We stayed here 3 nights, 50p/person/night. The first night wasn’t good, very noisy because there was a kind of internship organized with students and they were in a party mood, the second was ok and we were just the 2 of us for the last one. The gate close at 10pm, and we felt very safe. We went to the volcano without a guide, just with and the white signs on the lava field. We made the 20km in 7h30, but we have to admit that we searched our way a few times. Taking a guide could be easier if you don’t wanna search your way and just enjoy the volcano. Ask for the shower, it was the best one in a while for us !

Blog: ceasarontheroad-instagram

Place: Centro Turistico de Angahuan


Location: 19.54217, -102.23412


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