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Date Place Comment
Canadian Tire Sani Dump

Sani dump on the side of the auto shop of Canadian tire.
It cost $5 to dump.

Husky Gas Station

Water spigot by the diesel pumps there is a sign.

Penticton Laundromat

Very clean laundromat.
They have GIANT 6 load washers and dryers. $10 to wash and $4 for 28 mins of drying.
Smaller ones are $2.50.
Parking is limited so it might be hard for big rigs but you can manage to fit.

Naked Coffee

We went there twice in one day. The food and desserts are amazing!

Cultus lake

Beach with a playground.
Washrooms and picnic tables.
Amusement park very close by.
Boat rentals.

Beach & Amusement Park

Beaches with picnic tables.
Playground and washrooms.
Amusement park near by.

Walmart parking!

Awesome spot!
Lots of shops near by and tons of other RVs and vans.
Some people looked like they were here for a while.
Nice and clean too.

Walmart at Tsawwassen Mills

So many RVs here!
It was nice to be around all the restaurants and Canadian tire.


Tons of spaces for parking off the side of the road.
Very sandy though.
There were a lot of people coming and going, riding their dirt bikes around here. And it’s near the landfill which didn’t smell too bad.

Centennial Park showers

Really cool park with trails, beach and a playground.

There are showers and bathrooms here. As well as fire pits and picnic tables.


Stayed here overnight and had no problems.
There was one other rig too.
There are signs but nothing that says no overnight parking.

Husky Gas Station

There is a spigot on the side where the air pump and vacuum is.
There is also an outlet to hook up for electrical.


Parking lot is pretty small.
Not the best for big rigs to be honest.
If there were three big rigs, it would be crowded.
There were others later in the day that came.

Recreational Area

There is a sign that says no parking from 11pm-5am so as long as you leave by then it should be okay.
There are tons of space to park. Playground and trails.
There are toilets and picnic tables in the area too.

Sardis Suds Laundromat

All new and clean machines.
They offer on the house coffee and snacks.


It was honestly a really crappy laundromat.
Most of the machines were out of order and it was expensive compared to other ones we’ve been too.
The lady was super friendly though. But if you’re in a pinch to wash clothes. This is an option.

Truck wash & Sani dump

RV bus and truck wash.
They also offer sanitation dumping.
The attendant was super nice as well.

Sanitation Dump

Free water fill up at blue spigot.
Sanitation dumping is $5.
Perfect for big rigs because the day us camp ground might be tight.
There is also a pit toilet and small parking lot with trails.

Waterfront Park

Came here to fill up on water but there isn’t a place. It’s a beach with showers and water fountains. This is more of a tourist spot than a water station. But we did have a good time at the beach.

MEC parking lot

Stayed here and didn’t have any problems.
There were two other campers here too.

Plaza Laundromat

Very clean. Change machine and soap machine available.

Real Canadian Wholesale

Basic grocery store. Near gas station and repair shop.

Granite Road old bridge approach

Pretty small dead end road.
There were some other campers too.
It does the job and it’s free!

Lake Rest Area

Perfect spot surrounded by trees for a pit stop.
There is no overnight parking except for Ridge guests.
There are picnic tables and the lake is shallow. Great for a quick swim.
There are pit toilets available.


Free RV parking
Sani dump with potable water
Make sure you fill up with the spigot the left. Not the one at the dump station.

Home hardware parking

Thankful for this home hardware!
We were in a pinch to find a place to sleep for the night.

Mineral lake

Beautiful lake surrounded by trees.
Kind of dirty spot though. As one pit has cigarettes and a shoe in it.
We only saw one clear campsite with a picnic table and pit.

Mineral lake

Beautiful lake surrounded by trees.
There were a couple of spots with pits. Kind of dirty as there was garbage and shoes in the fire pits.

Real Canadian Superstore

Basic grocery store with everything you need.
Enough parking for big rigs.
Walmart and gas station near by.

Dry Gulch Provincial Park

Self registration provincial park campsite
When you first go through the gates, you have to stop and pick up an envelope at the stands to the right.
A lady came to pick up the envelope with the fee ($25 for one night).
Each site has a picnic table and pit. Pretty good sized lots.
Big rig friendly.


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