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PN Iberá - Monte Rey

Amazing spot! A must visit if you are driving on rp12. Already the drive to the amazing clean camping is an adventure with a lot of animals, which are not even hard to see. The camping is a big and grassy area with great quinchos and also a lot of animals to see just spending your day there. You can not drive on the grassy area with your vehicle. Its only for tents, but stay in the parking place just next to it. You cant miss this place!

Parque Chaco

Great camping with very relaxed atmosphere. Very clean showers and toilets, friendly guards, nice trails and all that for free. Wifi did not work, but 4g signal sometimes. There is a Tucan, which comes very close, many other birds and many loud monkeys.

Chilo Ruiz - Bañado la Estrella, Fortin La Soledad

Oh yes this tour with chilo was amazing. We paid 600 pesos pp and absolutely worth it. Even if we didn't see so many animals (its better to come between june and september) the Banado and the sunset was incredible beautiful. Chilo is also building cabanas next to his house for the tourists. We had a great traditional asado and absolutely recommend to visit this place. Update on chilos number: +54 9 370 4608983

Reserva Natural Formosa

The road out here is not too bad and the camping quite nice. The bathrooms are okay and you can have a shower. The guards are very nice. We didnt see a lot of animals. There are some mosquitos, but doable. The trails are nice and the view on the river as well. A good free option to spend the night.

PN Calilegua Campsite

We spent two nights here over the weekend. On both days there was no water left in the tank to have an eveningshower. On weekdays probably less busy and no problem. (the guards fill the tanks in the morning and the afternoon) . The sandflies were VERY annoying but olny for a short time in the evening/morning. During the trecks it was no problem. The trails are nice with great views and some animals (monkeys, birds,...)

Best mechanic in town

Guillermo and his team definitely deserve this title! They work very fast, professional, clean, honest and keep you updated with everything which happens during their repairments for fair prices! Absolutely recommended.

La Reliquia camping

Staied here for the carneval. Nice place. Showers and toilets are clean. Paied 500 pp, think it was because of the carneval.

Hacienda De Molinos

We had an absolutely fantastic dinner here. Super location and top quality of the food. Price/Quality really good.

Camping La Carrera

Nice big camping. Some trees and grassy area. Tables etc.
Showers and toilets are +/- clean. Not sure if it has hot water.
When we were there it was a party with a DJ. But only till 8pm. Funny
We've paied 350 for 2 and a car.
It has a little shop where you can buy some stuff (beers, ice, cola etc.)

Lamaral windsurf/kitesurf hostal and camping

Really nice place for camping. We've paied 450 pp. incl. Breakfast. Wifi is good and the facilities are clean. Lovely dogs

Camping Municipal

Basic Campground, one toilet and shower with hot water, sandy ground, nice shelters with tables. Clean
250 pesos for 2

road to lago Balmaceda

We stayed here for 3 nights, nice and clean spot. Not hidden from the road, but quiet at night. No wind protection.

Parque Chabunco Camping Area (East)

Perfect spot to stay in Puerto Natales. Quiet at night, some locals during the day.

El Faro Lighthouse Bahía Chilota

Perfect spot for one night if you wait for the ferry to punta arenas. We saw a lot of dolphins :-)

Karukinka National Park reception and refugio Vicuna

Really nice spot for camping. We stayed here for two nights. Hot showers and clean toilet (same as guardaparque use).

Pali Aike Ranger Station

Perfect and free spot to sleep in your car/tent. Toilets open all day/night. Nice hiking trails in the park. You can only sleep inside the park if you have a toilet in your camper.
Guanacos everywhere :D

Albergue Alacaluf

We stayed here for one night in a doble with shared bathroom. Really really nice room. We paied 22000 for two without shower and without breakfast. With shower and breakfast it costs 36000. It's also possible to sleep in your camper or car. With shower/toilets it costs 4500 pp.
You can use shelters for cooking. They do not have an official camping, so it's not allowed to put your tent on the ground (but if you ask, they would give you the key for a place 2km away from the house).
Cool place to stay

Reserva Nacional Lago Jeinemeni - El Silencio Campground

Really nice camping.
We have paied 3000pp for camping and 8000pp entrance fee. We staied there for two nights. Totally amazing spot in a fantastic NP. 12000 for two nights for two is perfect :-)

Parking lot near ferry

Good spot for one night if you wait for the ferry. Windy

between dunes

On the opposite of the river there is a hidden street (does more looke like a dried out river) between two sandy little hills. We just drove up this way for a few meters, that we were hidden from the main road. Beautyful place. Some shelter from the wind because of the hills. Very quite, clean and nice sunrise. No problem for big rigs, but maybe better with a 4x4.

La Estacada

Amazing spot in front of the lake. It was for free. Nobody was there. Maybe low season.

Beach with beautiful view on volcano

Very nice public beach. Empty during the night. Perfect spot! Easy access like descripted below.

family-run campsite atop the lake

Very nice located camping at the lake. Private beach. Very nice indigenous owners. Let me use their private shower, because the hot water was not yet running. Reservations on +56 41 520 002

Camping Las Proteas

This place is permanently closed.


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