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Los reartes

nice spot it Is free only where is the point. 200m ahead there are grills but there you have to pay $300 (1,5uds) per day.

360° view, yet invisible !

This place is permanently closed.

360° view, yet invisible !

Now you cant enter the place, because there is no entrance in the new road.

North Salar Mirador Wild Camp

we wanted to cross all the salar from North to colchani but now is full of water. Police said you cant see the road. there Will be water to the middle of the tire. so is not possible to cross in these days

Salar de Uyuni, Volcano Tunupa

we wanted to cross all the salar from North to colchani but now is full of water. Police said you cant see the road. there Will be water to the middle of the tire. so is not possible to cross in these days

Sprinter Maestro Juan Pesantes

we came for second time, they are specialist of Sprinter and have all the spare parts, and it is not expensive. ask for Anderson, nice guy. Juan also answeared us our questions in these 2 years. totaly recomended.

Arbol gigante - Giant tree

Now it cost 1 usd per person, worth it. the tree has 400 years. ceibos are 2nd biggest in the world after sequoias in USA

Vuelo Del Condor

Great place now new attraction the pachamama's hand an beautiful art work. recomended this and also the swings.

Hotel Berdez

good option to leave the van next to the hotel, flat parking. after asking to 10 hotels. none hacer this option. nice new hotel. kids less than 5 dont Pay. 68000 COP single room. 15 minutes from airport.

Quimbo dam

place where you can do aquatic sports like jet sky, boat, and others. 50.000COP for 4 people 12 minutes. it is not regulated so it is precarious. Parking not flat, but nice to see the dam, the bridge and do aquatic sports.

El Balcón del Huila

Nice finca with great view of the Quimbo dam. You can spend the day here eat, drink, relax and take nice pictures. Entrance 5000 per person. you can also spend the night here, in the cabaña 220.000 or in the van 10.000 extra. The parking is big, of ground and sand. the way Is a bit narrow in the end. Could be difficult if you run into another vehicle. ok for our Sprinter.

Hotel Parque la Casona

Most beatuful hotel finca ever known in Colombia. you have path trekking, lots of animals, horse riding, 9 artificial lakes, beautiful weather, and an incredible swiming pool. there are 4 pools. Big parking. Great restaurant. choose rooms whit internal view.
prices for double room 250.000 COP. or 215000 from tuesday to thursday. Pool 15000 per person.
You can also spend the day: 50.000 COP with lunch. pool apart. Not allowed to sleep in the van. Reservations 318601195

Salto El Mortiño

nice finca with lots of attractions. to sleep 10.000 COP per person. you can use the swiming pool, the two sight seeing, new bathdrooms, cold shower near the pool. and a path. you can also do the activities. huge swing 15000. Glass bridge sigth seeing 10.000. teleferico 20000. human rubber 15000 and canopy 20.000 or 40.000 the longer, per person.

Adrenalina Extrema

It is a very nice place where to do extreme sports like canopy, torrentism, bike aereal, hammock aereal. all of them very fun. 40.000COP each activity. They also have beautiful glampings to stay here at night. TEl: 3154765559 you can get with your van and park upside. in the parking 200 m

Parque de San Martín

quiet park, we spent a few nights here. we left the van alone in the day. It is almost flat, secure and silent in the night.

camión de gas

Sr Orlando tiene un camioncito que hace la carga de gas en garrafa argentina. Es un distribuidor de vida gas. llamarlo y combinar lugar para retirar y entregar. puede ser acá en la Florida o en Pereira. llamar si o si antes porque este lugar es un parqueadero. El solo pasa x acá. no está acá permanente.

Especialista en Sprinter el mejor de colombia

Camilo nos recibió en su taller, nos lo recomendaron todos los choferes de la terminal de autobuses. nos arreglo un problema en la caja de cambios en poco tiempo, nos cobro un valor mas que razonable. lo súper recomendamos. llamar al 573136118792 solo trabaja con sprinter.

Hermoso departamento de 3 dormitorios para alquilar frente al mar

Hola somos los viajeros Nomades3.1, este es nuestro depto de vacaciones y pensamos alquilarlo a precios modicos a otros colegas viajeros fuera de temporada. El depto tiene 4 ambientes grandes, 2 baños, totalmente refaccionado a nuevo. Living y los 3 dormitorios frente al mar. Camas para 8 pers. 1 cama matrimonial. Cuenta con excelente vista, 7mo piso, muy bien ubicado a 2 cuadras de peatonal. TV por cable, WIFI, microondas,, garage opcional a parte a 1/2 cuadra. No incluye sabanas ni toallas. Contactarse al 541136441010 Mariana.


Very nice place to do canopy. only 15000COP for go and return. 500m with very nice view and adenaline.

Gears and clutches - Expertos en palancas de cambios y clutch

taller mecánico especializado en palancas de cambios, guayas, sistema de clutch, aceleradores. tuvimos un problema en las guayas de nuestra sprinter y fabricaron la pieza rota. muy buena onda todos los empleados, hasta nos compraron artesanías.

Puente de occidente

A huge and old bridge that croses the cauca river. You can arrive perfetly with a midium van and park. But you cant cross the bridge with the van. only walking or moto. Beautiful views also.

quiet spot plaza menor

We spend 2 nights here. Very good spot it is very quiet un front of hotel Plaza menor. Difficult access if your motorhome Is bigger than a sprinter camper van of 6m lenght. The street of the point does not appear in maps me. We parked near and walked to see how to get here.

by the beach

we spend 3 nights block before. because was nearer thee police and noww in the next block said parking forbidden. we felt very safe the beach Is nice. and the town Is prepared for tourists. we liked more than the other touns neaeby. Almost no moskitos.

Parque Antonio Ricaute

very quiet and secure place. not flat.we charge water twice in the church for a little donation (voluntary). we also sell artesanías here.

Donation based spring water at a convent

good quality of potable water the quantity you want for a voluntary donation.

Puerto Araujo Texaco

we passed one night here, they friendly said yes. It is very noisy. and at 5,30 one guy wake us up and said if we can give him the money of the parking. we gave him a tip and he returned and said it is 5000. we said nobody told us. They gave us water.


very quiet spot on the road, to spend a few days. free access to the lake where we bathe, excellent view, sometimes come people to fish. the road Is very quiet because it finishes some metres ahead in the vertedero. In the night is very lonely and dark but neibours said it is very safe. 4x2 not necesary.


Free spot where you can park with very nice view of the lake. it is a bit narrow the place to park but it is ok to spend an evening. Also safe in the night. you can access the lake.


They didn t want to charge the Argentinian Pipe. we charge it in other ahead. 29000COP.

Gases De Antioquia

we could charge the Argentinian Pipe. for. 29000COP.


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