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Morefield CG

Free showers! What a gem! We didn't camp here but it's no problem to use them if you're not a camper. These are general visitor services. Many showers available in individual stalls, all free and hot and amazing.

Burr Trail Outpost

Cool place! Water, free WiFi, good food,a place to sit and hang out in the shade. What else do you need?

Dinosaur outskirts

There is a small break between the boundaries of Dinosaur National Monument that seems to be used and legal for dispersed camping. Fire rings. No amenities. There are two places for cars that can be seen from the road (which is not busy) but there may be more spaces further back. Don't abuse it, keep it clean, because it's so close to the monument boundaries that there's no doubt they'll make it illegal to camp here if we're not careful!

Rumbaugh Campground

Another free campground a bit further down the road from Cherry Creek. No amenities. Dirt road is a little rough coming in, there was a sign saying 4WD recommended, but we did it without any problems (no 4WD but do have high clearance). Cherry Creek fills up fast so it's good to have a backup plan. Pack in pack out. Be careful, millions of mosquitoes!!

Cherry Creek

Great place not too far from Yellowstone. Fills up quickly in high season. Tons of mosquitoes.

Honey’s Park - Free Dry Camping

Great and very quiet. Scar has a huge open space for camping of any kind. He was also kind enough to let us use the shower in the guest RV. Be respectful and don't take a long one though... he carts that water in himself!! Thanks to Scar for opening up his place to weary travelers.

Sawtooth National Forest Camp

One of the many spots in the NF to wild camp. The options are endless! Pack in pack out, no amenities.

Kirkham Campground and Hotsprings

Amazing hot springs. $5 for day use or $2.50 with an annual pass.

Seven Devils Campground

Free. After about 20 miles down a very dusty dirt road (the road is in pretty good condition so should be accessible by any size rig), you'll find yourself in this beautiful area with access to some of the best nearby hiking trails. Busy on weekends but the area is worth exploring! Pit toilets and picnic tables. No garbage, pack in pack out. Very buggy and no potable water though so be prepared.

Pine Flats, Boise National Forest

Not free. $15 per site per night. Very crowded in summer and the hot springs are about a 20 min hike from the campground. Day use is $5. Beautiful nonetheless.


There are tons of free camping options on this portion of Hwy 95 so take your pick. Most of this area is BLM and NRA land. We chose this spot at Lucile right in the hills next to the river. Empty on a Friday night. It's a little close to the road so you can still hear some cars but the sounds of the river help and the highway isn't very busy anyway. Camping up to 14 days. No amenities, so beautiful. Pack in pack out!

Green River, next to Pemberton

Closed. Blocked with large boulders now. There are some other spots further up on the Forest Service Road.

Rest Area Taylor Arm, Hwy.4 West to Tofino

Amazing WiFi! Nice place to sit and eat at one of the many picnic tables. :)

Showers at Olympic Peninsula YMCA

Nice hot showers for $2 (no time limit). Towels included.

Dungeness Recreation Area

Incredibly beautiful place to visit (it's not free to camp here, I think between $25-30, but access to the Wildlife Refuge is covered by the National Park Annual Pass). Coin-op showers, 1 quarter for 2 minutes.

NF Pullout

Not easy to find camping on this road in the NF! This was the only pullout we were able to find and we tried a lot of side roads. Nice spot, the road to get up here is a little rough but it's secluded with a fire ring. Not a huge spot so probably not ideal for big rigs. Minutes from a developed campground. Lots of trash though :(. No amenities.

Sahara Creek DNR Horse Camp

Nice but not free. Requires Washington Discover Pass ($10/day pass, $30/annual pass) which you get at the nearby gas station. Flat, large, clean place with many sites and multiple dry toilets. Quiet. All sites have picnic tables and grills.

Wild camp in National Forest

Huge area in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest just seconds outside of the Mount Rainier National Park boundaries. Right in the forest next to a river. Many opportunities for camping for rigs of any size. Road is a little rough coming down but should still be doable even if you're in a larger vehicle. Plenty of fire rings and no mosquitoes! It's paradise out here and can't get much closer to the park. Please keep it clean!

Top of the rock in Winema NF

Beautiful place to stay. 4x4 totally not necessary except to get up to the very top of the rocks (which takes 30 seconds by foot if you park and camp just below). Quiet out in the forest.

Showers at Gold Beach Campground

Free showers with entry! Entry is free with a national park pass, otherwise $8. Amazing, free, hot showers.

Mono Lake 2

Not a spot for camping at this location. It's just marina parking. "No Overnight Parking" signs.

Blackwood Campground

The road to this place is closed between November 1-May 30.

Tahoe National Forest Wild Camp

Nice spots in the Tahoe National Forest right next to a river. Lots of space, very quiet, away from the road. After driving around for a long time looking for a free place to stay in Tahoe, this was a great option. The other spots in Tahoe either open at the end of May (a week away from now) or have "No Overnight Parking" signs. No amenities here. Please keep it clean!

Short Fence trailhead (BLM)

A small, quiet BLM trailhead parking lot for the Short Fence trail. Legal and almost no one passes by at night. Very quiet and calm area to spend a few nights. 35 min from Pinnacles. Not a huge spot so probably not ideal for bigger rigs. No amenities. FREE

Upper Sweetwater Campground

Many sites available at this established BLM campground all with covered picnic tables. Great for rigs of any size. Clean pit toilets, about 40 min from Pinnacles. Hard to believe that places like this are FREE!

Quiet spot at end of street

Fine place for a night in a suburb. Lots of noise below and hard to find a flat spot but we weren't bothered. There was one other van when we were there.

Ruby's Inn: Shower, Laundry

Amazing place particularly in the off season when facilities in Bryce are closed. $5 showers (unlimited time), wash $2.25, dry $2.50, free WiFi. Also groceries available in the shop and a warm place to sit!

Bryce Canyon NP - road 090

Lots of options for camping in the forest. Just minutes from the park entrance.

Cottonwood Canyon, BLM

Perfect. Water and shade right in the trees. Quiet and beautiful.

Seaman Canyon Road

Lots of options with fire rings on this road. Relaxing place to spend a night. No amenities.


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