Nice police officers turned out to be really corrupt. We were two cars and passed other police stations without any issue and with a smile. Here we had to pay 50Bs without any reciept for some bullshit paper which they printed on their own and nobody needs. While we were here locals arrived and also paid 2 Bolivianos each for a stamp. The money disappeared in a hidden hole in the table.
This action really ruined our day, and we thought about writing some letter to the police station in Santa Cruz. I would advice everybody if possible not to pay or at least complain about this assholes and call for some discount because of this entry....

After that we talked long to a local businessman and he told us that this is well known to the government and that it was in the press allready. They replaced the policemen but the new ones just continue asking for money from everybody probably also protected by the government. He strongly advised us not to argue with the police because otherwise they will check for your first aid kit, your fire distingischer, all your papers or any other bullshit they find or make up...He said welcome to Bolivia and do not wonder why there are so many "Evo No" signs everywhere....

Blog: alexm_

Place: Police Station/Toll

Visited: June 15th, 2016

Location: -18.162268, -63.506088