kelseyservi Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Fort Pickens Parking Lot

great location walking distance to the beach. we weren't bothered with at all. perfect spot!

Crystal Forest Campground

great free spot to camp. super dark getting in at night.

Coyote Pass Trailhead

husband and I pulled in late one night. there were quite a few other rvers parker, but there's plenty of room. it was surprisingly quiet. only a few of the loud truck brakes were heard late at night. highly recommend.


pulled in late at night and grabbed a milkshake and fries at the Sonic in the same parking lot. we weren't bothered with at all. would recommend to others.

Mono Lake 2

it's a great spot, but it has a decent size enbankment. it was just high enough to not drive our rv over. would highly recommend a more capable or off road vehicle.

Mono lake, creekside

great dry camping spot! partially shaded, level ground next to the river about 100 ft. there were no "no parking signs" in sight. 2-3 bars of Verizon service too!

Hat Creek Rim Overlook

beautiful view of mt. Shasta and mt. Lasser! we were the only ones parked here overnight. pulled up late to view the end of the sunset. there's a pit toilet and you can walk to the PCT trail from the parking lot. highly recommend! also great verizon signal. about 3 bars.

DeMartin beach picnic area

beautiful view of the ocean. no one bothered us. highly recommend.

No Camping Sign. Check other sites further down the road. Boardwalk Trailhead Parking (next to Jeffrey Pine Loop trail)

My husband and I pulled up late one night and wanted to originally park further into the park, but the main road was closed. There are no "No Overnight" parking signs and we weren't bothered with at all. Just one guy was looking for his dog. You get a beautiful view of the mountains towards the South. Verizon has 4G but it's limited. there's a hiking trail that goes to a nice creek next to where we parked, as well.

Neahkahanie Viewpoint

the ground is a little uneven, but worth it. beautiful views of the mountains and ocean. Great sunset spot, too. highly recommend.

Steamboat Parking Free Camp

perfect spot to camp and view the ocean. highly recommend!

Gee Creek Rest Area

Quiet even though it's close to the highway. Would definitely recommend.


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