Traktorbek Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Alcohol! Liquor store

You can get booze there. Beer, wine, liquor, anything. There is another, similar shop around the corner.

Stray dogs, unsafe place during the night, fine during the day

Don't get tempted to park your on the side of the road next to the ocean during the night. The stray dogs can be very aggressive. I barely escaped the jaws of a big, aggressive dog when I went for a run during the day. Also, many homeless people stay around the coast. Most of them are nice. But not all of them.

Side road, quite and safe district of Rabat

There is a very quiet, unpaved road which is not on Google Maps but which you will find on Openstreetmap. If you talk to the guard respectfully, you can park your car there for a night. You might also be able to park in front of the Burger King or across the street from it. This area of Rabat is very quiet and safe. I wouldn't recommend parking south of the roundabout near the "Jardin publique". There are usually quite a few homeless people.

Dolce Vita

One of three "Dolce Vita" restaurants in Bishkek. By far the best pizza in town. They also have great coffee.

wild camping near river

There are a few flat spots where you can set up 2-3 tents. You can park the car on the side of the road. The flatter parts are a bit closer to the river and you might not see them from the road. We drove down to the river with or car. But I don't think a big rig could drive to the river.

Police Speed Trap

It is not possible to predict where speed traps are located in Kyrgyzstan. One day here. The other day there. There are a few permanently installed traps. However, this is not one of them. I passed by it on the 5th of August 2020.

Police Speed Trap

It is not possible to predict where speed traps are located in Kyrgyzstan. One day here. The other day there. There are a few permanently installed traps. However, this is not one of them. I passed by it on the 5th of August 2020.

Tunnel Too Ashuu mountain pass

Cars can drive through the tunnel any time, even if the light is on red. Trucks have to wait until the light switches to green. The tunnel is too narrow for two trucks to drive past each other. The tunnel is terrible: bad light, fumes, potholes, etc. I would not do it on a bicycle.

camping near river

This spot is right next to a river. There are some farmhouses nearby. Locals come to the bridge to get water. The next village is around 1km towards Toktogul. If you are coming from Toktogul, the road condition further east is worse (i.e. more interesting) after this spot.

camping near stream

Nice spot to camp. Near a small stream. There are some yurts around this place.

Near river

A pretty large, flat area near a river in a valley with a pretty nice view. Should be ok even for bigger vehicles. About one kilometer away (downhill) there was a house. Looked like beekeepers. Another kilometer downhill near the fork of the road was a yurt. Up the mountains there are summer pastures and - naturally - a few yurts. If you drive there from Kyzyl Oi or Toktogul (via "Noot"), you will see a lot of yurts. Especially if you come from Toktogul. If you think you are in the middle of nowhere, you are wrong. Even though it looks like the middle of nowhere on the map, in Kyrgyzstan there are pretty much always some shepherds around in the mountains during summertime.

Clean and quiet beach

Many locals here. First bit of the beach is sandy then it becomes rocky. You have to go further up a bit to find a flat spot for a tent.

Local street food

There are many places with local food on this street. Very cheap and simple but good food. Vegetarians will also find something there: e.g. manty with pumpkin or potatoes or a dish with chick peas.

Brio café: great coffee and pastries!

Great coffee, great pastries! They also sell hand made bags and postcards.

Dolce Vita

Best Pizza chain in Kyrgyzstan! The first "Dolce Vita" restaurant was in Bishkek. Founded by an Italian who settled down in Kyrgyzstan. Good pizza, good pasta, good wine, good coffee, clean toilets.

Retro restaurant

We stopped there many times. Good food, real coffee. I can recommend the "blinchiki s tvorogom" (pancakes with cottage cheese).

wild camping on beach, drive through dry river bed

On OpenStreetMap you will find a track to this place. There are several ways to get there. My favorite one is driving through a dried river bed north of the village Ak Sai. The landscape is fantastic and it is one of the nicest spots at Issyk Kul (trust me, I have been at Issyk Kul around 30 times during he last three years). There might be some locals. If you want to be on your own you just drive further east or west. There is plenty of space. If you like trail running, you can run around the canyons and hills. It is trail running paradise.

Rutsek Hut - Ak-Say glacier

The only real mountain hut in Kyrgyzstan. It used to be the mekka for mountaineers from the Soviet Union. It still is a very popular destination for mountaineers from all over the world. From June-August it can be very crowded.

Gerkules /

Good mechanic, very busy. One of the few mechanics in Bishkek that does computer diagnostic.

Beach camping

Nice place to camp. Definitely a great location. However, we encountered some drunk locals with an unpleasant vibe. Therefore, we decided not to stay there.

wild camping near small river, you can drive there with a proper 4*4

Very nice wild camping spot. You can drive all the way to the camp site with a good 4*4. You might meet some shepherds. You can hike up to the mountain pass and climb a peak and try to have a glimpse of Issyk Kul.

Jubilee car insurance

During my three years in Kyrgyzstan I always used jubilee to insure my car. Goos service. They speak English.


I have lived in Bishkek for more than 2 years. This place was recommended to me by colleagues who went there themselves. PPG derust the car, repair damage to the bodywork and repaint the entire car if necessary. High quality work.

Auto-City Liqui Moly Shop

I live in Bishkek and I always have my oil and filters changed at Liqui Moly. Not the cheapest place in Bishkek but reliable. Besides changing oil they also do repairs on the car.

G Energy

Gazprom. They have winter diesel real coffee!


By far my favorite Tajik dish is Qurutob. The classic version is vegetarian: bread, Kurut or Susme, herbs, onions, flax seed oil, tomatoes served in a wooden bowl. This is one of the best places in Dushanbe to get this dish. This place is also very popular among locals. They also serve very good fatir shurbo (my second favorite dish in Tajikistan).

Diesel and 91 UL petrol station

You can get diesel and 91 octane unleaded petrol at this station. Don't be confused by the shabby looks of the place. It is open even though it does not look like it. You probably have to knock at the window a few time because the guard might be asleep. I am not sure, if this place is open during the night. You can only pay in cash.

pistachio forest

This area is incredibly beautiful. Perfect road for people on motorcycles. The road winds along the top of the ridges of the mountains. The colors of the landscape are mesmerizing. The road leads through pistachio forest/plantations. The oldest trees are around 500 years old. Most of the trees are probably between 90 and 100 years old. The area is home to around 23.000ha of pistachio plantations (2019: total pistachio area for Uzbekistan as a whole was 33.000ha). The forest agency responsible for this area is here: 38.2468907, 67.9921593. As of April 2019 they were planning to start developing some eco-toursim in the area. I have seen this area in September and April. In April everything was blooming and green. In September most of the vegetation is brown and dry but it is still spectacular.

Wild camping near small lake at 2500m

This is a very nice spot for wild camping. It is next to a small lake and a wetland area. In summer there might be herders. The campsite is at 2500m. You can do nice hikes to the surrounding peaks and ridges from there. The view is stunning. From the road it takes around 1.5 hrs to get there. The path is mostly visible.


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