We were surprised that nobody wrote something about the "adventurous" road, but later we understood that the other overlanders probably have entered the park from the south, which is an asphalt road. We came from the north (from the town "La Colmena"), this is a sand road with a lot of big rocks and the road gets pretty steep at some points. We (and mainly our car) were shaken quite heavily so we would recommend to enter the park from the south!!!!
We payed 5.000 p.p. and 10.000 for our Land Rover. Facilities were bad: no water, no flush possible in the toilets, no electricity. Probably because it's low season and we were the only ones. We told the rangers, but inspite of what they promised, it wasn't switched on until we left the day after!
But the walks are really nice and I can imagine in summer it's great to have a swim under the waterfall.

Blog: dutchonwheels

Place: Parque Nacional Ybycui

Visited: July 26th, 2016

Location: -26.07807, -56.85042


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