If you expect to be only 4. It's a mistake! We arrived, we were 3. We left because we are 6! Money is stronger than good living or happyness! The later overlander doesn't care or doesn't respect the first! l cannot understand this way of unrespect! The owner said It's only for one night, but finally other truck came and it was each day the same!
The owner prefere to say how many days the other travellers stay than to know if they fill good (some stay because they are waiting some parts for their car) ! We cannot fill good, when the next truck stay at less 1m from your door.
If you have children you have to use only the old and small bathroom that everybody use, even their employer! the new and big other is only with key! Why? If they don't want kids it's better to say no!
Yes it's really good located, but there is another one (Egil B&B Quechua, calle Serrano 149) for 50Bs with breakfast, maybe we were there more like a camping than a parking lot! We go there, I will put a flag.
The owner said that he can refill our french gaz bottle. So we didn't try Planta Gas. But finally he didn't.
I don't recommend this place!


Place: Camping Alberto and Felicidad

Visited: September 8th, 2018

Location: -19.05292, -65.26244