vandalf Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Crooked River Rest Area

Rest stop with bathrooms. Lots of cars, vans, and semi trucks parked overnight. Amazing views of Crooked River just behind the bathrooms.

Peter Skene Ogden State Scenic Viewpoint

Rest stop with bathrooms. Lots of cars, vans, and semi trucks parked overnight. Amazing views of Crooked River just down a short trail behind the bathrooms.

Cracker Barrel parking lot

All the spots are pretty level, but it’s a very small lot. Not good for big rigs, although there were two giant RVs here taking up half of the parking spaces on this night, so it’s manageable. There is street parking behind the lot that might also work. Busy shopping center with lots of food nearby.

Ponderosa beauty

Can turn right or left off the main road. Pull offs all along the forest roads. Fire rings at most camp sites. No Verizon cell signal.

Wide open street parking by giant pit

Lots of street parking. Relatively quiet except for a few cars passing by at night and in the morning. A few other vans and several cars parked along the street overnight. No one bothered.

Residential field between new apartment buildings and homes

Stayed on the street next to the open field. Pretty quiet. Plenty of parking.

Smiths fuel station

Water spigot next to air fill up. Lift water pump handle slowly… it comes out full blast!!

Cracker Barrel

Pretty large lot around the back. Some highway noise but not bad. A few vans and RVs parked overnight.

Cracker Barrel

Small little lot behind the building. A few big spots for RVs. Quiet.

Sunnyside Park

Large parking lot and very quiet. Usually a few other vans parked overnight. Bathrooms and trash cans available. Keep it clean so we don’t lose this spot!

Gravel parking lot

Drive past the Mavericks a bit and turn left into the lot. A few semi trucks and a few campers/vans overnight. Not too much highway noise. Good Verizon cell service.

Maverick Gas Station

Water pump right next to pump 5 not sure if potable or not, did not ask.

Kingman Wash

AMAZING spot right on lake mead. It’s about 3 miles down a gravel dirt road. It’s not bad but it just takes a while. My 1995 econoline made it going pretty slow. Great cell service with Verizon. Quiet, peaceful, beautiful. I passed a bathroom on the way, though not sure the condition of the toilets. Lots of trash though so please pick up after yourself!! Highly recommend this spot though.

Railroad Pass Travel Center

Dozens of RVs and semi trucks. Plenty of parking for any size rig. Definitely not quiet, but the constant rumble of the semi trucks makes a sort of white noise. Good for passing through.

Ridgecrest Walmart

Pretty quiet Walmart. No issues overnight.

Strand Vista Park

You cannot park in the lot overnight, but apparently it is okay to park on the street right outside of the lot overnight. Just not on Thursdays.

Walmart parking lot

Parked on the far side near Ashley Furniture. Fairly quiet. A few other vans and RVs.

Victoria Park. Palm Springs

There is no way to turn on the water. There is a spigot without a knob to turn the water on. You need a key.


Called to confirm - overnight parking is okay. Very large parking lot. One other van and RV here overnight the few nights I stayed.

Just beware: a maintenance truck comes through in the middle of the night (every night) driving circles around the parking lot for about 30 minutes. Not sure what he’s doing… some sort of sweeping. It’s extremely annoying and disruptive.

fantasy springs casino truck and rv lot

The GPS coordinates didn’t work for me. They didn’t exist on Apple Maps and google maps took me to the greyhound station 10 minutes away. I just looked up the casino and found the lot on my own. You’ll see the lot on your way in. It’s a giant gravel lot with tons of RVs and Semi trucks. There is also a paved lot with some vans parked there. Some highway noise but relatively quiet and great cell service.

Bass Pro/Cracker Barrel

Large parking lot between the Bass Pro Shops and Cracker Barrel. Some RVs and semi trucks parked here overnight. Great cell service. Lots of highway noise. 10 minutes from the airport.

The Gravel Pull Out

Lots of space and a ton of vans parked overnight. Starts getting full around 5pm. Super rocky and some highway noise but good for a night. Great cell service. A few assholes driving by at night like to honk to disturb the peace so white noise or earplugs help.

ChocoláTree Organic Marketplace

Fresh delicious drinking water on the right side of the building. Arrive before 11 or after 430 pm when they are closed so you can pull right up to the spigot. The lot is TINY so I highly recommend not going while the restaurant is open.

Sunset Point

Beautiful spot for a night. No “camping” allowed but you can park overnight. Bathrooms, picnic tables, trash cans, water fountains. Highway noise is pretty loud. Good Verizon service.

Cracker Barrel

Called ahead just to make sure, they said yes you can park only one night. Very, very noisy all night with trucks loading and unloading stuff at the buildings nearby. Horrible sleep. About 5 other vans and 2 RVs here as well.

AZ state land

Such a beautiful spot!! So peaceful and quiet with a spectacular sunset. Go through the cattle gate and there are plenty of wide open spots to camp. Road is rough in some spots but my 1995 Econoline did just fine. Good Verizon cell service. Keep it clean. Pickup your trash. Didn’t have to pay or get a pass. Stayed there for several nights.

Walmart Store #4293

Called ahead to get the OK. They said yes but park on the side near the pharmacy. Pretty quiet and seems like a nice part of town. A few other vans parked overnight. Wi-Fi reaches the parking lot if you park close though to the building.
Very hard to find any other overnight parking in Phoenix so this was fine in a pinch.

Planet Fitness Parking Lot

Very busy and crowded lot during the day. Signs in the back say “no overnight parking.” Did not stay the night.

Willcox, Lagoons

Very beautiful and peaceful spot!! A few other rigs here. Some parked right on the side of the loop right along the lagoon, I found a little pullout to tuck away. So many birds. Good Verizon LTE. Gorgeous.

Andrews County Chamber of commerce

Arrived here at 830 pm after 10 hours of driving and I was so thankful to find this place! One other RV here when I pulled in. About 5/6 spots with electrical and water hookups. Well lit, dumpsters around, next to a row of houses, feels safe, some light highway noise but not bad. So happy this was FREE!


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