kbagri Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Water spigot

Water spigot by the pick table next to the welcome sign

Polson Chamber of Commerce Information

This place is permanently closed.

Sacagawea park /Salish point

Great spot by the water with bathrooms, recycling and trash and some grass for you pup. Stayed in the boat launch lot and wasn’t bothered. Beautiful to wake up to the lake!

Dirt pull off

Large dirt pull off enough to fit several vans. On the way to the local crag in Bear Canyon. Stayed a night after finishing climbing late. Wasn’t bothered. Quiet.

Stealth camping in the park

There are several dirt pull offs at the park that don’t have “no overnight parking”. I stayed here last night and wasn’t bothered. Couple of other vans and campers came in the morning. Don’t be loud and litter and ruin this spot for everyone.

Rest stop

Blue water spigot at the rest stop. Nice good tasting clean water. Back by the pavilion.

Lake Rest Area

Blue water spigot right before the bathrooms.

Propane refill

Dileo propane refill. 5 bucks for my 1 gallon tank.

Spot along the river

Dirt road that leads to a spot along the river. There was a fire ring already here and no signs indicating you can’t camp here. Not far from the road and from the brewery and bar. Full AT&T service.

Hidden clearing on side of the road

Lots and lots of little hidden spots for vans and tents along this road for several miles. Many have River access which is great. Perfect for camping in the area.

Lot across from state park

Big flat gravel lot across the street from the state park. No “no overnight parking” signs. Little beach and two porta potties. Directly adjacent to road so there is noise but good for a night.

Lincoln gap

I thought I found this place and went to go out it on here and saw that it already exists. Super lovely camping spot at the end of a dirt road along a creek with a fire pit. Beautiful.

Dirt shoulder along quiet road

About a quarter mile of a dirt should on a quiet road across from an agricultural field along the water. Really nice in you’re in a van.

Water spigot

Water spigot on the side of the building


About 5 dispersed camping spots all marked. The road to the first few is a little bumpy but I did it in my van. The others were too rough for my van but a 4WD could do it or you can just park at the first ones and pitch your tent at the ones further up the road. Next to a creek. Super lovely. Next to the road so definitely noise but not too bad.

Off Rt 9N

Little dirt road with a grassy opening that can fit man cars and tents. No “no camping” or private property signs. A bit close to the road so some noise but not bad if you’re in a van.

Propane refill

Propane refill for $3.40. They also have showers. Probably can find a water spigot too but I didn’t need water so I didn’t look around.

Rest stop

Small and well lit. Bathrooms, etc. The standard. Other vans when I got here. Felt safe.

Water spigot

Water spigot next to the propane and air

La Jolla Canyon Trailhead

Two water spigots at the trailhead. Nice pressure and clean water.

Lost lake day use area

Big dirt lot with access to the lake. No “no camping” signs. Wasn’t bothered. Near a train and highway but not too bad. Lake is pretty. Couple of other cars were here as well. Nice little stop come from Vegas to LA.

Valley of the Gods

Valley of the Gods is one of the most beautiful BLM areas I think in the country. The fact that is hasn’t turned into a national park is astonishing. I could live here in my van. 10/10.

Fairground and livestock barn

Yeah spot to fill up water with the spigot or hose.

Beautiful overlook

The most beautiful place I have ever open my back doors to my van to

Water spigot at 7/11

Clean water spigot at the 7/11 adjacent to Big Bear Blvd.

Water spigot at the 7/11

Water spigot at the 7/11 adjacent to Big Bear Blvd.

Sinclair gas

Water spigot still there! Great little pull off for water and gas

Champion Road Near Lee Canyon

Great spot amongst trees to camp out. Much cooler than Vegas so prepare. Lots of spots. Don’t need 4wd.

Hafen Lane Park

Nice little park with indeed a clean water spigot next to the pond and the tennis courts.

Glacier at CVS

35 cents a gallon or $1.25 for 5 gallons at the Glacier station outside of CVS.


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