympique Rabat

A good place to buy normal or all-terrain tyres. I didn't see any mud tyres. They can order most tyres within a day or two. A friend of mine bought his new all-terrain tyres there.

You can also get repairs done or get a general service for your car. It's next to a petrol station. The owner spoke French, English and Darija.

I would rate it 5 stars but somehow iOverlander shows 2,5 stars.


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