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The Sweet Spot

We parked at a restaurant the first night. Then moved to this location for 3 nights. The restaurant next to here wasn’t open and the one behind us was also closed.
Friendly people came by and sold us food and water. And we bought some food and drinks from the restaurants.
A few bugs at sunset- but the swimming and shade made this place great.
It is a long washboard road in- took us an hour. If you’re going to make the drive plan to bliss out for a bit.

Lulu Restaurant

This small village has lots of restaurants and palapas. We randomly chose her place that is almost at the end of the village.
Negotiated a meal/drinks for 1 night of camping in our van.
The beach is nice, you arrive after approximately 8 km of washboard road. When we were here- Large dynamic waves - not a good swimming area.
Look for the dog that lost a foot to a crocodile 🐊!

JV Hotel - parking lot

This is a big town. The police said we could sleep in our van downtown- but we found this parking lot.
Located behind the hotel (rooms-$450 - the place looks new and modern).
Paid $50 total for 2 people and our van. We’re showed the pool bathroom that also had a shower.
Quiet and away from major road noise.

Quiet Central Tonalá

After our walk in the canyon outside of town (see attractions)we pulled into the Centro. There is a municipal policia office located in the south end of the square.
We asked to stay the night- they said no problem. Offered us use of the restrooms.
It was Saturday night. A few people strolling around. A pop up taco stand across the street. Quiet from 11-6am.
This is a very quiet community!

El Boqueron - canyon trail

Short hike up a canyon that has paved walkway and great scenery. There’s a small shoulder parking lot and a larger Comedor parking lot 100 yards from trailhead. Look for the orange bridge- that’s where the trail starts.
After 20 minutes walking there is a diversion dam but the trail goes on to some swim holes.

Tintoreria Lavanderia - do not use

We were overcharged in the weight. While watching her she wrote down the wrong numbers.
Asked her to correct it- said it was correct.
Gave her our soap (full bottle), when we picked up laundry she said they used the whole bottle!
I looked mad and conveyed my frustration. Since the laundry is washed offsite- she called someone- then left and returned in 5 minutes- with the soap!
When I asked why she lied she just smiled.

Street parking on Zocalo

Very safe and laidback community. We asked a police officer as well- he said it was fine to sleep in our van by the plaza.
A few kids and motorcycles running around till 11pm. Then very quit till the AM.

Hot Springs

$50 p/p. Very nice and relaxing. There are several Balnearios in the area. Large hotels and small private places.
We asked if we could camp in our van at this property- and were told No- but there are other properties that allow it. We didn’t look into this- headed to the beach instead.

Sylvia’s Restaurant

We saw this nice parking spot behind a green and orange restaurant. We asked to camp and we’re charged $50 for 2 ppl.
We asked to stay another night and she said okay but didn’t want our money -but I insisted. Then we stayed a third night but she wouldn’t take the money.
This is a great beach community with a huge sand dunes area that is worth seeing.
Probably super busy on weekends but our 3 weeknights were very quiet.

The Playa Pier

Packed sand, parking on the edge of the pier near the river. Long stretch of beach to the north. We were there on a Monday night. Just a few families around.
We were woken up at around midnight. 4 police officers checked on us. Said it was fine to stay and drove off after a few minutes.
Bathrooms close by but we’re locked when we stayed.

Maracaibo Beach Parking

Peaceful and great place to camp for the night. Got there on a Sunday afternoon, a few families enjoying the beach.
Asked a local that was working at a restaurant/hotel (as you enter the lot- turn left- the very end business)- he said it was fine to stay “tranquil “. “Move your van closer to our restaurant “.
Police drove through every hour 9-12pm. Fell asleep feeling safe.


Stopped by and did the tour! Amazing site.
We asked if we could spend the night- said yes- just asked for my ID - which I got back the next day at 9am.
No charge for parking/camping spot.
Tour $65/person.

Pine trees forest

Just as described. Quiet, cold, and wonderful.
Got here before sunset- then drove up to the Mountain guide campsite just to look around- he said he was full for the weekend- but assured us the area was very safe.
We had a restful evening- wish we would have stayed more nights- as we drove away from the amazing mountain.

Paso de Cortes / Visitor Center

Got to the parking lot from Amecameca at 6:30pm. Paved road to the center. (Long dirt road from the east- which we took when we left). Stayed the first night for free in the parking lot , lots of Policia here. Paid the $37/person entry the next morning.
Hiked a portion of the summit trail. Then boondocked on a side road between the trailhead and main gate. Left the next morning and headed east.

