trackerofplants Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Small Roadside pulloff

small unglamorous dirt pull off to sleep for car or van on dead end road near a pile of tires on edge of town. streetlights up street a bit. so not totally dark but no traffic and space to go to the bathroom in the woods/weeds.

Gulfport Street Parking

quiet and shaded side streets in nice funky neighborhood. free. no time restrictions. this particular location is in front of an empty lot on the right. would move everyday if I were to stay here multiple nights. I'm guessing it's illegal in most Florida coastal cities to "camp". one block from restaurants. few blocks from park with bathrooms.

gulfport "beach"

parking for normal size vehicles that appears to be free/no limited hours along a bay with a park with volleyball courts, playground, small shallow bay water beach, restrooms (still open at 830pm), restaurants. cant imagine you'd be able to get away with sleeping here. it's just too perfect. although I see one vehicle that looks like a camper van. I myself will be going inland to look for a side street.

David T. Kennedy Park

stayed here one night so far, no issues, no one else was parked overnight. I think the bathrooms are under construction right now but there is a porta potty, which I prefer because I wake up at 5:00 a.m. and usually have to take a dump right away! they started with the lawn care about 7:00 a.m. there is a whole group of homeless people dwelling in tents on the edge of the park behind the volleyball net.

Public Parking

slept here without incident in an SUV. attaching screenshot of the meter hours and prices throughout the area, as it is confusing. in short you have to pay to park every place in Miami beach every day of the year, but there are free hours in night. some of the popular places the free hours don't start until after 3:00 a.m.

Beach Parking

slept here on a Saturday night. definitely some other people sleeping in their cars. late September. not too hot with a fan going. unfortunately the bathrooms were not open yet when I woke up at 5am. Beach hours are 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. it's pretty nice because the park lights are all orangey and dim, so it's not super bright in the parking lot at night. I slept here a second night and was not bothered but I did hear a cop having a conversation with a woman who's been living in the parking lot for a while trying to get her public assistance. he was very calm and spoke with her for at least an hour. I overheard him explaining that camping is against the ordinance and that any kind of living in your vehicle is considered "camping" whether you're sleep or awake. but he also was explaining that she didn't need to move right away, there's a whole system of warnings. can't say whether you could get away with a camper or van. so far I've done two nights in an suv in this parking lot and one night in another parking lot with no problems. attaching a screenshot of current prices and hours for the meters in Miami area.

Alice wainwright park

daytime parking only. free parking in shade near small Park. park has restrooms and pavilions with electricity. the neighborhood is very fancy but the park is kind of run down and under construction with some homeless living in it. peacocks raccoons and cats also. here on a sunny September Sunday afternoon, many parking spaces still free.

Rocks River Park

pretty spacious pulloff, others camped out here, but loud from the road, planes, and some nearby industry, and lots of mosquitoes in the evening (sept 2021). not a place to spend too many days.

Forks Area Trail System (FATS) Trailhead

really nice trailhead. medium cell coverage with google fi. lots of mountain bikers but quiet at night.

Modoc- boat launch on peninsula

this is an area just down the road from the state park. very pretty parking at the end of the road with shady pine trees surrounded by water, and red clay soil. also a boat launch with $5 per day parking. the sheriffs like to drive around this area. l asked one if overnight parking was restricted and he said no. clearly they don't get many car campers here because he thought it was a weird question I think. it's such a rural area with so many accesses to the water, as well as nearby national Forest there's no lack of places to park in the region. I asked him where I could park where the law enforcement wouldn't come check on me or knock on my window, since they love to do that even when it's not illegal to park overnight. he told me probably nobody would bother me if I parked in the little dirt road off to the left side by the industrial area after the boat launch, just before you get to the end of the peninsula. so I did sleep there and nobody came by. although I did wake up to a car infested with ants, and there's a bit of noise coming from whatever the industrial stuff is. all in all a really gorgeous place to park with swimming too. no mosquitoes whatsoever in September 2021. medium cell phone reception, a little difficult to use as a hotspot, but no problems with the internet on phone itself. there may be a sink with drinkable water in the bathroom at the boat launch, i forget, but the toilets are definitely flush.

Round Mountain National Forest

this is a narrow, somewhat steep, dirt road into the mountains out of town. there are some parking lots and pulloffs for car camping or tent camping. this location is under a powerline, but there is another better large parking lot/trailhead 5 minutes uphill. moderate cell reception all over mountain. road is flat and not washed out or rocky and does not require four-wheel drive, but would be difficult to climb under snowy or muddy conditions due to grade.

game lands parking lot

there's no camping allowed at game lands but I don't think that applies to parking overnight in the parking lots. the road this site is on has multiple parking lots to the gates. this one is fairly large. it is not very private. many cars drive by and there are gunshots in the daytime hours from the shooting range down the road. you might find better areas if you continue exploring down the road, I do not know. I've slept in PA game lands parking lots in my car multiple times with no problems from police, wardens, or anyone else. always hiking and biking opportunities, although the foot paths are usually not mowed well and overgrown a bit.

north country trailhead

this is a small trailhead parking lot for the North country trail. Just a few hundred feet farther down the road there is a formal campsite with picnic tables but it is not very flat for parking. this area is suitable only for smaller vehicles not large RVs. moderate cel coverage. I think it is State Forest land.

state game lands parking lot

camping on State game lands is illegal but I'm not sure how that applies to overnight parking. this is a really nice flat fully wooded parking lot slightly away from the road. there were no other people here while I was here and hardly even any cars on the main road. a very peaceful area. you can hike or bike down the gated trail. and I even had phone service even though the whole drive here from the freeway did not have phone service.

state game lands near gun range

State game Land rules prohibit camping but I do not know if overnight parking is considered camping. no one bothered me. due to proximity to the gun range this may not be the most peaceful spot to hang out long term. but it is quiet during the dark hours. and there are many pathways and gated roads to walk on. this spot is a parking lot at the end of a gravel road that dead ends at a shooting range.

