This is the worst campground we’ve been to in Mexico in the five weeks we have been here. Perhaps if you have an RV or a Van with indoor living it would be fine.

400MEX per night no matter your requirements. The owner wasn’t friendly, he has a monopoly in town and acts on that. If you have the money in your budget for hotels/Airbnb’s this is a good city to dip into that fund. He will lower the price for stays longer than 1 night.

FOR DOG OWNERS: dogs must be kept on leash at all times. There are stray cats that the owner likes. They are diseased and they pee’d, pooped and sprayed everything of ours. Apparently they did not bother the non dog owners.

FOR OVERLANDERS WITH OUTDOOR KITCHENS: this place is dirty and dusty and there are stray cats and rats around. Lots of pee and poop on the dirt ground (no grass). Cooking outside here is questionable.

Showers are hot but so are the ones at gas stations :)


Place: San Miguel RV Park

Visited: March 22nd, 2019

Location: 20.90714, -100.74898