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Park Next to Casino

we stayed here for one night without any problems. At night the fingers are illuminated.

Uruguayan migration and customs

we past the border to. be aware that here is only the Uruguay customs immigration and aduana point.
the Brasil customs area is arround 4 km away, north from chuy city (drive through) at pos. s 33.67227 w 53.44384.
Don‘t worry it’s a bit strange, but everybody is very friendly, easy going place.

Brazilian border at Chui

we past the border to. be aware that here is only the brasilien customs immigaration and aduana point.
the Uruguay customs area is around 4 km away south from chuy city (drive through) at pos. s33.70738 w53.46071.
Don‘t worry it’s a bit strange, but everybody is very friendly, easy going place.

Hotel and Camping Paudimar

we visited the place two years ago und now we are back again. we are abit disappointed. New owners, higher price, 40 Reales p/p per night incl. basic breakfast. The wifi was realy bad, and they switched the wifi on and off. sorry but there was no value for money. At least the place is clean and sanitary is good, they speak english.

Tavolo Churrascaria

Good Churrascaria. We had very good collection of food at the buffet. all you can eat, we went there after 18.30 hr. an paid less then 10 $ p/p , good value for money.

Casa Rica Top Food Supermarket

Casa Rica is a very new, clean, modern,european style, top supermarket.
They have many food from europe (bread,chees) you wont belive it, but a bit more expensiv.
There is also a good restaurant above the shop.

Camping Parque Manantial

we stayed here again for 20 days. There is a wrong information from some travellers about the price.
The current price is 60000 Guarani for two (2) peoples inclunding motorhome, per day. In our mind
a very fair price for this nice place with top clean sanitary and friendly onwer family.
We enjoyed the near by town, and used the opportunity to renew all our seats with lether, to a very good price.
Ruben news every bussines in town and was a good help for us to find the right shop.

Reisemobilstellplatz Turnhagen

This is a nice place for Motorhomes only. The Place is free, and for a fee you can get power and water.

MAW Gas-Station

we filled our tank and stayed at this MAW - YPF fuel station for one good night. wifi was o.k. and they accepted visa.

ACA [email protected] Guillermo Juarez

we stayed here again. Now they accepted Visa Card. Good wifi. Shady spots under the trees.

Angastaco Campground

nice big municipal campground, well worth to visit. When we arrived the gate was open, but all the facilities where closed (off saison? ) The place is in good shape not like many other municipal camping, also the little town looks nice and clean. We stayed with our big motorhome over night and paid for two and a motorhome 50 pes. only. . Free open municipal wifi. Drive trough the gate, then left too the big tree. On one branch from the tree is power from 7 pm till 7 am. And at the fence is a water tap.

Camping Municipal Santa Maria

They asked for 50 pes. p/p plus 200 pes. for our motorhome. No wifi. We left and went to the nice and cheaper camping El Sol nord subburb from the town.

Church Wildcamper

It‘s not only a little nice church, there is also a very nice rest area beside the church. There are perfect clean, tiled, showers and toilets. I never have seen cleaner and better ones in any other argentinien public area. Power is also at the toilet building. No costs.

Sitio Pozo Verde Municipalidad Hualfin

this is a very nice nautural campground made with love. No facilities but one water tape, the pipe comes from the sportsfield and should be drinkable. The place is very well placed in natural sourrounding and you can make a nice 700 m walk into the little canyon. Access to the campground ONLY from the city mainroad. At the turist office drive to the big sportsfield (high floodlight masts), then drive trough the tunnel under the highway (~ 3,45 m high), and after 200m zigzag you are there. We enjoyed the place two days.

Termas Quebrada de Hualfin

this place was very dissapointing for us. The hole place is under construction and everywhere is buildingmaterial laying around.
There are only bathrooms, no pools! The had only two old „bathrooms“ open and they are very unattractive. The newer ones are closed. We had no bath in there and left the place.

Town Square free open wi-fi

yes, free open wifi at the plaza and also here a tap with potable water on the „grass“ opposite the little curch.

Camping Los Alamitos de las Thermas de Fiambalá

we visited the place but only too have a bath in the termas. They lifted up the price again. Now 150 peso p/p and for camping with
our motorhome the asked for an another 500 peso on top per day. They are crazy, so we stayed overnight on the way down to fiambala in the mountains.

Ruins from 1592

ruinas capayan nothing special, but a possibility for a quiet stay overnight. Nobody around. 2 km from the highway.

Municipal Camping in the forest "El Bosquecillo"

typical municipal camping. The area was open but the rest was closed. we stayed for one night and free.

cerro el alcazar

leave the road at the sign and drive up the not so bad gravel road for approx. 500 m. It‘s possible to drive this way with every car or motorhome. Drive up to the gps pos. and you will find a good spot where you can stay overnight and under the stars. It‘s a
breathtaking wounderful colored natur arround. Don‘t miss it !!

Condore on hilltop

We saw here 12 condore flying around above the mountain top.

salinas el diamante

we visited the salina diamante and the little museo. No entre fee. But we bought some different tins with mixed herbs and salt as a present for the peoples at home.

Lakeside Camp

we stayed here again overnight with our motorhome, no problem to drive at the hard beach. Nice sunset and good starting point into the canyon rincon de actuel.

Camping Municipal Malargüe

not a bad campground with hot showers, electricity and wifi, but wifi is only at the entrance and we had to stay with our motorhome at the other end from the place. So we left the place after one day. No wifi , no longer staying travellers.

ex-RP101 gravel in good conditions

the highway 144 is paved. he is talking about the rp101 going north from the 144.

Rio Grande

drive down to the river at pos. s36.33112 w69.67173. Very nice there and even poss. for truckcamper. Can be windy.

40 km terrible road (+ wild camp)

the road from here north is for 40 km bad washboard. Not dangerous, but you and your car won‘t like this part, the landscape around is gorgeous, so take your time and slow down and you will happy. Drive down to the river at pos. s36.33112 w69.67173. Very nice there and even poss. for truckcamper. Can be windy.

turn off recommended

if you are on your way to san rafael then turn off here and drive the paved RP180 and then the gravelroad RP 173 north. You will find a very scenic route trough the canyon atuel. Great surrounding und well worth to do the detour trough this canyon. No problem to drive this gravel road even with a big rig, not much traffic. Take your time there are many photo opportunities ( condors) and also many alternativ spots for an day or overnight stop.

Camping Municipal Barrancas

when we arrived the gate was loked, but the friendly caretaker lives opposite the gate and when he saw us he opend the gate.
This place has nearly no space for big rigs. So big rigs or vans can stay only on the driveway, but that was o.k. Sanitary was closed, no problem for us. At the end it was better then nothing then we had a very windy day and the trees on the place gave us good protection. No carge, but we gave the caretaker a tip.

Wild camp behind abandoned building

Not a bad place for one night. Also a good shady shelter for biker and tent peoples. No water, toli or tv :-)) enjoy the landscape, there is no better spot for miles.


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