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The Bridge to nowhere

Stayed here two nights. Came in late both nights(12am one and 9pm the other) when I came in at 9(Friday night) some people still hanging around but left shortly after. Some other people came at random times (11pm and 3am) but other than that a quiet and safe night. Would stay again but definitely feel like it’s a spot you want to come in late. Road isn’t too bad to the end. Couple small turnouts before the end if you don’t wanna go the full way.


Stayed here for a Saturday night so definitely noisy till about 11 or a bit after. Otherwise a nice night sleep! Couple others stayed as well. Lots of stores near by to keep you busy if you come in early.

walmart parking lot

No overnight parking, was told around 11pm that I had to leave by a security guard. But was recommended to a close by grocery store to stay for the night.

walmart parking lot

This place is permanently closed.


Tons of no overnight parking. Will not be staying.

Lot across from state park

Definitely a nice little spot right on the water. Great sunset views. As stated right across from the state park and yes next to a noisy major road. But it does quiet down around 10pm. Also if you have fans going like I did you can’t even hear it. Only staying one night but would stay here again.

Walmart Thomaston

As said before typical Walmart. Definitely not quiet but not too loud either.

Guernsey State Forest Campground

I guess I took the wrong route in(Gurney Lake Rd. from Hanel Rd.). Required 4x4 in some spots and at 10ft I was scraping a ton of branches the entire route. Definitely wouldn’t recommend tall height wise or low clearance vehicles. But as said definitely a nice campsite. Bathrooms had a ton of flys inside and definitely not comfortable to use. Half the sites are flat, half have a bit of a slope to them. Fire pits and benches at each site.

St. Joseph riverside

Definitely a nice little spot. Couple shaded parking spots. Super close to the River which has a nice little beach. So far pretty quiet. Couple people walking their dogs. And a couple people fishing.

Pleasant Creek Campground

Campsite with over 300 sites.
Some sloped sites some flat. There’s a playground, arcade room, basketball court, fishing pond(catch and release), creek(buggy), Tetherball.
Full Hook-Up Sites, Water & Electric sites, Primitive sites, Cabins. Came on a Saturday in July definitely a good amount of people but not full.
Pretty buggy next to the woods. Would recommend bug spray.

Can also pay an extra 4.95 for WiFi but very slow.

Dalrymple Park and Campground

Definitely as described. Mostly sloped sites so bring levelers or get here early to get the few good ones. A couple with lake views. No WiFi. But 2-4 Bars AT&T. Most sites with electricity, some situated awkwardly. Also has water but not at the sites. Does have bathrooms.

Devil's Garden @ N.F.

Great spot! Drive in on a dirt road(Bumpy), couple different pull offs to choose from. Great views even with the smoke that’s here currently. Not much shade so a bit hot(90) in July but still really nice.

Costanoa KOA

Closed currently do to wildfire, not sure when it will be open again.

Big Basin Redwood State Park

Sadly it has burned down. Not sure when it will open again.

baticueva near Zion

Great spot with great views! Came in after a fresh rain and definitely muddy with some puddles but definitely doable. Also have okay service with AT&T

Town Neck Beach parking

Definitely no overnight parking here at least during the summer months. $20 to park for the day.

Turkey swamp Campground

Super nice location, most of the spots are really flat. Great restroom facilities, including laundry. $42 for one night but pretty equal with a KOA for about half the price.

Illinois beach state park

Closed as of today 6/ /26

Angel Lake campground

Extremely beautiful campground with an amazing lake! Great stop for the day or night.


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