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January 28th, 2021 La Veranera

This place is permanently closed.

August 25th, 2020 La Fromagerie

Description Will follow as soon as possible

June 21st, 2019 Freizeitcenter Oberrhein

Huge campsite around two swimming lakes. Price is 30 € a night for a camper and two persons including facilities. We stayed outside at the Mobile home lot for 10 € a night without facilities. You can buy a day pass for 3€ p.P. to enter the lake/camping area and use showers, go swimming, etc. Midigolf, restaurants and Animation withing the Campsite. It's recommended to book in advance.

June 20th, 2019 Camping Heidelberg

Campsite close to the old town of Heidelberg (6 km, 10 minutes by bus). The Campsite is direct at the main Street and because of this very loud. Cars and Trucks passing by, even during the night Showers are included within the price of 25 € (1Van, 2 person, without electricity). They have places with and without electricity. A supermarket is in front of the Campsite. Good to visit Heidelberg and the castle.

May 31st, 2018 Rodanthe Watersports Camping

Very nice campsite! It's direct at a Kitespot and close to the Surfbeach (10 Minutes by bike). Mike, the Owner and his Wife are very friendly and they take good care about their place. The rent of SUPs, Beachcruiser and Kajaks are included. He also rents Surfboards. Big rigs will fit, but the campsite is more for Campervans, Vanagons and Tents. Direct at the waterfront. We wanted to stay some days and in the end we spent 3 relaxed weeks :-)

May 22nd, 2018 Elk City Lake Park/camp area

Very nice and quiet place direct at the Lake. 5 RV Sites with electricity available. Including fireplaces, kids playground and Volleyball field! There is one building with pittoilets (scary, there was a big snake swimmimg around in the dirt water of the mens toilet!) and another building with normal toilets and cold showers. Couldn't belive that it's for free! Tent Camping is also possible.

May 13th, 2018 South of Arizona trailhead, Grandview entrance to Grand Canyon

Good place to spend the night for free. There is also a pittoilet and a watchtower.

May 12th, 2018 Page Lake Powell Campground

Now 40 USD for a basic site, full hockups are more expensive. Showers 4 USD p.P. extra! We left directly as there is BLM Land and a Walmart for free...

May 12th, 2018 Lower antelope canyon

Now 60 (!!!) USD in total per Person! (with Tourguide only plus Entrance Fee). No way that we pay so much money...in Germany we call it "Touristen-Abzocke". We left immedeatly!

May 12th, 2018 lower antelope canyon

Now 60 (!!!) USD in total per person! (with Tourguide only plus Entrance Fee). No way that we pay so much money...in Germany we call it "Touristen-Abzocke". We left immedeatly!

May 10th, 2018 BLM near Zion

Didn't make it to the spot in our VW Vanagon 2WD...Road was too sandy and we decided to turn around. Better take one of the spots east (along Route 9) of Zion NP as they are accessable with any kind of car/rig.

May 10th, 2018 Close to Zion off Hwy 9

Stayed here two quiet nights before and after we visited the Zion NP. It's 30 km from the parkinglots at the museum and visitor center, from where you take the bus into the canyon. No facilities. Many spots and doable with any kind of car/rig/tent. Take the old "paved" street and than the second dirt path left for the open field.

May 2nd, 2018 Convict Flat Campground

Perfect location within the Canyon. Firepits and Pittoilets. We stayed here with four other campers. Very quiet during the night. And the best, it's for free!

April 26th, 2018 GoWesty Camper Products

Was also excited to go to Gowesty and my experiance was not good as well: I only found two computers in their Customer "Service" Office and a phone to call for questions. Which i used. As i was not willing to buy some parts "online" in their shop (cause i needed to see them first), i decided to leave. To me it looked like Gowesty is more an online business, as we saw no responsible person there...so don't expect too much when you visit the shop/workshop.

April 6th, 2018 DJ's Baja Fish Taco

Good Tacos, Burritos and Ceviche with Shrimps and Fish. We had the "Burro Grande con Pescado" and the "Taco de Camaron"...tasty!

April 5th, 2018 Centro Recretivo Mi Refugio

Place itself is nice and direct by the water. If you stay at the RV section with electricity and water, it costs 200 Pesos, the Campingarea down by the water without electricity is 100 Pesos. Stayed here with our small Van. Showers are hot but you can't use them both at the same time. ;-) Quiet at night.

April 2nd, 2018 ship wreck and camping

It's not a usual campsite, it's more like parking next to the beach with pit toilets. No showers. A security guy takes care about the place and collects 100 Pesos/5 USD per Night per Car/Tent. The area around the shipwreck is fenced and some people living here, mostly americans. The empty houses are to rent or belonging to Surf camps. The Road in is a good newly prepared Gravelroad. Doable with all kind of vehicles.
The "beach" is rocky and the Surf beginner-friendly with mostly sand-bottom (some stones when you go in). Water was cold (April) so take your Wetsuit with shoes. Stayed here some nights with 3 other campers, slept well and felt safe. We had the area and waves for our own...maybe it changes in the main season/summer.

