when I die, if I go to hell, I'll be haunted by this shower. in 2 years being a nomad, this one was at the bottom of the list. the drain backed up instantly, dingy, and not clean. skip this one and hit Romanita instead. they're both centrally located, but Romanita is on the nice pedestrian road and looked much nicer as we walked by. the staff is very apathetic as well, definitely not kind at all. also, their office can be heard from the mens toilet and vice versa, which adds to that hellish shower vibe. plus the sink is outside the bathroom so theres no way you're gonna shave your face. I'm not usually negative. sorry. it's safe I guess. they lock the gate at 9 and give you a key. definitely hit up La Michoacana for their self made ice cream and popsicles. loreto is nice!


Place: El Moro

Visited: March 12th, 2020

Location: 26.01179, -111.34101