Rv Park and tennis club
Excellent bathrooms with powerful hot showers. Nice host speaks English and very helpful. Checked in for 2 nights but will stay longer. 330 peso per night. The place is clean and green and easy walk to old town centre. 10 to 20 min depending on where you are going. Very special town at night and some very good European restaurants. Google maps took us to the side gate for big rugs which is shut and has a bell. Smaller rigs go another 50 m to the new big gate with the arch where the reception is. Enjoy the park and town! We changed big rig to yes as there are 2 MAN here. And pets to yes as there are 2 cats with one of these rigs. WiFi is fast and there is a kitchen sink for wash up AND recycling bins!


Place: San Miguel RV Park

Visited: August 6th, 2018

Location: 20.90714, -100.74902