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Manche D'Épée

This place is permanently closed.

Manche D'Épée

Now, there is a sign for "no camping / no van".

Parking Parc Miguasha

This place is permanently closed.

Parking Parc Miguasha

No camping/overnight allowed on the parking.

Parking and Trail to Falls

Now this parking is 5$/1hour. We didn't stay.

huntsville Walmart

Parking display now some sign with "No overnight allowed". It seems that trucks don't care about this, we've seem at least 5 of them ready to stay for the night... but with our van we didn't stay.

Dufferin Island Park

Now it's a paying parking (day). Didn't stay.

Glacier Wash inc

Clean place, have toilets inside.

Prices added to description.

Planet bee

Sooooo cool place! They offer degustation of local Mead and Honey, their is a small musuem and clean toilets for travellers like us.

Highly recommanded for a short break and the road.

Myra Station

When we came, the biggest trail was closed. View from the spot not so great and some sign saying that camping is not authorized.

But it seems that you can find some spots to sleep on the road to the parking.

I will say it's more a trail point rather than a sleeping spot... didn't stay for the night. I add the picture of the map / trail starting at this parking.

Rest Stop

As described. Small update: a sign allowing to stay 8 hours on site. Would say it's half-overnight friendly.

Savana rest area

This place is permanently closed.

Bush campground

Someone was already on site, so we decided to continue on the gravel road. There are some other spot along the road, and no one has bothered us, very quiet place!
And we have seen very beautiful wild horses. :D

Savana rest area

Gate was closed and they add signs everywhere for "no camping". We didn't stay.

Blackwater Lake RA - On lake Kinbasket road

Flat spot along gravel road with a lot of picnic tables and fire rings. View nice but better at the end of the road (lake).

No phone service.
Kilometer 23 on 42 for going to the lake.

wapta falls

Amazing view here and great place for a short hike and a cool picnic ! We took the trail starting at Frazer Creek to access the falls.

Epic place above Wapta Falls!

Great view nice place! Both places are not very flat but everything else is perfect!

Showers & Laundry at Seeley Lake

Nice cheap laundry here. Mostly clean, shower cleaner in "ladies" side.

Hidden Lake

Nice place near a lake. Arrived saturday, and it was mostly full. We took a not flat place but decided to stay another night and everyone leaved: real spots are flat and have a lot of space and coool firepits.

Forest Service Road 248D Kaibab National Forest

Perfect place, very quiet and isolated. Entry dirt road accessible.
Average internet speed with AT&T.

Horseshoe Bend

Great place! Trail and viewpoint still open (for free) during COVID pandemic.

Page Lake Powell Campground

Nice campground. All places have water, and bathroom are clean, with hot water and good pressure.

Still open during the pandemic. For dry camping (in our small van) we paid 29$.

Schultz Pass Wild Camping

Just before Schultz Pass Headtrail, a tiny spot on the side of the road, that would fit small van / tent.

Quiet at night, camping authorized at this place (not at Schultz Pass trailhead, day use only). Clean, please take your trash out.

You will not find 4g internet here, but on the trail going to mountain side, yes.

Monument Peak Trailhead

At the Monument Peak Trailhead, a very nice parking after 2 miles of easy access unpaved road (no high clearance needed).

No amenuities but very quiet during night, and super nice place for a hike. No specific sign about overnight, perfect for a short stay.

You can also find more campsite further on the road, but the road is harder to access.

Cosmic Campground

Quiet and nice place to stay.
A lot of dispersed camping spaces (with fire spots) on the road to the official campground, so I guess it's okay to use them during COVID pandemic (because the campground itself is "closed").

Got phone signal but no internet.

Mountain Road, Wild Camping at Gila National Forest

At a corner of the road, a gravel track with some space to park a camper / small RV.

Very quiet at night, no services at all. Bring your waste with you.

Langtry, Judge Roy Bean Saloon & Museum + Visitor information

The village is charming!

Due to Covid19 outbreak, everything was closed, but they toilets were still open. You can use water and picnic tables too. Perfect place for a short break along the road.


Beache access currently closed for road work. :/

Rutherford Beach

Super spot au bord de la plage. Les toilettes venait d'être vidangées à notre arrivée. Nous sommes restés 4 nuit à cet endroit, bonne réception internet 4g.

La plage est idéale pour se baigner mais les déchets sont nombreux. On vous invite à les récupérer pour rendre l'endroit plus propre, comme nous l'avons fait au cours des 4 journées que nous avons passées ici.

Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve

Super zone naturelle pour marcher à l'ombre sur les passerelles aménagées, découvrir les animaux locaux.

Toilette et fontaine eau potable, ouvert de l'aurore à l'aube, 1$/heure, 5$/journée. Restés 3 heures pour la promenade et pique-nique.

Toilets & drinking water fountain, from dusk till dawn, 1$/hour, 5$/day.
Stayed 3 hours for walking and eating.


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