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Convenient to crash for the night. Massive parking for trucks and fairly large and quieter area for RVs and vans. I parked in the RV section and had a good night sleep. Clean bathrooms, good cell reception and good selection of restaurants.

Fairbanks park

Very nice and quiet park on the Wabash River. I didn’t see any signs restricting overnight parking or camping. No signs whatsoever. There are plenty of parking spaces. I have a 23’ van and easily backed up in a spot overlooking the river.
Felt very safe. A cop car would pass by every few hours through the park and he smiled at me when we made eye contact.

In the morning a few people came to drink their coffee by the river and walk their dogs.
Very good cell reception.

Spring river park

I can’t believe no one has posted this place yet! It’s amazing! I’d pay a 5 stars hotel fee to sleep here. It’s FREE! It’s right by the river, the white water is pretty loud and very relaxing! It’s near the road but you can’t hear it from how loud the rushing water is.

I walked around the park and didn’t see any sign prohibiting sleeping in the park. No signs whatsoever. A police officer drove by and didn’t come near me. I also asked a few locals that were fishing and they said yeah it would be fine to park overnight. No one bothered me. It seems to be a popular fishing spot for locals. After sunset I was the only one in the park.
I slept like a baby to the sound of rushing water.

There are plenty of designated parking spots and some on grass. Big rigs can easily fit.
Also a cool thing is that it’s located on historic Route 66. Love it!

Oh and great cell reception. 4 bars LTE.

Cliff top

To get here, you’ll turn left on the dirt/gravel road about a mile and a half from the campgrounds / lake entrance - or about 2 miles from the highway, assuming you’re coming north of i40. (Look at the picture map I posted to get a better idea)
There’s a couple flat spots easy to get to before getting to the cliff. But to make it all the way to the cliff, high clearance is definitely needed. If it rains you most likely will need 4x4. I made it in a 170 sprinter van 2WD and do not recommend it for a van that long. I scraped the bottom of my van. But once you get to the cliff you have an amazing view and even better sunset over the lake and can see the wind turbines on the horizon. Night sky is amazing. Ah also, there’s a lot of mosquitoes before sunset. They disappeared afterwards.

There are no sign prohibiting overnight parking or camping. No signs whatsoever. It’s a national grassland.

Very good cell reception with Verizon (3-4 bars LTE). It’s not leveled but you can somehow manage between rocks and get it to a comfortable level.

Martinez Road Dispersed Camping

Very nice and secluded spot not too far from the highway. Can hardly hear the highway noise. Beautiful sunrise, sunset and night sky. Good cell reception. Can get pretty windy!

Pilot Travel Center

Massive Pilot travel center. Kinda busy, like hundreds of trucks busy. But it’s a good place to crash. Not too noisy. The parking lot is huge and there are plenty of spots.

Crystal Forest Campground

Such a cute little place by the entrance of the park! Can’t believe it’s free! Good cell reception (Verizon 2-3 LTE bars). Amazing sunrise! Unfortunately made it here past sunset but the sunrise did not disappoint. Very quiet at night although there’s about 6-7 other campers.

Lone Rock Beach

$14. But it’s really nice out here so thought I’d spend the night because other BLM spots needed 4x4. It’s really easy to get here and park by the beach. Only a quarter mile of dirt road with fairly compact sand. The closer you get to the beach the softer the sand gets so use your own judgment. It’s a huge area so there’s plenty of spots with panoramic views. Gorgeous sunset and sunrise. I’m here in November and it’s pretty quiet, about 5 other campers (very dispersed). Beautiful night skies! Good cell reception (Verizon 3 LTE bars).

Glen Canyon Dam Bridge overlook

Very big pullout or rest area with no amenities overlooking the canyons and the bridge. Very nice views of sunset and sunrise. There was a lot of 18 wheelers in and out but didn’t bother me. Good cell reception.

kaibab forest off of desert view dr

Very nice and quiet spot. I only saw one other overlander go deeper in the forest but I didn’t. Maybe it’s because it had just snowed and temps are in the teens. But it was super quiet and relaxing. Amazing night sky! Awesome sunset and sunrise. Great Verizon Cell service!

Dry Lake Bed

Very nice area to spend the night. I drove as far away in as I could and it was really quiet and peaceful. Can hardly hear the highway. Good cell reception! There was no one around. Beautiful sunrise and sunset!

Lake overlook 2

Good place to spend the night. Nice view of the surrounding mountains. Can’t really see the lake tho. Good cell service. Unfortunately some trash on the floor :/

Furnace Creek road / valley view

Nice and quiet area. Beautiful sunset and sunrise. I parked a little down the road from the pinned location. There are many spots to park. Very peaceful.

Joshua Tree North BLM

Very nice and big open area. Plenty of other campers but far away. Quiet at night and beautiful being in the desert. Good cell reception.

