We loved it here. Great location of course, and owners extremely helpful and kind to the kids, letting them play with random stuff around the yard. The space issue...yep, it can be quite tight here but I think it's all about the company you keep. We've been here a while since our truck is getting repaired, and have watched the place empty and fill up numerous times, with vehicles needing to move around to fit, and let others out. But we knew two of the other rigs, recognized another from the road, another from iOverlander posts, etc. We all get along and are enjoying sharing the tiny bits of garden and green space that open up when another truck, RV, or van leaves. I think our max at one point was 8 rigs!!

About the bathroom. It's kinda odd that keys are handed out for the second bathroom. We were given key once we became the "senior" residents and told to share with the other campers that were our friends. But we and the others that got keys, simply decided to not lock the bathroom, so everyone could share, and it's all worked out fine.

Wifi has been decent, sometimes spotty, but mostly good.

Last Tip: If you need LP, the gas truck drives by almost every day ringing a bell. We ran out and asked he he could fill our US tank, he couldn't. But he sold us a tank and let us use our own adaptor and hose and waited while we did a tank-to-tank fill, then took his empty tank back.

Blog: DrivenToWander

Place: Camping Alberto and Felicidad

Visited: October 15th, 2018

Location: -19.04300, -65.25499