Date Place Comment
March 10th, 2020 Bivouac des Aigles - Oasis de Fint

This place is not available anymore for camping or sleeping in your vehicle You could hire a bivouc tent which is not really cheap.

March 9th, 2020 Defat Kasbah

The area is nice and quiet. The views over the river are good as well. But the toilet and shower are in bad condition. No hot water. Toilet door can not be locked.
Not a lot of shadow in the grounds but you can sit in the courtyard.

March 3rd, 2020 la vallée d'ammelne

The correct name is L’Arganier d’Ammelne.
For us it was the perfect place to have the conveniences of a campsite after several days in Tafraoute on a free spot without electricity and shower.
It’s a good starting point for excursions into the Ameln valley. The narrow and steep road to Tagdicht is mindblowing. We cycled up to the village, but a small rig or car could manage it too.

March 1st, 2020 Guardian Parking, Tafraoute

Stay here for several days in a camper van. There are a lot of vehicles of all kinds, maybe over 100. All official campgrounds seem to be overcrowded now, so it makes sense to take a spot
on the fields north of the town.
Recently there is a public and modern sanitary station that takes black and gray water for no extra fee.
Lovely place, great views.

February 27th, 2020 Vallée à Tarsouate

Price is now 80 dirham. We were the only visitors. Good place to spend the night but nothing to do in the village.

February 25th, 2020 Camping La Vallee, Abaynou

This place is a good hiding place when there are sand storms around Guelmim. Price was MAD 60, electricity included. Tranquil place with many trees. We loved it. Good 4g.

February 17th, 2020 Le Nomade

This place in Mirleft is a pleasant little place. It fits about 5 rigs. You also could pitch your tent here or rent a room. It’s a hostel type place with kitchen, fridge, couches and dining tables. It is completely walled and gated, so it’s safe.
Hot showers and clean toilets with tp. You can a enjoy sea view from a roof terrace.
The coast is on a short walk.
The fee is MAD80. Electricity is extra.

February 15th, 2020 La Dune Auberge overnight parking

The place can fill up during the season, especially February. A front space is not always possible then. It’s still MAD 40.
I saw several people camping in their vehicle further north along the shore. Not sure if it is allowed.
Don’t forget to watch the flamingo and ibis population in the nearby Massa Lagoon.

February 13th, 2020 Aire Camping Car Parking Bab Lakhmiss

The place is almost full with French full size motorhomes. Some of them stay for weeks.
The sanitary block is good and clean. You can empty porta potti’s and drain your grey water.
Spaces are not very large. Wifi not available.

June 20th, 2019 Hollofield Campground

More expensive than expected. Dry camping is 21 dollars and electric close to 30 dollars.
It’s in the woods, so a lot of shade.
Good T-Mobile LTE.
Free showers.
It’s close to Baltimore, otherwise there is no reason to go here.

June 17th, 2019 Lewis Mountain CG

Nice small NPS campground on the Appalachian Trail and Skyline Drive.
There is a camp store and there are coin showers. $15 a night.
Good T-Mobile 4g.

June 17th, 2019 Big Meadows Campground - Shenandoah NP

At the visitors center you will find free wifi. Good 4g coverage at the campground, at least from T-Mobile.

June 15th, 2019 Loft Mountain Campground

Showers are 7 quarters for 5 minutes.
Campground is nice with sunny sites but also shaded sites.
We got LTE from T-Mobile, but you won’t receive it at every spot. So check before taking a site.

June 11th, 2019 Campground Doughton Park

No showers but the restrooms are OK. The A-loop for RV has more sunny sites. We took one with our van.
There is coverage for T-Mobile and others. You won’t have that one most campgrounds along the BRP.

June 10th, 2019 Rough ridge lookout

Showers are free for people who camp here.
It’s a good campground, but no wifi or 4g, so you’re cut off from the rest of the world.
Generally there is not often T-Mobile coverage on the parkway it self. But on some unexpected spots it can be good.

June 8th, 2019 Mount Pisgah Campground

Now 20 dollars.
Location was not correct. Updated it.
High elevation, so can be foggy or rainy or both.
Wifi is offered at the entrance station, but I could not connect.

May 27th, 2019 kickapoo s.r.a

Large campground with shadow. If you like fishing this is the place to be.
Some noise from the Interstate.
Bad reception with T-Mobile.

May 26th, 2019 New Glarus Woods State Park

You pay too much for what you get. $20 for dry camping. Large sites, wooded area. Many birds.
Pit toilets are just OK.
Not many sites. At memorial weekend almost full.
Several hikes.
No T-Mobile, but some other providers available.

May 20th, 2019 Split Rock Park Garretson

City park on the river. Tent sites 10 dollars. Electric sites 18 dollars. Self registration. Camp ground was completely empty when we came there. ATT 4g. No T-Mobile.

May 15th, 2019 Lava flow campground (Craters of the Moon Nat. Monument)

With america the beautiful cards you get 50% off. So I paid $4 at the machine. Beautiful campground, pit toilets only. No water. No wifi. No cell service.
At the visitor center there is water and restrooms.

May 14th, 2019 Bruneau Dunes State Park

It’s a good state park cg. Seniors of 62+ have a discount for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. You pay then 19,31 dollars for a hookup site. No wifi at the campground, only at the visitors center and no T-Mobile here.
Nice area and many birds.

May 13th, 2019 Old Fort Boise RV Park

It’s a good city park for a night. Nothing fancy. On a busy road. There is a lawn, picknick tables, shade from the trees and electricity 20/30A. Water at the sites was shut off. Bathrooms are OK and showers free. Now a 7 day limit. But who wants to stay longer?

May 13th, 2019 Depot RV Park

Nice campground with good bathrooms. Full hookup now for 22 dollars.
We stayed 3 nights.
There is a museum on the campground but it opens after 15th of May. And not on Monday and Tuesday.

May 9th, 2019 Mitchell City Park

Nice park with lawn, trees, picknick tables, children’s playgarden, water and clean restrooms.
Tent camping is 12 dollars. There is a parking lot next to the park where you can sleep in your vehicle and there is 25 dollars charge for that. That includes electrical hookups and water.
No T-mobile service, but wifi available at the Tiger Town bar. Nice beers there too! Also a grocery store in town. Close to the Painted Hills.

May 8th, 2019 Bend Public Library WI-FI

Overnight parking in the center of Bend is not allowed, many signs will let you know. Better try at the Old Mill area.

May 7th, 2019 Mc Kay Crossing Campground

This great campground seems to be free during off-season. No water. Only pit toilets, but they are clean. Picknick tables and fire rings at all sites. No T-mobile here.

May 6th, 2019 Primitive camping near Sisters, OR

Good for a night. Quiet. Some T-Mobile LTE, but not fast. Excellent bathrooms in town.
The bike ride to the McKenzie Pass is great, this time of the year. In early spring not open yet, in summer open for car traffic, but in May and June it’s bicycle heaven, although only Fr, Sat and Sun! During the weekdays also closed for bicycles because of road work.

May 6th, 2019 Bunk + Brew Historic Lucas House

As described. Price is $25 for one person sleeping in own vehicle. Second person $10.

May 3rd, 2019 East Fork Hood River

Scenic spot on the river. Good for vans or tents. No amenities, no 4g.

May 1st, 2019 Columbia River RV

This RV-park has age-restrictions for vehicles. Only 15 years or younger. Our good looking VW van 1999 was rejected. First time ever that I heard about such a crazy restriction!


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