marclotz Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Next to the Rijn German side

Nice place on the riverside. Little noice from the highway.


Perfect for the night. Beautiful castle. Parkingplace on a hill. You need to level your car

Backpacker's Hostel and Campsite

great place and almost in city center. 14.000UGX pp.

YES Young Encouragement Services Hostel

great and cheap place to stay. only 12000 sh pp. lovely breakfast 2500 sh.

Katunguru, Tembo Safari Lodge

just a safe place and amazing view over the river. ok. they need some paint. :)

Nshongi lodge and campsite

beautifull place almost in the park. the host named Silver is a great guy. you need to park your car just out of the lodge. the road is narrow but my big rig fit in. If you don't wonna drive down Silvrr has a place for you near the gate.

East Africa Amazon Guesthouse & Campsite

great and cheap place to stay the night. the owner, honest, will make a great breakfast for you.

COMESA Insurance

the place to extend your comesa yellow card

Mamba Club

perfect place to spend time when you're in Kigali. you can swim, play volleyball and they even have a bowling alley. friendly staff. and the owner John gives you a good price.

Cyimbiri Basecamp

great place to stay. nice beach. paid 15000 for a double room.

Bumba Basecamp

beautiful place and view. possible with big rigs. nice staff

bushcamp quarry next to road

perfect place 50m from the road. unfortunately no Wi-Fi 😉

Kipepeo Beach Village

kipepeo resort is a good place for relaxing on the beach and you are close to the city. 10 dollar pppn. electricity 5 dollar pn

Hunch Backpackers

This place is permanently closed.

Rasta's pub&grill

you can camp in front of the pub. the owner Lomelazy makes great Pizzas. I was never disturb by locals here.

Masai Camp

nice campsite. 10 dollar pppn. you can park your car here for free when climbing Mount Meru.

CBA Hotel & Camping

still 5 dollars pp. great food. just very close to a Muslim loudspeaker that wakes you up at 4.30am. good thing is that you can park your car for free if you want to visit Pemba

Traveler's Lodge

nothing more to say. only price is now 10 dollars pp.

Wild Camping

good place to spend the night. didn't hear anybody

Tungamalenga Lodge & Campsite

nice place to stay. friendly staff. 10 dollars pp. small entrance.

Ruaha entrance park

entrance Ruaha park. ridicules prices entering park. 30 dollars pp is fine to me but I need to pay 200 dollars for the car. and if it was a Tanzanian car I only pay 20 dollars. discrimination!


the first bank I found from the border of Malawi

Chitimba Camp

perfect place to stay a couple of days
the name is Chitimba Camp not Chitimba beach lodge.

Vwaza Rest Camp

beautiful views here. lots of hippos. unfortunately I didn't see elifants.

Dziwazako Lodge Mzuzu

beautifull city and a nice place to spend the night. I paid 3000kw pppn. I got the keys of a room to shower. there's a nice bar as well. staff very friendly and there's a security guard 24/7.

Cool Runnings

Beautiful and cheap place on the lake. Staff friendly and hot shower.

Wildlife Camp

Just look at the other reviews. A beautiful place. Nothing to add


Just to spend the night. Nobody disturb me here. Little ending road.

Wanderers Backpackers And Camping

Good place to stay. Nothing to add. See other reviews. $5 pp

Kayube estate

A great place to store your car or truck indoor. Friendly staff. They even wash your car when you hit the road. $50/month.


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