BLM dispersed camping. Dozens, if not 100 spots down this road. There are spaces closer to the highway before the cattle guard, and many more after it. Just after the cattle guard, the road branches, straight or right. We went right after seeing others’ comments about dirty sites down the straight. There is a dip right that will stop big rigs, our 24’ Class C had no problem and 2WD low clearance vehicles should have no problem. It’s been graded, probably within the last few months. We went down a half mile before picking a site, there were clay targets, but otherwise pretty clean out here - the farther you go the fewer people. The road continues for another mile or two, with many sites along it.

Not recommended if really wet, without 4WD, there are some spots on the road that clearly rutted in past rains.

2 bar ATT, Verizon works too. Great views, gently rolling terrain with small washes for the kids to play in. It is a bit windy.

Blog: texasking

Place: Beas Lewis Flat Road. BLM

Visited: May 22nd, 2020

Location: 38.29278, -111.38638


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