Shawnee state park

large state park . shaded wooded sites, not crowded. kinda expensive. tent camping with a pet on the week day one night is $27.50. watch out park ranger patrols not a camp host and they are kinda mean and invasive. asking me all sorts of belligerent cop questions, taking down my plates cause im alone and sleep in my car and not a tent. will not return or stay two because of this.

Grayson Lake state park

typical state park campground. large, many sites. should be many open without reservations on weekday, non holiday. more of a lawn type grounds than a woodsy type. some sites have zero shade, others border the woods. if parking is all youre after try the free boat launch across the road. if you want picnic tables and darkness and showers, laundry and possibly some shade go for this one.

Truck stop

rustic truck stop with huge dark lot bordered by trees. there is an adult super store and some abandoned bars and gentlemans clubs on the property, but that end of the lot is going to be quietest and darkest as the trucks congregate closest to the entrance.

Next to McDonald's

there is a gravel lot next to this McDonald's and another restaurant where truckers park. it's not dark or quiet but you may pick up the wifi. for darker and quieter go just down to the end of the road. it dead ends at a huge truck stop parking lot. there is an adult superstore and some abandoned bars here, but that end of the lot is the quietest darkest area.

Bruin Launch Ramp

boat launch with large lighted parking lot, pavillion, restrooms, drinking water, and swimming/fishing access( follow the paved trail into the woods behind the restrooms). no shade. no parking restrictions posted.

My old Kentucky Home State Park

didn't like this park. very small and crowded and urban. pretty full in June. didn't understand where primitive sites were supposed to be. the picnic area across the street is nice and quiet however for day parking. this is the bourbon capital of the world. harder than I thought to get a tour of the distillery in town. booked up all Fri, sat, Sunday.

Miguel’s Campground and Pizza Joint - Seasonal

technically I guess the campground is for "rock climbers only". the pizza shop guy told me not to tell anyone I wasn't climbing. the situation is a bit confusing. perhaps because it's an unenforceable rule. what if you climb but aren't climbing here? what if you're dating a climber but don't climb? they didn't ask in the store and actually you can't register there any longer anyhow. you have to do it online. the place is full of rowdy young folks and hippie types anyhow so not everyone is going to like it for camping. it has more of a summer camp vibe than a quiet nature vibe.

Grenwelge Park

as described. honestly for small vehicle camping or large even, you could park just about anywhere in llano. wide, quiet streets with plenty of street side parking near empty lots or abandoned homes, etc. I prefer spots without street lights. the park on the other side of the river is also a good spot to spend the day with restroom, boat launch, a kids splash water park, ppl swim and fish and kayak behind the dam. nice little pastry stand up the main street too.

Krause springs

amazing spring fed traditional swimming pool and creek swimming hole with waterfalls, huge cypress, huge stone picnic tables. tent camping is 15/night/adult. I'm single in a car so unsure of the price structure for children and rvs. RVs may need reservations. tents never need reservations. there is 34 acres of land with plenty of tent sites, choose your level of remoteness. plenty of shade, streamside camping. pretty much paradise. what's the catch? no pets allowed. must be in before 8pm. cant go in and out of the gates at night. no hot showers??, but there are bathhouses with cool showers. no general store on premises, but ice and firewood.

San Angelo State Park

tent camping is $14/night. there are two areas to camp. the south entrance on the lake is more deserty the north entrance on the "river" (small stream) is more park-like with large shade trees and green grass. people are complaining it's not worth it but there is a free very hot shower with unlimited time. there are oddly few bathrooms and water spigots overall for a campground. no mosquitoes or biting bugs yet as of June 1st 2021. was able to sleep windows down in the car. very spread out. bikes would be good. north and south entrance are NOT connected. know where you need to go, as they are 10 miles apart. if you reserve online you will get a gate code in your email for when the gates lock in the evenings.

Chisum Travel Center

big dirt parking lot with lots of space away from the noisy trucks, and not as brightly lit as Walmart.

truck stop

I prefer parking here to Walmart down the road. less brightly lit, huge dirt lot where you can park far from the noisy trucks.

Rio Bravo Campground

this one is the best of the campgrounds on the road I'd say because it has good shade trees and shade structures. it was almost full on a Sunday in may but a few spaces left. the showers are still closed, a covid thing I think. there is no cellular service throughout the river canyon. I chose to sleep up the road on top of the rim so I could get access. bighorns this morning!

Faywood Hot Springs

nice place. prices have increased in 2021 due to covid. there are nude and clothed pools and campgrounds. there are peacocks roaming the ground. good cell service on Google Fi. clubhouse with some cookware. campstore has a little food including grass fed beef steaks and burger, otherwise over 20 miles to the nearest restaurants. cool stargazing chair and stone circle and labyrinth on top of the hill. if you also walk down from the hill from there into the Grove of trees you will hit state park trails. some campsites have good shade others are sunnier. everyone else here is elderly. not too druggie like some rustic hot springs although I do smell weed here and there. dogs allowed including in some cabin rentals.

Gila forest dispersed camping

if you're deciding between here and the road out to gila cliff dwellings I think this one has better cell coverage and is slightly lower elevation than cherry creek. but the road is dusty as heck. not bumpy just dusty.


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