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Rancho Buganvilias RV Park

it's not at all closed, we're currently staying here and it's our favourite spot in México. if you want to unwind and refresh somewhere peacefully and quiet this is the spot.


nice beach with a few spots for campers, vans, or tents. easy accessible, little to no phone service. very peaceful at night, fishermen in the morning, some families in the evening. not many bugs.

26km turtle sand

This place is permanently closed.

Jugos Triny

Cafe with amazing variety of fresh fruit and veg juices. Great food too. Super cheap. Highly recommend!

Arroyo San Bartolo

Good spot to stay for a night. We were able to get in and park on the beach with our 2WD van, but be careful as there is a lot of softer spots for your tyres to sink in. There's plenty of spaces to choose from around here and a few fire rings with plenty of firewood, although we didn't have one as its pretty windy here. A few people passing by on walks ect but no other campers. Felt safe. Good Telcel phone service.

Nine Palms

Great beach camping spot! Accessible for our 2WD van, but you'll have more options in a 4x4. The surf was great during our stay, it is rocky but not dangerous (there's even kids surf lessons) just be careful of the jellyfish and sea urchins! This spot does get really busy, mostly for the surf, but everyone was really nice and we got all good vibes. There are bins here but no other facilities and no phone service. Safe and cool spot, worth the stay!

Seafood Ceviche

Best ceviche and drink stop over on the side of the road! Take away available, but we sat down to eat. 10/10 for the food, drinks and the service! Check out the photos for some of their amazing stuff.

Cerritos beach

This is just a parking lot for the beach. During the day it fills out, but no other campers overnight. Its a great beach for surfing, but that'd be the only reason to camp here. Everyone coming through is really nice though and we got all good vibes! If you're wanting to learn to surf, check out West Side Surf just up the road for lessons or board hire, they're an awesome group. No facilities, but fine Telcel phone service.

La Pastora

Good option for somewhere to camp that's close (15mins) to Todo Santos, if you're exploring that beautiful town. We're in a 2WD and we got in fine, just don't try drive in far because as mentioned it is soft.

La Pila Balneario & Trailer Park

You won't get much more for 200pesos per camper than this place! It has two large pools, one shallow, one deep, that you can use any time you please, soo nice and refreshing in the heat!! There's a large number of good showers and toilets. Many communal areas, of tables, chairs, BBQs, shade and power! Access to non-potable water to fill up your tanks. There's also wifi, you just need to be close to the office to use it. The staff are all super friendly and helpful. Highly recommend stopping here. We don't often stay at official campsites but this one was really awesome!

Road to National Park from Hwy 3 Not Possible

Google maps lead us down this road from hwy 3 to get to the National Park, and after hours of very bumpy and sketchy drive we finally reached a point a little further than this check in point that is completely impossible to get through. Maybeee possible with a Jeep.

Rocky Hill

Nice little spot to camp out there's lots of space for vans or cars even some spots for big rigs. nice scenery, cactus, mesquite, wildlife and of course a rocky hill which showcases a beautiful view of the valley of you climb to the top.

Wild camp near Mex 3

Beautiful mountain views at both ends of the long road in and cool cacti everywhere. Drive until you see the power lines and there's a great amount space to camp there, and more even further down. No telcel service here.

Bat bridge

we stopped for our dog to have a run around and a drink, we walked under the bridge and there are hundreds of bats living under it! very very cool to see, worth stopping for a second. does smell like bat pop though hehe

Campo La Salena

We stumbled across this campsite while heading towards 'Cliff outlooking Beach' site not too far ahead, and we are SO glad we did. We only intended on staying for 1 night and ended up staying 4. All on the one property of land theres a huge amount of salt flats, beautiful desert landscape, the most pristine sand dunes we've ever seen and a huge coastline beach with warm waters (and awesome shells!) There's a family that runs the site that are lovely and an abundance of space to camp. We were the only campers there, but a few cars came through to access the beach. It's 100 pesos p/p to camp, and there are cabanas available to rent. There are nice showers and toilets on site. There's no internet here but a short drive into town and you can get some.

Palapas de Ejido La Frontera

pretty wicked spot! the beach down below is awesome, try go down there at low tide and you can just chill in the shallow pools. the palapas are built so well! they look so good overlooking the beach! Windy as mentioned and we had pretty good service there with telcel at the front right palapa! check ExplorationLane on Instagram for photos if you wish will upload some here as well!

Agua Purificada

A place to fill up drinking water. It was 10 pesos for our 20 litre bottle.


We stayed here in Feb, and came back to it because it was such a beautiful spot and felt super safe. This time we came on a Sunday and there quite a few very friendly families there in the evening but no overnight campers. Great spot, highly recommended.