March 15th, 2018 Estacionamento Tequila City

Asked if we could stay overnight and agreed a price of 150 Pesos. The Gate is closed from 10pm till 6am and we had a quiet night. No facilities, but it seems that they are building new toilets. We stayed below the roof with our small campervan.

March 14th, 2018 Hotel Tequila

We were not allowed to stay at their parkinglot with our campervan. But there are "24h Estacionamentos" around the town.

March 4th, 2018 Trailer Park Teotihuacan

Place is in Walking Distance to the ruins (3km) and next to the citycenter where you'll find a market, restaurants, a gym and the busstation to Mexico City. Cons: we found it loud as it is direct at the street. Price: 270 Pesos / 15 USD p.N.

March 3rd, 2018 Jardin Botanico 'Helia Bravo Hollis'

Nice and quiet place with clean toilets near the Cabanas. 100 Pesos per Person for a nice landscape with many cactuses.

February 9th, 2018 Overlander Oasis

Many thanks to Leanne and Calvin for this great place and the help of "renovating" our rolling home (T3 Westfalia). Calvin and I built an Alubox for the Luggagerack, some nice Interieur for our popup tent, as well as we fixed the injection pump. Working with him was so much fun! Jesus painted our Van and Victor made our frontseats. We wanted to stay approx. 3 days in our "old" Van and left after 3 weeks in our "new" Van ;-) We had a good time at the OO and could have stayed even longer as Leanne and Calvin are very welcoming and nice friendly people! I hope we will come back sometimes!

January 20th, 2018 El Pesquero Marisqueria

Ceviche Mixto Grande was very delicious. Price 210 Pesos and big enough to share. Additionally you get Tacos with Salsas as starter for free. The Brownie with Icecream was not so good. Tasted like fish as well ;-)

January 15th, 2018 Toby's

Nice spot direct at the beach and in a small town with friendly locals. Place is big enough for all kind of rigs. Wifi available, cold showers and electricity. We paid 80 Pesos p.P.p.N., Lady said it is high season. Nevertheless we were the only ones here ;-) If you like to snorkel then ask Toby about Captain Oscar. He took us and two other persons on a nice private snorkel/boat trip. 3h for 500 Pesos p.P., Gear included!

January 12th, 2018 Yaxche ecocamping

That's the first time on our 15 month travel that we felt not welcome and a bit ripped off. We arrived here with three of our friends and wanted to enjoy a relaxed day, what we did in the end BUT we had to pay 300 Pesos (150 p.P.) for staying at the parkinglot in our Van (ok, we knew this before), without electricity. Additionally our friends had to pay 50 Pesos each for a daypass?! So far "so good". Then at 6pm one of the unfriendly campsite-employees said that our friends had to leave because the daypass is only valid till 6pm (nobody mentioned it before!) As we ordered two more beer, they allowed our friends to stay a bit longer but reminds us twice that time is running...we felt not so comfortabel here and i would not come here again, although the lagoon itself is nice. But you find cheaper places elsewhere, especially when you are in a camper! Furthermore we were not allowed to park below the only shaded spot...many weird rules which made us feel like described. We should have left directly...in my opinion: not an overlanders place!

January 7th, 2018 Mariposa Restaurant and Beach Suites

Very nice place direct at the beach with Hammoks, Chairs, Pool and Plugs to charge your stuff. Sharon and Bruce are super friendly and welcoming. The Place is "for free" when you have a meal per person and day of stay. We would recommend the huge breakfast (Belizian Slam) which is between 15-23 Bzd + 5 for a coffee with free refill. The Burger was also good in the lunchtime (about 24 BZD with fries). We got a key for an empty house on their property to use the bathroom with hot shower. Furthermore as their was a Tsunamiwarning when we were there, they offered us to stay in one of their treehouses for free! Recommend place and worth to visit!

January 4th, 2018 El Arbol

Had have two veggie-sandwiches and fresh juice for 106Q. Sandwich was two slices of toast with salad and a little bit of hummus...

December 15th, 2017 Parqueo @Manolos House

Antonio, Manolo and Jorge are indeed nice guys! Manolo saw us arriving with our camper and offered us to stay at his "parkinglot" at his house for free (including toilet). He lives here with his family and is also a guide. We agreed to walk with him to the Vulcano the next day at 6am before any other bus arrived. Bring some cookies for the kids, they will love it ;-) Friendly people and a nice experiance at our first day in Guatemala!

December 15th, 2017 Valle Nuevo, Guatemala to Chinamas, El Salvador

To enter Guatemala we had to pay 160 Quetzales. No ATM at the boarder, so we had to change money by the moneychangers. They don't accept payment in Dollars or Creditcard.

December 10th, 2017 Surfers Inn

Nice place close to the Beach El Sunsal. El Tunco is also in walking distance (go along the rocky beach). Stayed here 3 nights in our small van and paid 10 Dollars per night. Antonio also has a small "Tienda" where you can buy basic stuff like water and beer. A daily fruit truck drives along the street every morning. Here you can buy lots of fruits and vegetables. Recommended!


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