krcasdorph Check-Ins

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24Hour Laundry

This is a great laundromat! Open 24 Hrs & right next to self car wash! Clean!

Former mining camp on the way to Death Valley

We stayed here for one night. All campgrounds in the national Park are currently closed due to Covid and the California lockdown. So this was a lifesaver spot! There were a lot of RVs, campers, and buses, but we were able to find a spot. It was a pretty quiet night for the amount of people everywhere.

Dispersed spots around mono lake

This was a nice spot to sleep at night. It’s tucked way from the main road. It has beautiful mountain views and is a very flat spot. My only complaint is that it is very windy. The main road has a sign stating that this area is windy.

Buffalo Bill State Park

Didn’t stay here. This place is doing Reservations only due to Covid. I’ll campgrounds between here and Yellowstone East entrance were closed for the season. Also sign saying no camping in non-established campgrounds. Tip of the day, look for some BLM land very very close to this place

Darby Canyon

Great spot for dispersed camping! Continue past first few pull out, pasted the marked spot on iOverlander and there are large flat pull outs for multiple vehicles. There were large RVs in these spots. The dirt road is well worn and easy to drive on.
We got there late (10:00pm) The first few pull outs were empty because they were not even and small. But if you continue on the dirt road there are lots of spots but they were all full because we got there too late. I recommend getting there earlier in the day when the sun is out.


Thank you Cabela’s!! This is a standard shopping lot parking lot. We parked in the back with other rigs. We felt safe and it was on the outskirts of town so it was pretty quite.... except one RV ran his generator all night! Come on?! Really! Please be respectful of others.

Snake Rivers Canyons Park Dispersed Camping

We found this spot while checking out BLM Land.
You cannot sleep on the BLM land but you can sleep in the snake river canyon park. There is a sign that says dispersed camping. When you turn in off the 93 there is a BLM sign that says its only a day use area. But if you drive past the sign over the cow grates on the left is the snake River Canyon in Spark dispersed camping. It has a large sign. One site has a pavilion and the road is a dirt road that isn’t the best. It’s a short distance to the pavilion and you can park right there.

Cedar Draw Park / Rest Area

This was a great spot! We pulled in at 10:00pm and found many spots. We had cell service and felt very safe. It was a quite park with slight car noise from the 30 highway. The only negative was that the bathrooms were locked

Givens Hot Springs

Would you like to stay at an Idaho Historical sight? Then come on down to the Given Hot springs! We stayed here one night during the week. We got to the place about 7:00pm and checked in at the pool front desk. We used the pool and showers.
The showers are Hot Hot Hot! The lady at the front desk warned us about the hot showers. It’s the same water from the springs. I took a very long shower! No time limit and the water is always Hot. My husband said that the Mens showers were almost too hot.

Wallowa-Whitman National Forest

Great find!
We were driving off the highway 84 and needed a stop to sleep we followed the directions of get off at exit 248 then turn right at stop sign it’s Road 21. We drove on 21 and made another immediate right turn and there was no one in the first turn out. We slept there. Wa had 2 bars for Verizon. The negative was highway 84 was right there and you could hear the cars and trains drive by. Next time I would have drove further in but it was late and dark when we got there. In the morning I could see other cars parked in the next turn outs. It’s very dry right now and there is a fire ban throughout the state. No fires even though there are fire rings. I posted photos so you can see all the dry vegetation.

Gifford Pinchot slight view of Ranier

We slept hear one night after exploring Mt. Rainier. We got gas in Packwood, OR and then headed up the Forest road to find a spot. This was an excellent road to drive one.
It had rained the day before and it was in great shape to drive on. We passed the first two Overlander spots even though they were empty. I would say it was probably 15-20min up the road. It was a larger pullout to fit our truck. We could see Mt. Rainier through the trees as the sun was setting. Not a single car drove by in the night. In the morning a truck pulling a horse trailer zoomed by. Very quite spot. Had Verizon cell service. In the morning we got coffee from The Mountain Goat coffee Roaster & Bakery in Town!

Cougar Rock, Mt. Rainier NP CG

We got to the park at 7:00pm on a Saturday night and we were taking a chance finding a stop. All spots are first come first serve. I wouldn’t recommend doing this in the middle of summer. Get there early! We managed to find a spot. They have an easy self service machine you pay for your spot. $20. Then you post your recipe on the numbered post on your site. No showers. Flush toilet. I will mention that a lot of stops are closed due to hazards trees. We had to drive around to find a spot. They were pretty full and people were driving around looking for spots after we got there.

Hoh, Olympic NP CG

This is a nice campground inside the National Park. Hoh campground. There are 3 loops. A, B & C. Loop A and C are by the river. Most of those sites were occupied. All sites are first come first serve. $20. Self serve. They do not accept cash. You have to pay online or fill out your cred card number on paper and drop it in drop off box. The bathrooms were nice and clean but they didn’t have had soaps...? They have Covid signs everywhere about how you have to wear a mask and wash your hands. No showers. The benifit to all these spots is that they are walking distance to the trail heads fo the the river trail and hall of Mosses.


