Date Place Comment
Valley of the Gods

Rolled into the valley of the gods and was definitely not disappointed!!


Awesome place we’re literally posted up 1.8 miles from the pilot trucks-top - in the national forest - perfect place to post up while traveling on interstate 40

Harbor Hot Showers

Hot showers with bathrooms and laundry in same building! Nice and clean! Great place to eat at the end of pier!!
Stay safe my friends!!


Laundry at Avila beach

$2 wash and $2 dry - 3 of each.

See photo!


Morro Bay State Park campground

Stayed in site 62 LOVED it!!!
hot showers & clean bathrooms!

Ashley national forest

We are currently here right now - update this tomorrow. Super easy - gassed up at the pilot a mile and a half away (approximately) roll in found a spot!!! Perfect National Forest spot for traveling through Flagstaff!!! @SeizeTodey

Firehole Canyon NFS Campground

Initially was going to drive out but my girlfriend requested to do one more loop. I parked in camp-site 20 to use the restroom and we ended up staying! So happy we did!!!!
Epic night of shooting stars!
Campground is elevated and the river is below, it’s a short walk down (over what can be slippery slopes) to get to the closest water but you could drive or take a long walk or a bike to the beach. The craziest thing is you are right next to somebody - like if you shared a balcony deck at an apartment complex. You’re right there!
It’s the craziest thing ever - but luckily no one stayed next to us.
SEE Photos!!

Ocean Lake wildlife habitat management area

We didn’t sleep here but as we pulled in a trailer was pulling out see photos

Laundromat + Showers + Car Wash

Great place - has three showers,they even provide towels!
Laundromat with a car wash next-door.
Throw a load in and explore the cute little town.


We just arrived here at this Walmart.
Other campers are here too. Seems like it’s going to be a safe place to crash for the night.
So far so good!

End of the Road

We found this place while going to a iOverlander while camping spot. Someone was already in that spot so we continued on... at the end of the road we found another great spot to wild camp. See photos!

Sturgis Trail System S9

Short gravel road that dead-ends on a flat spot - good for a couple vehicles. See photos!

Valentine City Park

Great place to crash for the night!!
See photos!

Prairie Rose State Park

AWESOME campground!! We ended up staying two nights. $16 a night for electric!

Camp A While

Nice small campground just off the interstate - - we camped here for one night on our road trip. (S👀 Pics)

I’ll be back in time to edit this and give a better description stay tuned.

Beaver Point Campground and fishing

Good campground - We camped on the other side of the lake/main campground. When we were there we had the place mostly to our selfs.
We paid $28. We got a line wet but didn’t catch anything. There’s a small game room and tackle shop inside the office area. We picked up a few things after showering on our way out. Friendly staff!!

RV/MH Hall of Fame and Museum

We called to make sure it was okay to camped in the parking lot. They said to stay in the west side parking lot.
It was a little loud so close to the interstate but after a long day of being on the road - we drifted off to sleep and woke up and enjoyed the museum!!


FREE Camping!!! We heard about this spot from a local!! It was a perfect place to crash on our road-trip! Very cool little old cowboy town!

Lost Johnny Campground

We scored a great site after being unsuccessful in Glacier NP.
Great camp host! Great Lake for taking a dip!

End of Main St

Nice little place to get some sleep along a river - quiet with a nice view of snow capped mountains - depending on when you’re there. We crashed here for the night while traveling up to Hyder Alaska and a night on our way back from Alaska.

Gleneagles community center

Community center with showers!
We just walked in, used the showers and left.
Don’t know if you’re suppose to pay but no one asked us to pay.
VERY clean!! It’s like NEW!
Hours are: 6am-8pm

Dismal Nitch Rest Area

Love this place!! Best rest area I have ever stayed at!!
See pics!

Tillicum Beach Campground

We pulled in around 6:30pm on Thurs June 13 and had a choice of several spots. Clean bathrooms and they sell wood! 👍🏼👍🏼
Great spot for camping with beach access!

Showers and laundry in Florence

Did not do laundry but took a shower - we split the eight minutes between two people!
I recommend this place - Linda the owner is super cool!!

Lower Salt Creek Road campsite

We had a great night - loved the train - will be editing and adding pictures shortly

Skull Creek Recreation Site

We drove off the 5 in hopes of finding a nice place to crash out for the night - looked like there might of been a serial killer living at one of the sites - tons of trash - bathroom door was wedged open with a rock - did not feel safe - we drove back to the Interstate and continued north.
Would not recommend this place!!!


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