We drove in 10 hours from Marble Community Campsite to Epupa Falls. We took the south route from Otjitanda - Okangwati because we heard a lot of bad stories about the road. This part took us 2:45 minutes over sandy and light gravel routes.

About the campsite it feels like we are in paradise. Beautiful campspot just a few meters from the river under a lot of palmtrees. No electricity, water and braaifacilities on campspot.

Abulution blocks are basic but clean. The restaurant area and bar area is very nice and cosy. The wifi is very bad.
We would stay 3 nights but we left on the second day because i had to work / need wifi.

If you are going to Ruakana (further to The east side), then you can drive the D road along the river.
The coverment made the road more accecible. Still the road is corregated but good. You can drive it with a normal car now. You can drive 20-60 km per hour. The worth part is the last to Ruakana.

Save travels and enjoy the beautiful view!


Place: Epupa Camp

Visited: July 3rd, 2018

Location: -16.99929, 13.25377