cyrushuynh Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Paved/gravel pulloff on hwy 101

Stayed again, quiet night with rain n waves. A big rig pulled up late but it was still quiet all night with regular traffic noise that didn’t bother us.

Port Orford Sunset free

As described. Large lot on side of 101 by ocean on cliff. Traffic noise but was able to sleep in small teardrop. No one else last night. I’d stay again.

Murray family farms

As described but Noisy road traffic for me and a truck pulled in at 3am parked near me. Gas is not cheap here. Very safe and would stay again if I needed to.

BLM close to Delle

Stayed for night with no hassles but... Drive in from freeway was easy per directions (big pot hole on frontage). The destination is a place full of shells on the ground. We also tried the Hidden Valley suggestion with the Tacoma 4x4 but wasn’t worth it-got to where the road was right next to the telegraph poles and decided to turn back (some sharper rocks had us worried). We chose a gravel spot for our tent (just before coming to the final destination, you will see a turn off to the right, take that road and drive about 20 feet, flat gravel spot on the left).

No one around, beautiful view and quiet. At 11:15pm, we see a headlight nearby, and turns out they were doing some late night shooting. It was a safe distance on the other side of the mound but we can hear the shots, the pings on the targets, and slight chatter. We gave up on waiting for them to leave and slept at 12:30am. Luckily, they wrapped it up then too.

I’d stay again but away from that spot.

Castaic rd big rig/car camping. Quiet and not disturbed

Only quiet until 4:30 AM. I will not stay here again.

Flying C Ranch Free Camp.

Stayed one night and had a good night’s rest. I had pulled into the rest area about 15 miles before this place going westbound but the rest stop is very noisy and a lot of cars and trucks coming and going so I’m glad that I drove another 15 miles for this spot. I parked by the trees in the back of the lot.

Mike Freeze Wattensaw NMA dispersed camping

Perfect! Glad I didn’t settle for the rest stops nearby. As described and yet I fell for the Google erroneous early turn off. Quiet and restful night.

Williamson River Campground

Stayed the night. Excellent campgrounds, free in the winter. Drove past the turn off and found a beautiful bridge and scenery too.

Logging road campsites

Great spot for the night, just us, quiet. As described by dizzy-go past this coordinate and make the first right which is near this coordinate, after the right then a short drive about 500 ft to a fork, go right to the pullout spot. Big enough to park 3 cars and turn around-I didn’t want to risk it with my teardrop trailer so I backed all the way down. I would stay again.

Sister Oregon

Lots of space and flat. Easy to park and turn around with my teardrop. Coming from the west I missed the turn off but there is a roundabout just up the road that allowed me to get back quickly. Good quiet night except for an RV parked nearby on the side of road with it’s heater pumping all night but I was able to sleep through that. A sign says People Live Here, so I parked not too far in-by the first big loop once you drive in.

Otter Crest Loop Turnout

Stayed the night-good view but windy all night. Clean n quiet otherwise.

DeMartin beach picnic area

Stayed the night-no one else, no rain, great spot as always.

Rolling Hills Casino/Chevron

Stayed the night or tried to. Parked at far corner away from trucks and woke up to two trucks next to me but it was the truck across the way that had some sort of higher pitch sound that woke me up and kept me up. Hightailed out of there at 1:30am, hoping to get to a rest stop down south to sleep, the next 3 rest stops closed for renovations (didn’t get a clear look, might be till March). Not staying here again or at least not in this lot. Chevron workers were very friendly.

Perry Riffle Trailhead

Beautiful land on the way to this spot. At the end of the road there is a gravel lot, big enough to loop around with my teardrop. One picnic table wrapped up with tarp, someone claimed it, probably the car parked near it. Another permanent resident is a mid-size rv. The lot was packed when I came in at 5:15 but still had space for me-I decided to go enjoy the sunset and have dinner at one of the early turnout roads. Many cars left while I was eating-prob 3-4 cars left in the lot. I am going to enjoy my spot then drive out for the night down south a little at the Chevron lot or the Olive Restaurant.