We got gas and and ask in it was ok if we stayed one night and they said it was fine.
There was 2 RVs and another van staying the night.
No one bothered us, but it was extremely loud the entire night from cars driving by. There was also some loud “crazy” people yelling at one point. I would only sleep here if you can’t find another spot.
If you do stay here try and sleep in the middle away from the roads.

Bruceport County Park and Campground

We stayed here one night and loved it!
We stayed in spot B-7 and it was great away from the RVs that were hooked up.
It rained all night so we could not hear any cars.
Our spot was “far” from the bathroom & shower but there was an outhouse near our spot.
Shower was hot!! Only one shower for women and one shower for men. They were small but nice and hot! Host was friendly.
The “B” section of spots were more secluded and great for tents and vans.

Dismal Nitch Rest Area

This is the spot! A Lot of people sleeping here! No one bothered us. Very one was very quite and respectful. The highway is right there so it was a bit loud. It did quit down but then picked up agin in the morning.

Blue Heron French Cheese Company

Great Spot! We purchased some ice cream and asked about parking our car and sleeping overnight. They just had us check in my filling out some info and they gave us paper to put in our window.
Get there before they close!
We left and did some sight seeing and came back late and just pulled right in and parked! Its just a giant field. Slept great! Very quit! You can hear the road but it’s not too loud.

North Bend Riverside

This spot was so helpful to find!
There was 2 other vans parked. There was also an RV with a generation running on the side parking Spots. He turning it off before 10:00pm. It was very quite and peaceful. I slept great until about 6:30AM when some Homie pulled up right next to me blasting music! Come on!
Woke me up from a deep sleep.
The south end of the parking lot is next to an Oyster company. The Homie was going to work and I thinking I was in his parking spot. He was getting high before work and playing loud music.
Honestly, this is a great spot just park on the north end. That would be my recommendation. I would sleep there again.

Rouge River NF outside Crater Lake

Great little spot! You might be able to fit 2 cars in this spot. It was very quite and no one bothered us. It’s a bit hidden so you need to look for it as you drive down the road on the left side.
You will want to get there early.
Once someone is in the spot... it’s taken!
If that happens to you sleep in the snow park.

Thousand Spring Sno-Park

This is a great spot!
We got there late because we watched the sunset over Crater Lake and all the camping spots up in the snow park were taken.
We slept in the parking lot with other RVs and camper. The main highway got very quite at night. The only problem was one of the RVs had a generator on till 1:00AM. It was a bit inconsiderate for all of us others folks. Other than that I’m very thankful for the Snow Park. So let’s keep it clean and let others enjoy it!

Cracker Barrel

We stayed here on a Sunday night.
We arrived after the store closed. There was one RV parked already for the night. Parking lot was primarily quiet and no one bothered us throughout the night. You could somewhat hear the distant sound of the cars on the freeway. The only main negative was that at 7 AM the construction on the building behind Cracker Barrel began and woke us up. Very loud! Other than that it was a good experience.

Vista Point Rest Area

The Vista Point is on the Southbound side of the 101. If you are going North you will have to go to the next exit and then head south on the 101 to have access.
We stayed one night. There was a few other cars parked for the night. No one bothered us but you are night next to the 101 so it was a pretty noise spot.

Red Mountain Campground

Red mountain campground is located 3 miles down a not so bad dirt Road. (No 4wd needed) from the entrance to Cal Mountain BLM recreation area. See on map

It’s a free BLM campsite!
Approximately 10 campsites with parking spots picnic tables fire pits pit toilet and Porta potty’s.
Nice view of clear Lake and Lake Mendocino from the top of the mountain. Lots of burn pine trees also lots of firewood. Ranger said you could have fire in the fire pits. We spent one night here very cold and quiet at night very hot and loud in the morning with people dirt biking as this is a popular OHV area

Fort Bragg - Safeway

We did not park inside the Safeway parking lot.
We parked on the street next to Safeway. There were many other camper, RVs and vans on the streets surrounding Safeway. There were a few camper parked in the Safeway parking lot, but at 10:00pm the security guard walked around and kicked them out. Those cars literally just moved to the surrounding streets.
No one bothered us parked in the streets but it was very noise late and very early.

Sinott park

We slept here on a Tuesday night. Clear Lake Ave turns into Big Basin Dr. We slept on Big Basin Dr. It was peaceful and quite. It felt safe too. There was a lot of street parking opposite the apartments against a wall.

Non-residential street parking

We stayed at this spot on a Sunday night. We parked at 10:00pm. There were other people sleeping in cars. There was a couple outside their car for a while talking and walking up and down the street. I think they were on drugs. No one bothered us and we left early in the morning l.

Pullout with view over Lake

We stayed at this spot after a cop asked us to leave a spot in Morrow bay. What a safe haven!
We got here late and there was an RV set up in the big turnout. We parked in a different turn out. No one bothered us and it was very quiet till about 7:00am. Local residents must use this road for commuting. One car passing by just laid on his horn. I don’t think they like the RVs and campers sleeping in those spots. I do recommend this spot!


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