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National Forest Camping

Super nice and secluded from the road. One spot to the right as you pull in with many others down the road

Dirt Pull-off in Gallatin NF

Valley view has a restricted use sign out so this spot is up Jardine Road a little bit. Amazing views of the valley and mountains and you can hear the river all night. No one hardly on the road and there was remnants of a previous fire pit. Full bars of data for Verizon as well.


Beautiful area to stay in! Our spot was right on the river’s edge. It rained all night so be careful of getting stuck in the mud if you don’t have 4wd.

Granite Creek @ Bridger-Teton NF

Hot springs are closed right now just FYI. Not sure when they’ll reopen.

Teton NF

You’ll see a dirt pull-off. Pull in and go down the dirt road on the left and you’ll have two choice spots secluded from the main road. Fire pits available and lots of dry wood around this time of year. Quiet, peaceful night. We fit our van no problem for the first spot but the next probably best for a smaller car.

Buffalo Valley boondocking

Great spot if the others before are full

Rest Area

Rest area off 79 southbound. Good place for the night. No ‘no overnight parking’ signs.

Sourland Mountain County Preserve Parking

Nice, free spot to stay for the night. Some good little hikes and bouldering. We stayed two nights in a row. Cars do like to pull in at night for awhile and then leave it seemed. Friday and Saturday morning were super busy for people, probably 30 cars pulled in starting around 7:30 am. Must be the time to hike or something (even though it poured rain all night). Idk it’s New Jersey.


Decent Walmart. We were here the entire day to take a break from driving and just chill in our van. We also stayed 2 nights and weren’t bothered once. Planes do make a lot of noise since the airport is right near by. But pretty decent parking lot to sleep in and use the bathrooms when needed.

Parque canal

This place is permanently closed.

Patrick Henry Boat Launch

Right off highway 54. It passes a water treatment facility so drive past that and you’ll come to a large, open parking area. Great place to stay for the night. Nice and level for vans and rigs. Some road noise around 10 pm from cars still on the highway.

Walmart Boone

Weird Walmart but quiet night. Parked just at the end of the parking lot, no issues. Cars do like to shop late here it seems so some road noise.

Rough ridge lookout

Camping is $20 a site. Season starts in May through October. $10 in the off-season sometimes.

Oconee National Forest primitive camping spot

Off Cold Springs Rd. Keep driving until you see the first dirt road without an address attached to it. Keep driving and driving down the not-so-great road and you will eventually hit the clear open area. It’s super nice and secluded from people. Verizon gets 2 bars LTE and AT&T 1 bar.
Stayed 2 nights and we were the only people. Probably not a good idea to come in the fall, however. Looks like hunter territory with the tree forts up in the woods, just FYI.

Hidden from the road in the forest

I suppose if we drive further down into the forest, it would be more hidden? Once you pull onto the road though, there’s a rather nice parking lot to park in before the gate (which we did instead). The building past the gate is an auto auction center so just don’t go past the gate and you should be fine.

Sunshine Center Coin Laundromat

24 hour laundromat that takes coins and also has an ATM. We were here around 11 pm and we had the place to ourselves. Good tunes playing. It is clean inside and lots of washers and dryers to pick from. Small loads cost $2.75 upwards to the giant washer being $9.25 (would fit big bedding items). Dryers start at a quarter and run for a few minutes. Vending machines (soda, snacks, and even coffee) and bathrooms are available as well.

New Orleans Parking Lot

Way cheaper than street parking will cost you. It’s a big lot and never filled up when we were there on a Thursday but definitely could on the weekend.

Walmart - Tchoupitoulas St.

Police park here because there’s a New Orleans Police Traffic Division right next door.

Rutherford Beach

Wow! What a beach. Very nice wherever you park. We went further down the road and were the only ones for the night. Beware of those pesky buggies at nighttime. They’re a pain. But the beach is awesome and seashells are everywhere!!

Walmart of Rockdale

Just your typical Walmart parking lot. We stayed here for a night and slept in til 10am with no problems. Just park more on the outskirts of the lot and you should be fine. They are open 24 hours so go in and use the bathroom whenever. Also, phone service is great! Full bars for Verizon, 2 bars for AT&T.

Fort Lancaster Scenic Overlook Pic Nic Area

About 18 miles off I10 if you’re driving east. If you’re driving in at night, be super aware of the deer! There is a lot crossing the road!! Fantastic place to stay for the night or maybe even longer. We were the only one parked there. Definitely the prettiest we passed on the 10 in Texas. Verizon does not get good service though.

Indian Bread Rocks

Great place to camp! We stayed for one night but the 3 main sites were already full. Just drive down the dirt road some more and you’ll find plenty more places to park! Nice and quiet and the cows roaming the land are pretty darn cute.

Colossal Parking Spot

There are two pull offs on the main road right before you enter Colossal Caves Mountain Park. Pull in slow, it’s bumpy. But a gorgeous place to stay for the night. There were fellow van people in the other pull off. No one bothered us. It was perfect.

Arroyo hondo vista point

Easy pull in with many places to stop. Nice view of the ocean in the morning. Can be noisy if a lot of semis are around with their engines on. Would recommend this location in terms of “sleepability” compared to the rest area 6 miles away.

Gravel Pit Off Mattol rd

Quiet, decent spot for the night. Didn’t hear anything but the sound of rain which was nice. Not the prettiest view but definitely was on the road in. Bathrooms near the beginning of the turnoff road to the left which are open in off season right now.

Lookout Rock

This spot is choice and feels very safe. Follow the gps coordinates to a T because it is a straight pull off to the right up a hill so you don’t want to miss it! Very secure location with an amazing view of the ocean! Road noise really isn’t that bad either.

DeMartin beach picnic area

Nice, clean beach with fire pits. No one bothered us but did have some heavy traffic going past all night. Oh, and a lady in her van driving in and out of the park and playing the bongo drums till late at night. Otherwise, solid place to sleep for the night.


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