El Molote Hot Springs and Pools

We stayed at this incredible spot for an entire week! There’s a large area along the warm (hot spring fed) river with roughly 8 man made pools that get filled every Sunday, which allow plenty of shaded space to park next to them. The area is currently in currently under construction. Soon there will be bathrooms, picnic tables and BBQs, and from what we gathered possibly an entry fee (currently free)! Only on Sunday and Monday during the day did we experience decent crowds of people coming through. Otherwise it was mostly quiet during the day and completely quiet at night. We felt extremely safe here. The people in the very small village connected to it were very friendly. Only down fall was barely being able to connect to any phone service on Telcel, but 100metre walk away it was good. A very long and bumpy road in with a couple of river crossings closer to arrival, all easily doable in our 2WD Transit van.

Camp near Hot Springs

We stayed here 2 nights. Great spot, plenty of space. Right next to a warm river (fed by the hot springs further up). One family came during the day, otherwise a quiet and very safe spot. Evidence of other groups visiting though as there was A LOT of rubbish that we cleaned up. Walk a little further up the road to get Telcel phone service. And just brace yourself for a longg drive in on an incredibly bumpy road! Also, follow the road on iOverlander, NOT google maps - it will take you the wrong way.

Tres Mujeres Distillery

30 pesos per person, (plus tip) go early and you’ll have a private tour! English speaking guide, Tour itself was great and informative. Tour guide also acted as our photographer! 6 shots to try! Definitely recommend!!

Rio Agua caliente.

Not pet friendly. There are signs the entire drive in for no perros and gatos (dogs and cats).

Ahua de la Montaña

Same as the last comment, 19pesos for a 20L refill.

Los Azules Cascadas (waterfall)

There are two consecutive falls here, spots to hike to are the very top, mid section and the bottom and a man made pool (which we didn’t go to) All have their own uniqueness. No one has given great directions in the comments so we’ll be thorough... To get to the top, we took the short cut... not recommend. Super steep and probably a little dangerous at times (aka fun) at the white graffiti wall you’ll see a little trail off the main trail to the left take that, you will reach the top of the first falls, leaving that section instead of going back the same way you’ll take a left step over some rock and follow the trail you wish you took. This trail will lead to the mid section of the falls. All you have to do is take a left when you get to it and start a steep decent down to some beautiful pools to swim in and amazing views a little brainstorming to get all the way down but persist you will get there! leave the same way you came and go left and up till you get back to the graffiti wall... Now going back to the graffiti wall if you only follow the very obvious path it will lead you to the very bottom of the falls, we passed bananas, papaya and mangoes! they are all beautiful hikes and you could easily spend a day doing all of them! We didn’t bother with the man made pool because the natural pools in the mid section satisfied us enough! (Amazing) want more details, pics or videos our name is also our Insta and YouTube :) enjoy

Lake Chapala Views Campsite

We stayed here 1 night. It was a nice alternative to staying in the busier camp spots around the lake. Huge rocky dirt space that we had all to ourselves. It provides a nice view of the entire lake and town. Few groups of motorcyclists came through during the day (on a Sunday) no people or noise overnight. Easily accessible for our 2WD Transit van, even with a few rocky inclines getting here. Telcel service good. Felt safe. Would receive a lot less traffic than the camping spot logged just below with much better views.

turnaround/parking for cascades

As mentioned in other comments, turnaround/parking for the cascades. Lots of people walking past but the foot traffic stops by 8-9. Quiet at night, some workers starting in the agave fields at around 6-7am. Phone service good.

Street parking next Malecon

We stayed here 1 night. A lot of families and other locals in the area until dark, after that it was a pretty quiet night. There was one group of friendly, native people set up a short distance away doing some sort of ritual throughout the night but it wasn’t very loud. There’s a little workout station amongst the trees and we were able to fill up our tank with the tap there too! Good Telcel phone service. Felt safe.

Drinking Water

MachineDoesn’t give change and it doesn’t work well but the shop next door helped us fill up! 14 pesos for 20 litres

Street Parking in Americana District

We stayed here 2 nights, it’s a good spot to park in Guadalajara, with almost every other street being paid parking. It’s nice and close to a ‘market’ of great restaurants and bars that’s open late and has bathrooms. A short drive or under an hour walk to the city centre of cathedrals and Libertad mercado. If you leave from this spot in the morning, just don’t expect a free space back until the afternoon though. Overall, quiet and felt safe. Fine Telcel phone service.

Fruit and vegetables

Nice little fruit n veg shop has a great fresh variety


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