South Diamond Sno Park

Stayed for the night. Plenty of space with a couple of trucks and RVs who are basecamping for snowmobile riding. I was concerned because the other post said something about permits but no one bothered me and the locals who are there for snowmobiles didn’t say anything about it either. Woke up to snow cover but got out just fine in the morning. Had one bar of LTE for T-Mobile, enough for txt and internet.

Olive Pit restaurant and store

Good for the night. Big lot, just me, a big rig and 2 cars. Very Light noise in the morning.

Castle Peak Dispersed Camping

Road Closed in the winter due to snow. I went by to check it out but after the freeway exit the road is completely packed with snow.

40th Mile Desert

Spent a night here in this vast space with no one around. Amazing stars on a clear night and perfect tmobile service. Freeway noise and train going by far away enough to be muffled. Came from the east and took the exit suggested by Google maps which leads tp a 7 mile flat gravel road to 2 miles of off road path that a car can do-take it slow. RV’s can do it but you can also camp earlier in the offroad path. Left the other way which would be the way in from Reno-road got bad, washed out, but with 4x4 and towing a teardrop low clearance, i was able to make my way out. I’d come back again for the stars and hopefully during a meteor shower. Clean space with rock fire rings, I didn’t have to pick up any trash 👍

Red Canyon of Wind River

Very nice spot. No cell service so I had dinner then left. Occasional road noise and a little wind. Worth a stay-I will have to come back.

White mountain road dispersed BLM

Wide road easy to drive, don’t miss the turn off to the campsites because I did the first night. Stayed up top overlooking the city. Too noisy for me with constant train whistles and i80 trucks. Second night, I found the campsites and it was much quieter, at least at site 2 on the right. Parked on snow but 4x4 made it easy to get out.

Willow Flat, Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Beautiful campsites, enjoyed a free night here in the winter. Canyonland is worth a visit. I would definitely camp here again next time I come to Moab.

BLM spot

Stayed a night after visiting Arches. Great view of Arches and La Sal from here. Plenty of space. Would stay again.

Multiple campsites along Np230

Exactly as described. There is a small creek thing that you have to pass but I think it’s very doable even for a small car. If you don’t wanna pass the little creek there is a camp area just on the right side. The drive All the way in following these coordinates is worth it. I camped In the sites worth the two big rocks and it was quiet for the night. T-Mobile service very good across the path from the campsite. I would definitely camp here again.

Echo Canyon Road

Stayed here for one night and it was very quiet. I would definitely stay again. It was easy for my truck and teardrop trailer, also saw a few cars. Worth it to camp here, just take it real slow for 1 mile.

Rest Area

Was here for 1 night. Three lots, make a right turn after the restrooms for the 2 lots in the back-quieter except for cars driving past pulling in for the night. All quiet after 10pm. Lots of trucks-all big spaces filled when I got here at 8:30pm but pulled into 2 car spaces-plenty of those. I’d stay again.

Silver Falls State park

Stayed for a night to hike the 10 Falls next day. Pouring rain night and day but worthwhile trip there. All tent sights closed except for RV sites. There were about 4-5 sites open. We finally got our teardrop in to site 35 and was fine for the night. Next day, the walkway to the bathroom and the 2 sites next to us were completely flooded-narrow escape for us by choose the right site. Good bathrooms, showers closed for the season and water too. $31 for RV’s with electrical hook up. Tent sites listed at $19 for locals and $22 for out of staters. $5 for park parking to hike-covered by the camp fee, put camp fee envelope tab on dash. Have fun!

Dismal Nitch Rest Area

As described and still a good place to stay. Second time here, a little more car noise made louder by the wet road but slept okay.

Pull off of highway 1

Perfect for 1 night. As described. No ticket or hassle. Another iOverlander friend camped with us. Would camp again here.

Paved/gravel pulloff on hwy 101

As described except no one was here but me.

DeMartin beach picnic area

11/22/2020 came in at 9 PM with my truck and teardrop trailer. There were already three vehicles parked but I had no problems finding a spot for the night. It is as described and I would come again.


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