Over priced, over rated place. Its not a camping!!! People who consider it as camping, probably they have not been in real campings (sarcasm.. I am sure they have been). Its just a property in the middle of the city with SOME grass. They dont grow grass.. its just a matter of luck that instead of mud, this parking lot has some spots of grass. And yes, they are happy & hospitable because they make money out of nothing. Its not even registered. The only good thing is fast internet & hot showers. But its way too above the universal price of 5 USD pppn that should be charged to travellers with self-contained cars! Good stay but not recommended. Unfortunately, this is the average price in all poor Bolivia (50 BOL pppn). You can try at Javier’s yard for 70 per night. Much nicer host & better facilities as well also near city center. He doesnt have grass though..

Blog: The Pin Project

Place: Camping Alberto and Felicidad

Visited: March 19th, 2018

Location: -19.04310, -65.25509