Noname Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
The Viking Mall Parking Lot

Plenty of RVs and trucks spend the night here, but it’s a terrible place to do so. It’s the late night meeting spot for local teenagers and other young idiots to rev their car engines, blast their stereos, and generally be very loud.

Esso Propane

Propane only available Monday thru Friday.

Shears Building Supplies

They do not fill propane tanks on motorhomes.


Water still off for the season as of May 29.

Stephenville Airport

Water still on and very clean as of 10/25/21.

Brigus Dump Station

Dump and water on the side of the fire station. Water still on as of 10/22/21. Room enough for big rigs but the streets in town are narrow, easier access up the road at the dump station in Carbonear. This spot also seems to be used as a tour bus parking spot in season.

Carbonear Public Sani-dump

Still open and water still. Water is marked not safe for drinking but it’s almost certainly connected to town water and the sign is probably because it’s used for flushing. Bleach the tap and use your own hose!

Battlefield Rentals

This place is permanently closed.

Battlefield Rentals

Sadly, this Battlefield location has closed.

Irving Parkway

They do not fill motorhome tanks, only small portable tanks.

dump station and drinking water

Still open and water on as of 10/10/21. The picture in this listing as of right now is the wrong dump station though.

Happy Valley - Goose Bay

Still open and water still on as of 10/8/21.

Red Point

This place is permanently closed.

Public Forest Camping

No camping.

Boot Head Preserve Trailhead

No overnight parking. Please respect the park rules.

Esso Gas Station

Sonya, who was the propane and water service person both times I was there, was incredibly helpful and friendly! Just ask for water to fill your tank and she will direct you to the car wash where she will bring out a water hose. She also can lift up the plate covering the dump hole for you if you don’t have a screwdriver immediately handy.

"Church" parking

This is not a church! It is a government building. Full of cars in the morning when we drove by.

Little Harbor Beach

Beautiful spot next to the beach. Arrived at 3am from the ferry back from the Magdalen Islands. Extremely quiet all morning this time of the year.

Ile De La Madeleine - Ile Havre Du Aubert.

There are signs posted for no RVs between 10pm - 7am.


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