We stayed here for 3 nights and can't really share the enthusiasm of some people.

+ Friendly owners
+ Great location
+ Great to meet other overlanders

- Six cars (including one 10 ton truck) while we were there. There was barely enough space to open the door
- Only the old bathroom was open and it was downright dirty. Daddy longlegs everywhere and apart from the trash bin being emptied, it didn't seem like it was cleaned once
- The way the property is set up, some cars have to get out for others to get in. So be prepared to either inconvenience other travellers or be inconvenienced (depending on where your car is parked)

To sum it up: we would not recommend the campground as it is overpriced for what it is. There may be a new bathroom but we neither saw it, nor were we allowed to use it. Other overlanders wrote that it is not an official campground and that it should be taken for what it is. We think that if you are charging $$$ like a real campground, you can expect it to offer services like a real campground.
We think if some of the money would be taken to built a second gate (to make getting in and out lot easier) and to renovate the old bathroom/kitchen, the place would be amazing and it would surely pay off in no time. 👍🏻

Blog: lipp.spam

Place: Camping Alberto and Felicidad

Visited: October 10th, 2018

Location: -19.04300, -65.25499