Tepozltan Free Street Parking

Just as described. Very quiet at night. Was here on a Tuesday night. Great community and the surrounding hills are awesome to see.

Grutas de Cacahuamilpa National Park

We were charged $40/van. Stayed overnight in the large parking lot. No one said anything to us. There is the camping grounds- with pool-, but we didn’t ask about staying there.
Cave tour is amazing! Don’t skip it.
The overnight was quiet and felt safe.

Rancho La Piedra

Advertising swimming, camping, hot showers and bodegas. Quiet spot. Charged us $90p a person. Nice area, really close to the waterfall.
There are 2 other establishments up the road. Bigger pools, they charge $260- w/ cold showers and the third spot $220 w/ hot showers.
The owner also does sweat ceremonies 😜 for those interested.

Grutas De La Estrella

Stopped by to check on camping. Wanted $100/ person to stay in the parking lot. We found the other property 20 minutes north. It’s Cheaper and has hot showers.

Malinalco side road Ruin Pyramide Parking

We arrived on a Saturday afternoon- driving up to the ruins is very challenging, lots of vendors and pedestrians. There is a private parking lot just before the main gate. Same side of the road.
Jesús charged us $60 for the van and 2 people.

Nevado De Toluca

The parking lot at the end of the road! This is where you can start a hike to the lakes and around the crater rim. We drove up at 6 pm on a Friday, Saturday there was a lot of people who arrived by taxi service from the bottom parking lot. Not sure if they allow personal cars- but no one said anything to us.
The caretaker said it was fine and free to camp. There is also a police presence here- 24/7 ,To protect the area. Also a hut that hiking guides and clients use.
Very quiet, beautiful views, and free(?)

Monarch Sanctuary

Paid $50 vehicle to park and camp on the road in. $50 person to enter the sanctuary.
Horses $100 one way- $200 RT.
Not sure if you have to take a guide. Bet we were glad we did. I believe they just work on tips.
Everyone we talked to had been to other sanctuaries- and said this was the best one- because of fewer people- more butterflies.

Mariposas well hidden

Stayed in the big meadow which is a few 100 yards before reaching the main parking lot (on the right). The $50 parking fee allowed us to stay and camp. We spent 2 nights here. A bit chilly but not bad.
You can also stay in the main parking lot - but the meadow is better!

Front of hotel Rio

Parked here for a few hours. The music from the hotel was loud, so we found a side street close to the plaza. Very quiet and wonderful Pueblo Magico.

Lake Begona

Just as described. We drove further down around the lake. Found a flat area with a view of the city lights. Quiet, birdwatching, and free!

Balancing Rocks

Stopped at this spot while heading to look at the other 2 spots further down the road. Great view of the city and a good place for doing some hiking.
Asked 2 of the local ranchers- they said it was public property.
Very quiet camping spot. Take a right before the last house and drive out to the balancing rocks. The road beyond the homes isn’t good for low clearance vehicles.

River Park

This river picnic area was shown to us by the owner’s son from the museum a few miles away. One of the most amazing public areas we’ve seen. He said camping would be fine. Very peaceful community.
Didn’t stay- but enjoyed the afternoon here.

Hacienda de atotonilquillo

Now a museum- built over 400 years ago by monks to convert the locals. $20 /person. We were given a tour by the owners son. Rich in history- this is a must stop for all who travel by.

cerro del cubilete

Stayed in the parking lot. We were there on a Saturday night. Most people leave after sunset. Though there was some buses and I believe people who stayed overnight in the monument.
The noise starts early and the crowds were coming.
We were going to stay down the hill in a big parking lot - but the police said it was safer at the monument. In the morning we went back to the large parking lot- had it to ourselves for hours- while buses and people headed up to the monument. The lot is just up a small incline from the last main vendors at the bottom.

Finos de Agave

We drove up to Jesús María and found the parking lot across from the production facilities. Large parking lot across the street. Next to the fence- very quiet.
Great town to check out. The entire community seems to be supported by the Tequila industry.

Mazamitlá - PEMEX, Free

Free- a little truck noise and car traffic. No one bothered us. After not being able to find a level spot in Mazamitla that didn’t have the potential for even more noise- this was good for us.
We did the waterfall hike in town. Pretty spot and great walk through pine forest with unique vacation homes.


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