This is a total hit or total miss depending on what you’re looking for.

If you’re a hot spring lover, self-contained (own food/water) and don’t need water/elec during your stay, it’s great. The hot springs are an amazing natural phenomenon - cool salt water mixing with healing thermal water and an amazing view.

HOWEVER...if this isn’t you, skip it. It’s now 500 pesos per night (non-negotiable, stay length doesn’t matter). There’s no water, no electricity, and the local gas station is out of gas almost as often as it has gas.

There is one basic restaurant and one basic mercado (where she’ll sell you Wi-Fi or landline phone use).

We loved it and stayed longer than planned. We’ll hit it again on the way back to the US. Now that we’re in Baja Sur, we realize how expensive it was. But to get to soak in the hot springs was totally worth the price of camping.

Blog: amymcfarling

Place: Puertecitos

Visited: January 24th, 2021

Location: 30.349760, -114.640517