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Date Place Comment
Kupari Resort

Busy place during the day but there is a beach where you can swim. Lots of places to park near the abandoned hotels. Quiet at night. No facilities. Free. There is a toilet block along the beach near the beach bar.

On the edge

Wonderful spot overlooking the sea. Flat and quiet. 1km walk to a nice little stony beach. Makes a quiet respite from the masses in high season. No facilities. Free.

Camping Legjenda

Full service campsite. Would reiterate the comments below, very nice and clean. Also has laundry facilities and a waste water dump point. Cost €6 per adult, €3 for a motorhome and €2.50 foe electricity.

Other side of river

This camp is on the other side of the river to the other one marked. It's more secluded and out of the sight of the road. Need to cross river but river was below concrete crossing when we were there. Still loads of rubbish on this side too. No facilities. Free.

Roadside Stop

Camping by a small stream down a track away from the main road. Some road noise but well hidden. No facilities. Free.

Lake Prespa

Camping by the side of the lake. A well used spot from he rubbish left lying around but pleasant. No facilities. Free.

Lake Side

Camped by a lake near some wheat fields. Followed the track down from the road to a quiet spot by the lake. Handy for the Greek border. Quiet. Mosquitos at night. No facilities. Free.

Forest Field

We turned off the main highway onto a narrow road and then found this track leading next to the forest. About 800m along there is an unused field where we camped. Quiet. No facilities. Free.


Camping at the end of a track with views over the sea. A short path takes you down to a sandy beach. A few locals around using the beach but otherwise quiet. No facilities. Free.

Disused Artillery Emplacement

Lovely spot at an old disused gun emplacement. Great views out to sea and nice breezes. Quiet. No facilities. Free.

Garden camping

Very pleasant campground with shade under the trees. Clean facilities and friendly owners. We were brought fresh fruit while we were there. Very quiet even though high season. Nice setting surrounded by farm animals. We paid 30 TL per adult. Children free. Washing machine is 6TL extra. Handy for sights of Selcuk and Ephesus.

Tepe Camping

Nice quiet campground. Pool was full of water and very refreshing when we stayed. Great spot on the terrace overlooking the valley below. A very tranquil spot away from Pannukale. We were charged 30 TL per adult.


Parking/Camping right next to the South Gate at a basic but friendly cafe. We were charged 20lira for the night.

Sagalassos Hillside

We had hoped to camp in the sites car park but were told it was not possible. They said we could camp back down the road. This spot was flatfish but right next to the road. Smaller vehicles may be able to get further off the road nearby. After the site closed at 7 the road was completely quiet so it was an ok spot for visiting the site the next morning. No facilities. Free.

Karatay Belediyesi Caravan Park

Municipal area for campers. Just need to ask at the park gate and they will open it up. Well laid out. Free electricity and clean toilets. A bit noisy as near main road but it's free so whose to complain. Decent spot for a night.

Rock Plateau Balloon Launch

Pleasant spot overlooking the valleys. Quiet during the day. Not as nice as Goreme balloon launch site. No facilities. Free.

Goreme Balloon Launch site

Lovely spot overlooking some wonderful rock formations. It can get a little noisy at some times of the day with ATV tours but also is quiet for large parts of the day. Great spot to see the balloons go up. You will be woken at 5am as they launch very close by. No facilities. Free.

Picnic Spot

Take a small road off the highway and then a short track down to this used picnic spot by a little stream. Some rubbish around but ok for an overnight stop. Visible from the small road but very quiet. No facilities. Free.

Valley Camp

Follow a good dirt road up a pretty valley away from the main road. We weren't able to get far off the road but it was very quiet. No facilities. Free. NOT SUITABLE. We were awoken by the police who insisted we went to the police station for passport control. They said the area was dangerous and took us to a "safe" spot in a nearby village just off the main highway.

River Bank

Camping down a small track by the side of the river. Obviously used before from fire pit and beer bottles but pleasant and quiet. Close to Vardzia which was busy when we passed. The camping spot there had a no entry sign do not sure you could have taken a vehicle along. No facilities. Free.

Lissi Lake lower car park

Secure place to leave car while going into Tbilisi. No problems sleeping in your vehicle, 10 GEL for 24 hours. On summer evenings very busy after 8pm so very noisy all night. No facilities in carpark but shower and toilets next to lake.


Follow a track down from the main road. The track goes quite away and along the way there are various places to camp. The one we stopped at was large flat and open. A few fisherman around but otherwise quiet. No facilities. Free.


Track from the road that follows the dry river bed. The further up you go the less visible from the road you are. No facilities. Free.

Dostar Hotel Complex

Hotel near the port and on the beach with all the facilities including a lovely swimming pool. Rooms from $45. Plenty of parking. A little out of town but a nice place to while away the time waiting for a ferry.

Desert Camp

Lots of places to pull off and get away from the road. No facilities. Free

Desert Camp

Lots of places to pull off near the border. It's really flat so still visible from the road but quiet. No facilities. Free.

Hotel Jipek Joli Inn

Sister hotel to Jipek Joli. Nice rooms. $50 a room but in the end we got 3 rooms for $80 plus registration taxes. Doesn't seem to be anything cheaper in Nukus.

Bahodir Bed and Breakfast

Great location. Can camp and park in front but quite noisy. $8 per person per night.

Syrdarya River

Parking lot near the river. Not that quiet but convenient. Car wash nearby. Did a good wash of our truck for 50 somani.

Issander Kul

Alternative spot if other spot by lake is flooded as it was when we were there. Lots of places along the road to camp. No facilities. Free. But 17 somoni entrance fee payable.


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