jvossauce6 Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Rutherford Beach

Beautiful beach to fall asleep to the sunset (we were tired from the day!) or wake up to the water. Mosquitos weren’t a problem during end of December. Those pesky beasts.

Marsh lake boat launch

We pulled up to the area around 9:30pm and no other campers. Sign saying “hunters sign in” and since we don’t hunt, skipped that. We didn’t venture up the road to see about other spots so parked at the coordinates. All was fine and dandy until a Ranger came by in the morning informing us that this area does not allow campers. He didn’t rush us off right away, but told us we needed to move on down the road.

Twin Lakes Wildlife Management Area

Arrived around 9pm and the gate to the area was locked. Luckily there are two parking spots just before the gate to the left. Parked there overnight without any problems. Rolling hills covered in snow. A few cars pulled up in the morning and turned around once they realized the gate would not budge.

White mountain road dispersed BLM

Beautiful sunrise from the top of a hill, overlooking a sexy valley. Plenty of places to park. A bit of rocky terrain but nothing a solid vehicle can’t handle. Woke-up to mountain lion prints outside our van door. Fire pits at almost every pull-out.

Rye Patch Reservoir

Gorgeous! Camp right next to a lake. Flat land to park or set-up tent. Bathrooms but didn’t check to see if unlocked. Great views. Special bonus - someone shared their political views before we arrived that made us feel right at home :)


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