marielouisecaissie Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Oil drilling museum

I have no knowledge in the field and enjoyed my visit! Place that accepts overnight vans that paid for a visit (very inexpensive, cash). Dark place surrounded by factories so can be noisy until late afternoon. Perfect for a transition and a safe night.

Cypremort Point Boat Ramp

You can't sleep in the park (toilet, shelters for tables and large spaces) but in the parking lot at the entrance it's perfect for one night. Quiet and calm. Chemical toilet in the parking lot.

Rutherford Beach

Superb place, beach as far as the eye can see. Place where vans are tolerated directly on the beach. Excellent ability to find a small intimate corner.


Perfect place for a night out but a bit noisy as the highways nearby.

Meriwether Lewis

Wonderful place. Quiet and large lot at the level for any vehicle! Fireplace and picnic table at our disposal.


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