A great camping spot with nice palapas. The bathrooms were very clean. I think there are 16 camping spots with palapas. The night we were there only 3 of them were occupied. Living in Colorado, my wife and I go to a lot of hot springs. The hot springs here were amazing! There is water flowing from a geothermal vent amongst the rocks on the rocky beach area. There is a nice concrete path to the geothermal pools. We found one to be the perfect temperature. We had a great experience! I don't see why this place isn't much more popular. The hosts were very polite. Well with the 350 pesos for hot springs and camping for my wife and I. I would highly recommend this spot.

Blog: spammealot420

Place: Puertecitos

Visited: January 22nd, 2020

Location: 30.349816, -114.639915