Agree with previous comnents about it being a clean place and a nice looking place......but a couple of things from a camping perspective. The area to cook ( with your own gear) is an open, covered area with a light....which is ok. There is nowhere to wash dishes so we used the bathroom sinks. While nothing was said to us ( group of 6 on 3 motorbikes) we got the impression we were imposing if we wanted to sit in the resturant area on our we werent paying room guests.....only campers!!, had to ask for more toilet paper.....stuff like that....maybe a " first world problem" but we just didnt feel that welcomed as campers, and for $7pp we should of been

Blog: 2WheelsInMotion

Place: La Bicok Ecolodge - Camping

Visited: July 27th, 2018

Location: -0.049680, -78.774100