edelitsky Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Wolf creek campground

I stayed at this campground (for 25$) but this is for the shower that’s in the campground. There is no lock and no staff here since they run it from the liquor store a couple of miles away. Separate men’s/woman’s bathroom and separate men’s/woman’s showers with hott water and flush toilets. Facilities are in the building with red roof.

Cutler Coast trailhead

Stayed here to. Ur not ur y ur, remote spot, very rfew cars passenger by all night. No issues. Ur t ya

Cheticamp NP Campground

Stayed here for two nights for free, the night they officially closed the campgrounds. Asked a few different people and they said I can camp there for free and the gates wouldn’t be locked but everything would be shut off. No showers or washrooms in the campground but the visitor center (which is about a three minute walk from the campground) has washrooms on the backside of it that are open 247 with flush toilets and sinks, and water fountain outside that was still working on October 29, not sure if they eventually shut it off, but I was told the washrooms were open all year. I had a good time, I was all alone in the campgrounds which was great. Not sure if I would have stayed there if it was still operating, almost 30$ a night and some of the spaces are pretty close together but I saw some that weren’t as close together too.

Wreck Cove Hydro Reservoir

Great place to camp! Stayed here two nights. I actually stayed across the street from the coordinates, closer to the water. I’m not sure who owns or maintains those roads, but it appears there’s many many miles of dirt roads that would make for hundreds of possible camping spots. I drove around a bit and saw no signs at all. Saw about 3 people in my whole two days there. Had cell service at that spot. Thanks for the great tip!

Barachois Falls Trail head

Was ok for a night before I took the ferry the next day. Nothing special, but not bad. Extremely windy and rainy. The area was beautiful from what I saw. Was also very quiet, very few cars passed by.

Sleepy Cove RV & Tenting park

Amazing spot with a beautiful sunset. I didn’t see any signs that said anything, even to pay 20$ on the honor system like other people said. I’d suspect in the busy season it would be full of rvs but I was all alone, in mid October. Watch out for the foxes!

Route 431

Stayed here two different nights. And ya the road in is not where your gps will take you but real close. The first night I camped at the 1st beach and the other time the 3rd beach. 3rd beach is way better, can’t see the road, but both beaches have great views of the lake and mountains. Thanks for the good tip!

St Anthony Bight Loop

Great quiet spot. Some locals were walking by but no one said anything and no signs saying anything. Also, go to the water for sunset, it was one of the best one I’ve seen on this roadtrip. Thanks for the tip!

Lighthouse Cape Ray

Stayed here one night after I got off the ferry, slept in my car. Got here after sunset but it was beautiful. Idk if I’d stay in this spot with anything bigger than a van. Was a good spot, but very windy. Also, a fox came around for a bit so watch out of him. Thanks for the tip!

Bird Island Boat tour

Great campground. Had a warm shower, laundry and the family that ran it was very friendly and helpful. And it was very inexpensive.

free shower at ymca

Free showet at the ymca. If you want to use the other facilities you have to pay but just to shower was free. Very friendly staff too. Thanks for the tip.

sand point

Great spot to spend the night! Was nice and quiet and didn’t see anyone the whole night. I’d definitely stay here again. Thanks for the tip.

Quiet overnight

Was ok for passing through. Left Halfiax late and got there just before sundown. Nothing special, no views of anything but was nice and quiet, didn’t see anyone else the whole night. Thanks for the tip!

just before the point

Slept at this spot for one night. Was a good spot with some cool views. Nobody bothered me. One pickup drove in and out but other than that was quiet.

Shower/Rec Center

Got a decent shower there. Public locker rooms basically for 2.75 CAD. Was also able to fill up my water bottles.

Free showers and rest area

Got a free hot shower at this place. It’s in the back of a seafood restaurant. Asked a guy who worked there and he said it was totally cool. Thanks for the great tip!

Free showers in National Park

I don’t know if these ever close for the season but I got a free hot shower here on 9/22/19, everything was fine. And was able to fill up my water bottles, thanks for the tip! You are supposed to have a national park pass to park your car in the lot though fyi.

Judes Point

Great place to camp right by the beach. A local came by and talked for a bit and was really friendly. I slept in my car but wouldn’t recommend it for anyone bigger than a van.

Cutler Coast trailhead

Nice and quiet parking lots, I chose the lower one. Didn’t see anyone else the whole night, probably about 5 cars passed by. I’d stay here again.


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