People, do yourself and everybody else a favor and STOP PAYING BRIBES!!!
Of course, if you dont have a First Aid Kit, Triangle, Fire extinguisher etc., get them. But you should have them anyway because it is mainly for your safety! In the end probably cheaper than the bribes...

They tried the same with the jerrycans with us. Told them we bought the Diesel in Bolivia and they wanted to see the receipt. We told them that we threw it away.
They were searching all around the car. Take your time, be relaxed. In the end we needed to go inside the small office. He wanted to charge us and said that foreigners are not allowed to carry Diesel in jerrycans. I laughed and he started to get angry and loud. I asked him to show me the law, he showed me some texts. I asked where exactly, he said as a Tourist I need to know the law and so on...
In the end he screamed at me. Dont worry, there is really NOTHING he can do if you have all your stuff together. Just take your time, they will get bored at some point. In the end he let us go without paying anything...

Blog: timrossie

Place: Police Station/Toll

Visited: July 24th, 2018

Location: -18.162270, -63.506090