eugene.ewe Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Cave City

Great spot to park for a night and also be able to connect to Mc Donald’s WiFi. There were a few trucks here when I arrived, there’s a sign of trucks/rv parking by the entrance main road pointing to the back parking lot. There’s one truck had it’s engine on all night otherwise this is perfect. All the semi trucks are gone by 8am.

Jewett Cove Free Campsite and Boat Launch

Good place to camp, enough for three four rigs, about 7 miles of gravel road, drive slow. You may not have a place to park and camp if all the spots are taken during peak season.


No overnight parking allowed per Scarborough ordinance

Kittery trading post

Here for a night, found this place thru campendium. it’s a huge parking lot. Lights are off at night. Some freeway traffic noise but it’s not unbearable.

Quiet city park parking

It was quiet and dark after the lights from the tennis courts are turned off, a cop or town security came around 2:00 am with a spot light on his car stop in front of my van for a minute checking out our camper van and left, he didn’t come down from he car or tell us that we can’t sleep nor knocking on our van, he left after a minute or two.

Quiet city park parking

Nice park lot with tennis court and dog park, people came it to play tennis after dark at 830pm lights are bright from the tennis court.

Cracker Barrel

Very clean. Friendlyworkers double. Check with. Manager. We’re allowed. To park. Over. Nig. H t I n. Try. H et. Back of the res taut an t. V e try.

Welcome Center for Wisconsin

It’s one of the nicest rest stop/welcome center. Very clean restroom, it also has a water station to fill your bottle. Good place to stay over night, it’s away from the freeway. Make sure you have bug spray if you’re arriving at night to stay overnight , big mosquitoes that won’t leave you alone. Free WiFi check out the photo I uploaded for password

Par-A-Dice Casino

Bright parking lot with plenty of empty parking spots. Securities patrolled the lot often, it’s bright and safe. They’re friendly and clean restroom in the casino.

Rock Rapids Shower

Nice restrooms with one shower and campsite next to it is $15 to camp but shower is free to use even if you aren’t camping here. Keep the door open after you shower so the room can St.

Cracker Barrel

Nice spot behind the store there’s a trash bin near by. Others park on the side parking lot. Bright and safe.

Sioux Falls laundry

Nice and clean laundry, they have big and smaller washers range from $3-$10.40. Dryer is .25 for six minutes. Clean restroom and fast WiFi.

Oacoma Flats

Nice spot near the muddy Missouri River, can’t take a bath but it’s a nice spot to camp surrounded by wild sun flowers and very secluded spot. It’s muddy when rain other wise it’s easy to get to the riverbank. Full of bugs after dark!!! So many flies and took us a whole day to get rid of them all!

Grassland dispersed camping

Scary place, uneven ground we turn around to find another spot, I guess it is good for others with nicer camper.

Wrinkled Rock Trailhead

Nice little parking area for rock climbers and just a very short distant away from Mt Rushmore. There are a few flat and level spots, perfect for camper vans but not big rv.

Storm Hill blm

Amazing secluded spot. The gravel road here is well maintained, make sure you keep your windows close, it’s very dusty. This area is small and enough for two camper vans, don’t recommend big rigs or rvs. Please keep this place clean so others can enjoy it.

Sheridan Rest Area and Info

One of the best rest stop, away from the freeway and it has a small museum/visitor center. Nice clean restroom. We parked for a night and it was quiet and got a good nights sleep.

near to NP

Nice little pull of for trucks not too many spots.

Parking Area

Nice basic rest stop, upper side for cars is better I was the only car but the lower trucks, RV are pack and loud. Clean pit toilet.

Cracker Barrel parking lot

Great spot for parking overnight behind the restaurant, remember that if you need to use the restroom, it’s closed at 9pm. Safe and quiet .

Large gravel pullout

We were late for the hidden pullout down the road and found this spot. Nothing fancy, it’s big enough to be away from the road a bit , you can hear the river.

Methow River Roadside, Pateros

It’s a great spot not a pull out, gravel road but keep driving until you hit the pavement, at the end it’s nice and level, bushes are between you and the road and the other side is the river and you can see some houses on the hills. Mosquitos but not a single bite.

Free hot showers

Free hot showers! Nice little park and very clean restroom and shower. $15 for overnight parking but shower is free.

Winthrop information center

Drinking water fountain and bottle fill up station by information center, very clean washroom as well. WiFi isn’t working.

Washington Pass

Nice spot to stay overnight, 2nd parking lot is quiet, board info mentions overnight parking allowed at trail head.

Next to River

Right next to the river. Level and good for camping and need to climb down to the river, very nice, shallow, clear, slow flowing river.

Camp site just off FS 2918

Amazing place to camp, big enough for two small camper vans. Nice fire ring, we set up two hammocks and it’s quiet and private.

Forks chamber of commerce

Free WiFi from visitor center and Forks Timber museum. There are picnic tables right next to the buildings.

Dismal Nitch Rest Area

Beautiful spot the stay overnight ! Not much traffic and there are several cars staying overnight here. It’s bright and feel safe. There’s a bathroom and picnic tables perfect for the next day making breakfast and seeing sunrise or just enjoying the view

Corkers Laundy

Easy to miss, $3 small load, $5 big load. 75cents dryer for 25 minutes. Only 6 smaller washers and two bigger washers. It’s nice and clean, fast WiFi and it has a utility sink with hot and cold water to hand wash Delicate clothes or refill your water and small kitchen size garbage bins.


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