Harbour oceanside

Spent the night here. It’s really nice but I got a $58 ticket for a sprinter van because it’s too high. There are signs along the whole road on both sides of the street saying no vehicles over 7’ high, 7’wide and 25 long. I decided to take the risk. It’s much nicer than the parking on the beach. If you have a smaller vehicle you should have no problem. Anyways, I guess it was worth it. Slept to the sounds of sea lions, the sunset was amazing and it was really quiet all night.

Race track but alternativ to the Streets place

Very nice spot to spend the night overlooking LA. Gets kinda loud before midnight with locals blasting music, smoking pot and getting drunk but it didn’t bother me. It was pretty quiet afterwards.

Pullout behind a hill

Very nice spot hidden behind a hill and an AT&T cell tower. I have Verizon so I didn’t have any Cel service but was able to use my skyroam hotspot for WiFi. Can easily fit a few RVs and it’s pretty leveled. Panoramic view of the ocean, breathtaking. Veryyy quiet, the hill kinda absorbs the highway sound. And from sunset to sunrise only a handful of cars pass by.

Vista Point San Francisco

Amazing spot to spend the night in San Francisco! It a little loud but didn’t bother me. I woke up at 5am to the sound of a buzzing noise every 10 seconds I guess because boats pass under the bridge and it was foggy. Nonetheless it was really nice.

Carpark overlooking ocean

Very nice and quiet spot overlooking the ocean when it’s not FOGGY! Good cell reception. I parked in the grassy area about a quarter mile from the vista point. It’s not leveled but has a better view then the top of the fill one.

Paved/gravel pulloff on hwy 101

Beautiful overlook of the ocean and “haystacks” in the ocean. I stayed here for about 15 hours because it was hard to leave. No one bothered me. Good Verizon reception. There’s a cold beach shower about half a mile heading north. After sunset there’s barely any traffic. The occasional semi trucks can be loud but didn’t bother me. Slept like a baby to the sound of crashing waves.

Hidden Parking Lot

Nice view of the river and if you park all the way in the left corner you almost don’t see any houses. It was pretty quiet when I stayed. Good cell service. Beach is a short walk over the dune. It’s beautiful.

** There’s a lot of garbage and poop. I filled a whole garbage bag. So sad to see such a nice spot be littered by imbeciles! Please don’t leave a trace and if you can pick some up. **

Boiler Bay State Scenic Viewpoint

Gorgeous spot. The view is breathtaking. I didn’t sleep here. There’s a sign at the entrance that says DAY USE ONLY :( I probably would’ve took the risk to sleep here if I saw it yesterday night. Worth the possible ticket or knock at 3am. Ugh

Olympic National Park Kalaloch campsite

NOT FREE. But beautiful views of the beach. I slept here for one night driving down the coast. The campsights are pretty hidden from others by bushes and trees. Not all of them have views of the beach but there’s a lot so you might get lucky. Slept like a baby to the kind of crashing waves.

Madrona Park

Beautiful street parking on the lake. A couple other vans were here. Kinda loud from traffic but didn’t bother me.

Kachess Lakeshore

BREATHTAKING! I got here right after sunset, it was kinda getting dark but manageable. Lots of pot holes, it’s a rough road to get to the lake but so worth it. I have a Sprinter van not 4x4. I made it down here easily but take it slow. I wouldn’t come down here if it was raining. You could easily get stuck in the mud if it does. Very clean and quiet area with excellent Verizon cell service. Tons of spaces.

Horse Prairie Dispersed Campground

Very nice area! So relaxing by the lake although when I came it was at a record low temperature of -7 degrees F. But amazing views! Good cell service.

Alpine, WY Free Camping

Good place to spend the night. I parked by the entrance, didn’t see the lake. I was passing through alpine so didn’t spend much time. Highway noise didn’t bother me. I didn’t leave my van because it was -8 degrees F (-22 C). But nice view of the mountains from bed.

Crystal Geyser

Amazing spot. Spent the night here it was really quiet. Didn’t have Verizon service but my Solis WiFi device was able to give me internet. So I’m assuming some other carrier might have cell service down here. The geyser went off around 9 am and kept going for a good hour or so. It’s beautiful!

Stone Quarry Road Free Camp “Take Out”

Gorgeous spot, amazing sunset over the river. It was pretty quiet when I came here, maybe because it’s kinda cold. Love it, so glad I came here to spend the night. Slept like a baby with the sound of the rushing river.

Flagler Reservoir

Nice area with secluded spaces to sleep. I slept here for free. Maybe it’s because I got here late at night but no one bothered me. Cell service was spotty. Where I slept didn’t have any cell service but a few yards up the hill and I had one bar of LTE. Very quiet place, love it.


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