Gorgeous location and mostly quiet (more below).

Access easy. 4wd no issues. 2wd may have a few slow and easy moments.

Stayed 1 night. Unstructured Fire pits are nice, especially as it got down to 20 overnight.

Overlanders keep this place clean.. no trash coming in.

A few people plinking away with weapons until sunset but they were miles away. Freight trains were constant all night but extremely distant.

Gorgeous sunset!!

Was awoken at around 2am by a small group of locals partying around the bend (earlier in the trail). They were harmless and left after about 2 hours.

Very disappointed to see all of the trash they left strewn about and the fire that they’d failed to extinguish properly as we departed in the morning.

Blog: david

Place: 180 Little Colorado River


Location: 34.84153, -110.06375


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